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ArchiCAD 19 New Features - Point Cloud: Introduction to Point Clouds - ability to read most commonly used point cloud file formats, create corresponding 3D model, Mary Moscarello Gutierrez, Graphisoft, Oct 20, 2015

BIMx PRO - full-scale viewing platform, has zone info, orientation labels, AirPrint support, switch seamlessly between 3D model, 2D views derived from model, keep clients in loop, CAD User, Sep 2015

ArchiCAD 19 New Features - OPEN BIM - Enhanced Geometry Conversion Options for IFC Import - YouTube, Sep 18, 2015

IFC 2×3Element and Type Classification - The Plain Language A-Z List - classify certain elements in ArchiCAD for IFC exchange, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects Blog, Aug 28, 2015

Understanding Element Classification for IFC2x3 Exchange in ArchiCAD 18/19, Pt 3 - Predefined Types - classifying elements in IFC schema, predefined types are available to user when placing components/elements in model, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects Blog, Aug 28, 2015

The Power of a Pre-Linked ArchiCAD Template, Pt 2: Views - has all viewpoints of project linked into sets of deliverables before model is created, create views, view settings, type of views, Link Ellis, AECbytes, Aug 25, 2015

Label-Mania. Where Does Your Data Live - manually teaching automation in ArchiCAD: linking, automation, Jared Banks, Graphisoft, Aug 25, 2015

Understanding Element Classification for IFC2x3 exchange in ArchiCAD 19, Pt 2 - ArchiCAD Type and Library Parts - setting up element classifications for elements, configuring with out-of-the-box ArchiCAD library, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects Blog, Aug 19, 2015

Understanding Element Classification for IFC2x3 Exchange in ArchiCAD 18/19, Pt 1 - Relationships - IFC classification is derived for both components/elements, types, controlling one-to-many relationships, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects Blog, Aug 10, 2015

Why the New Tab Bar in ArchiCAD 19 is Helpful - Mary Moscarello Gutierrez, Graphisoft, Aug 4, 2015

All the Changes in ArchiCAD 19 That We Love, But Won't be Advertised - ability to go directly from 'quick options' to related dialog box, directly access, apply any of work environment profiles from options menu, Jared Banks, Graphisoft, July 31, 2015

Vectorworks and ArchiCAD to Import Point Clouds - users can model efficiently, affordably with more accuracy, ArchiCAD 19 will also have ability to display point clouds, John Russo, SPAR Point Group, July 2015

Investigate ArchiCAD 19 Intuitiveness - work environment improvements, tab bar to navigate multiple viewpoints, project views can be accessed instantaneously, Mary Moscarello Gutierrez, Graphisoft, July 13, 2015

Surface Painter Palette - paint surfaces directly in 3D window, change model surfaces in 3D window, 'drag-and-drop' building model surfaces, edit them in 3D in ArchiCAD, Mary Moscarello Gutierrez, Graphisoft, June 17, 2015

ArchiCAD 19 New Features: Snap Guides for Marked Snap Reference Lines - temporary snap guides when marked straight line segment or straight edge in element contains snap reference, YouTube, June 12, 2015

ArchiCAD 19 New Features - Implicit Marking of Snap References - reasons for implicitly considering points, edges of elements to mark snap references in ArchiCAD 19, YouTube, June 12, 2015

Spotlight on ArchiCAD 19 - Point Clouds - ability to read commonly used point-cloud file formats, create corresponding 3D geometry instantly, Joshua Osborne, Cadimage, June 15, 2015

The Power of a Pre-Linked ArchiCAD Template, Pt 1: Viewpoints - pre-linked template allows easy adoption, consistency, automation, links project into sets of deliverables before model is created, relevance of viewpoint tools, navigator, organizer, stories, sections, elevations, worksheets, schedules, project indexes, lists, Link Ellis, AECbytes, June 10, 2015

Spotlight on ARCHICAD 19 - Label Improvements - ability to add multiple labels to a single element, to label multiple different elements at once, Joshua Osborne, Cadimage, June 8, 2015

Engineers Revolutionize Spectroscopy Technology - surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy utilizes nanopatterned substrate that enhances light field at surface, intensifies Raman scattering, Kagan Pittman, ENGINEERING.com, June 3, 2015

Working Faster Than Ever in ArchiCAD 19 - new version defines guidelines, snapping-related terms like snap reference, guide line, special snap point is renamed to snap point, documentation features are now enhanced, Jared Banks, Graphisoft, June 4, 2015

Spotlight on ArchiCAD 19 - OSX Interface - new unified-window design allows (un)docking of palettes, windows inside single-window interface, easy transfer of work environments between interface, windows, Joshua Osborne, Cadimage, June 3, 2015

Spotlight on ArchiCAD 19 - Tabs - new tabs interface allows easy shifting between open views in tabs, background processing tech makes re-generation of tab faster, avoids need to keep navigator open all time to get to views, Joshua Osborne, Cadimage, May 29, 2015

More Multi-Core for CAD - ArchiCAD 19 does multi-core updates: tabs hold different views of current model, patent pending for 'predictive background processing,' Ralph Grabowski with Tibor Szolnoki, upFront.eZine News, May 18, 2015

How to Make a Successful ArchiCAD User Group, Pt 3: Spreading the Word - get event listed by some local reseller, connect local user group with dedicated LinkedIn group, promote blog, associate with ArchiCAD users, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, May 25, 2015

How to Make a Successful ArchiCAD User Group, Pt 2: The Meeting - conduct meetings frequently, allow users to participate in conversations, limit meeting time to maximum two hours, decide on start time, location, technology, content, focus on community building, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, May 19, 2015

ArchiCAD 19 New Features - Performance - background processing is faster, uses all of processor's remaining capacity to build up different model views, ArchiCAD SADC, May 15, 2015

ArchiCAD 19 New Features - Documentation - ability to dimension storey level lines easily, ArchiCAD SADC, May 12, 2015

ArchiCAD 19 New Features - Open BIM - supports common file formats of point cloud .xyz,.e57 files, ArchiCAD SADC, May 13, 2015

How to Make a Successful ArchiCAD User Group, Pt 1: Organization - create e-mail list, be center of community, rally core group, set things up to pass torch, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, May 7, 2015

Shared Hypermodels - free BIMx app helps access 3D building models in BIMx format, has stereo mode, gravity, floor-plan cutaways, egress recognition, cloud connection, CAD User, Mar 2015

Guidance Notes for Autodesk Revit Users Exchanging Models with Graphisoft ArchiCAD - Revit users should ensure mapping of elements for IFC exchange for both import, export is correct to ensure reliable exchange; list of free viewers to review IFC models, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects Blog, Apr 7, 2015

Expert Interview with Mary Moscarello of Graphisoft on Building Information Modeling - GRAPHISOFT vs other CAD software, design of ArchiCAD, describing building information modeling, OPEN BIM project, CADspeed, Feb 10, 2015 (

ArchiCAD Connection Add-In for Revit 2015 - imports all attributes, properties, classification reference data of IFC model elements as schedulable Revit parameters, exports elements based on Revit's phase status, Jared Banks, Graphisoft, Oct 29, 2014

ArchiCAD Window Display Cheat Sheet - 3 features to create all different display options: floor plan display setting of walls, floor plan display setting of windows, floor plan cut plane, Laszlo Nagy, Graphisoft, Oct 21, 2014

ArchiCAD 18: Join the IFC and COBie Flow, Pt 3 - Model Export - focuses on main improvements of IFC, COBie workflow, discusses impact of change on COBie workflows with regard to assembly worksheet, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects, Oct 17, 2014

Filter and Cut Elements in 3D: A Hidden Gem - access feature from menu, 'tool bars and buttons' or use keyboard shortcut, discussing marquee effect, cut surface display, element types to show in 3D option, Jared Banks, Graphisoft, Oct 6, 2014

ArchiCAD 18: Join the IFC and COBie Flow, Pt 2: Data Mapping - ArchiCAD users with existing processes can create mapping, push out IFC and/or COBie data; 3 types of data can be mapped: general parameters, object parameters, static text, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects, Sep 22, 2014

Have You Looked at Zone Stamps Recently? - ArchiCAD 18 has ability to set fixed width value for zone stamp, new metadata, digital approximation data display, zone stamps, its relation to anchor point are scale sensitive, Jared Banks, Graphisoft, Sep 22, 2014

ArchiCAD 18: Join the IFC and COBie Flow, Pt 1: Project Info - understanding importance of improved 'project info' dialogue box in ArchiCAD 18 when working with COBie data, Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Architects, Sep 5, 2014

Ahead in the Cloud - GRAPHISOFT's BIMcloud includes tools for built-in conflict resolution, extremely high network tolerance, is optimized for multiple office setups, David Chadwick, CAD User, July 2014

Comparing Revit 2015 with ArchiCAD 18 Update - Revit 2015 released new sketchy line, IFC linking, parameter ordering, revision improvements, but lacked any 'killer' feature while ArchiCAD 18 came up with winning TeamWork, building materials, EcoDesigner, morph, shell features, Stefan Boeykens, CAD, BIM & 3D, June 5, 2014

BIM in the Cloud - BIMcloud extends ArchiCAD BIM infrastructure via Internet to hosted ArchiCAD project servers, AEC Magazine, May 27, 2014

ArchiCAD 18 - BCF Compatibility - ArchiCAD can import/export associated 'BIM Collaboration Format' data as mark-up entries with accompanying screenshots, 3D views, cutting planes, Joshua Osborne, Cadimage, May 29, 2014

Why Industry-Standard CAD Platforms Do Not Meet Owner-Operators' Compliance Needs - industry-standard CAD platforms involve analog data, inability to integrate, automate, minimal ROI, antiquated technology, need paradigm shift to data-driven CAD platforms, Shane Kling, AEC Cafe, May 27, 2014

Graphisoft Renders ArchiCAD 18 - BIM Coordination Format to pass comments, redlines between applications, bi-directionally, new 'change manager' palette handles multiple changes, imports, explodes PDF files into ArchiCAD lines, text, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, May 27, 2014

ArchiCAD 18 New Features - Rendering - integration of CineRender into ArchiCAD 18 offers high-end, professional image quality rendering, smooth workflow, excellent user experience, provides access to advanced Cinema 4D rendering settings, enhanced lamp objects, Sanjay Gangal, AECCafe Blogs, May 12, 2014

Q&A from the Nikken Sekkei Visit - Nikken Sekkei executives talk about selecting Graphisoft, current projects, using facilities management, benefit to 3D facilities management, creating as-built models, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, May 13, 2014

Architosh Looks at Graphisoft EcoDesigner STAR - software is 'built-in' BIM to building energy model workflow, meets requirements ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for LEED system credits, does thermal bridge simulation, handles on-site renewable energy, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, May 5, 2014

Graphisoft in Japan: Pictures and Notes from the BIMcloud Trip - discussing global CAD market: trend, size, architectural tour to superb buildings created by ArchiCAD-based AEC companies, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Apr 13, 2014

Graphisoft Readies ArchiCAD for the Enterprise - Graphisoft press event in Tokyo, technology behind BIMcloud, BIM Server, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, Apr 1, 2014

What's New in ArchiCAD 17 and Revit 2014? - ArchiCAD 17: workflow improvements, boost in directly accessible GDL content for ArchiCAD users; Revit 2014: platform, architectural, MEP features, Jonas Salih, BIMhow Blog, Mar 26, 2014

Explore 3D Models with BIMx - features of BIMx: BIMx hyper models, 2D, 3D conversion, real-time 3D cutaway function, navigation speed, markers, cloud connection, Jonas Salih, BIMhow Blog, Feb 26, 2014

Revit vs ArchiCAD: Making the Right Choice When Shifting to BIM - snap tools of ArchiCAD provide better accuracy than those of Revit; Revit is not able to support curved grid systems, has hidden settings, Jonas Salih, BIMhow Blog, Mar 12, 2014

Why the New Mac Pro will Rock for ArchiCAD But Not for Revit - Revit doesn't utilize multi-cores, super powerful workstation graphics cards, while ArchiCAD 17 has multi-core, oriented background processing performance algorithms to make better use of Mac Pro, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Oct 24, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 INT New Feature - 'BIM Pen Sets' by Material - check new pen index number assigned by material, change pen to reassign pen weight to pen position, Gideon's Desk, Sep 29, 2013

More Than Just a Simple Speed Test for You to Argue About: ArchiCAD vs Revit - compares Revit 2011, 2013 with different versions of ArchiCAD with reference to drawings, speed, 3D orientation, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, Sep 23, 2013

ArchiCAD and Urban Design - author shares his experiences of using ArchiCAD in past, James Badcock, Shoegnome, Aug 23, 2013

ArchiCAD GDL vs Revit Families - shape is easier to model in Revit families but parametrics are easier to assign in GDL, GDL has higher level of functionality applicable to parameters, can create highly efficient modeling tools for any building element, Kristian Bursell, Shoegnome, Aug 13, 2013

About the STL Out Add-On - 2 kind of representations for STL format in ArchiCAD 17: ASCII; importing/exporting STL files, tips, limitations, Binary Katalin Borszeki, ArchiCAD Wiki, July 22, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - enhanced ability to hold, display, manage BIM details, supports background processing, priority-based connections, has Real-time 3D cutting planes, improved morph tool, AEC Magazine, July 17, 2013

If You Haven't Discovered ArchiCAD Favorites, You Haven't Discovered BIM - set up 'favorites' to allocate elements to particular layers, share geometry correctly using IFC, set up IFC description field in favorites, Rob Jackson, Shoegnome, July 16, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: Tips for Better Intersections in Migrated Projects - define wall/slab core as reference line/plane, adjust elements to slab, link tops of walls, columns, zones to story in ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD SADC, July 10, 2013

ArchiCAD 16 vs Revit 2013 - End User Customization - any command can be put on ArchiCAD tool bar while tools can be added to quick access toolbar, but not all commands can be used, Scott MacKenzie, Life in a Virtual Building, July 6, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: How to Enable New in ArchiCAD 17 - turn off legacy intersection method located under project preferences in construction elements tab to make model junctions appear different, ArchiCAD SADC, July 8, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 Goes Deep with Intelligent Building Materials - correct graphical representation in sections, element surfaces in 3D views, thermal properties throughout building energy evaluations are ensured, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, July 5, 2013

Looking at Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17 - ability to keep BIM model 'live,' priority based connections, intelligent building materials, real-time 3D cutting planes, floor plan-based 3D documents feature, more IFC support, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, June 29, 2013

Review of Better Detail Marker by Master Script - object helps adjust how tail will look while removing arrow at markers' head, Willard Williams, Shoegnome, June 28, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: How to Keep Old Intersections: Legacy Mode for Migrated Files - control legacy mode by using construction elements option, click info button to determine effects of checkbox on intersections of different construction elements, ArchiCAD SADC, June 28, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: Working with Hotlinks - What Happens to the Attributes - use identical set of attributes in both host, hotlinked files, migrate all hotlinked files in same version, avoid updating building material names in files, ArchiCAD SADC, June 27, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: What to Do About Attributes in a Migrated Project - maintain backup copy of project, go to attribute manager to remove unnecessary attributes, review element defaults, favorites before migrating project, ArchiCAD SADC, June 26, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: What to Do About Attributes in a Migrated Project, Pt 2 - review building materials to remove unnecessary attributes, check, modify building material names, use delete, replace feature, find, select option, interactive schedules to reduce generated attributes, ArchiCAD SADC, June 26, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: What Happens When You Migrate a Project to ArchiCAD 17? - building materials are generated, assigned automatically, ArchiCAD SADC, June 24, 2013

Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: Improved Junctions in ArchiCAD 17 - adjust intersection priority within building material to work among construction elements, collide elements, change partial structure display, ArchiCAD SADC, June 24, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Features: Performance - work on floor plan view while application calculates geometry of elements, conduct faster navigation with OpenGL, improve SEO performances, double-quick library loading times, handle library parts' 3D models faster, ArchiCAD SADC, June 21, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Library Parts & Objects Enhancements - understanding general library developments, coordinate dimension object, stairs, railings, RoofMaker elements, multileader label symbol, zone stamps, door/window developments, ArchiCAD SADC, June 20, 2013

The Random City Object for ArchiCAD Site Models - options to place buildings, set building types, different elevation style, roof type, building elements, Endre Ilauszky, Shoegnome, June 19, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Energy Evaluation - create thermal blocks in effortless way, streamline management of structure/opening data, conduct model-based solar irradiation study, assign multiple building systems, avail custom operation profiles, detailed energy reports, ArchiCAD SADC, June 19, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Duplicate Elements in Section - drag, mirror copy, multiply copy before rotating it for morph, shell or curtain walls using ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD SADC, June 18, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Features: Open BIM - check support for multiple IFC standards, model view definitions, IFC publishing, IFC related improvements, ArchiCAD SADC, June 18, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Conceptual Design - use workflow that is result of modeling flexibility of morph tool combined with listing capabilities of interactive schedule within ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD SADC, June 13, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: One-Step Renovation Status Update for All Elements - go to renovation menu to invoke reset renovation status command that update/delete elements by status or leaves them unchanged, ArchiCAD SADC, June 13, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Integrated Connections with Google Earth, SketchUp - use file special option to send model to Google Earth, apply imported location coordinates or retain ArchiCAD project location data while merging model to ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD SADC, June 13, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Features: Export ArchiCAD Model to STL Format - use STL file to convert ArchiCAD projects to real physical models, present design intents to clients, transfer models into commonly used prototyping devices, ArchiCAD SADC, June 12, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: PDF/A Support - save/publish views, layouts, publisher sets in PDF/A format allowing easy publishing with click of button from navigator, ArchiCAD SADC, June 12, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Management of Hotlinked Modules - define custom master ID to every hotlinked module, zones in source hotlink module, or connect zone ID with zone number to display information in zone stamp, ArchiCAD SADC, June 11, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Improved Zone Creation and Editing - keep new zone area fixed while editing using new 'fixed area' option located in pet palette, ArchiCAD SADC, June 6, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Smarter Attribute Management - define attribute that replaces another attribute when it is deleted, move elements onto different layer, ArchiCAD SADC, June 7, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Floor Plan-Based 3D Document - define projection by setting cut plane height, set projection direction, create shaded floor plan views for presentation/interior design, ArchiCAD SADC, June 5, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Enhanced Composite/Profile Workflow - select composite/profile element of view, access relevant setting to ensure convenient workflow, increase productivity, ArchiCAD SADC, June 4, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Improved Door/Window Placement - use feedback to preview opening location, anchor point, reveal side, opening direction of file, ArchiCAD SADC, June 3, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Easily Editable 3D Cutting Plane - define 3D cutaway section of models, create graphical cutting planes in floor plan/section/3D window, rotate planes to limit 3D model view, ArchiCAD SADC, June 3, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Building Material - digital equivalent of real building materials used in construction, easier management of material-related properties, ArchiCAD SADC, May 30, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Anchor Door/Window Reveal to Wall Core - anchor window to composite wall's core to check door/window element behavior, structural connections, ArchiCAD SADC, May 28, 2013 (

For Graphisoft, ArchiCAD 17 is All About Details - focuses on model-based details; Eniko Pauko Q&A on ArchiCAD's control over automatic junction processing, limit to number of junctions in model, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, May 28, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Curved Beam - using beam tool to create beams for easy, faster modeling, consistent element creation, editing, ArchiCAD SADC, May 27, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: More Intuitive Element Creation in 3D Window - use graphic feedback, snap to story level when editing element elevation in 3D window, ArchiCAD SADC, May 27, 2013

ArchiCAD 17: New Feature - Core-Based Reference Line - use new modify wall reference line/slab reference plane dialogs to relocate reference line/plane without moving geometry, ArchiCAD SADC, May 21, 2013

ArchiCAD 17: BIM Lives in the Details - use standard building elements of new 'priority based connection system' to add greater detail to drawings, enhanced morph, energy evaluation tool to boost performance, Joshua Osborne, Cadimage, May 23, 2013

ArchiCAD 17 - New Feature: Link Element Height to Stories - automatically adjusts height of linked elements as story position changes, locates inverted elements, defines base elevation using ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD SADC, May 9, 2013

ArchiCAD 16 vs Revit 2013 - Image Import & Management - comparing image insertion commands, management tools, functionality, file formats, Scott MacKenzie, Life in a Virtual Building, Apr 1, 2013

Beautiful 3D Documents, Pt 2 - documentation of fireplace framing as series of 3D images, pitfalls involved, scripted object for masonry, Jared Banks, BIM Engine Blog, Mar 27, 2013

Beautiful 3D Documents, Pt 1 - aligning leaders in ArchiCAD, Jared Banks, BIM Engine Blog, Mar 22, 2013

ArchiCAD 16 vs. Revit 2013 (Architecture) - Annotation - comparing dimensions, text tool, text as labels, tags, keynotes, leaders, leaders-stand-alone, revision tool functionalities, Scott MacKenzie, Life in a Virtual Building, Mar 21, 2013

ArchiCAD Training - 7 Keys to Best Practices - get organized, do it once, save your settings, work from general to specific, use ArchiCAD's structure, Eric Bobrow, YouTube, Mar 17, 2013

ArchiCAD vs. Revit - 2D & 3D Modification Tools - comparing ability to split, extend multiple items, break with gap, Scott MacKenzie, Life in a Virtual Building, Mar 11, 2013

ArchiCAD vs Revit - comparing features related to graphic display control, Scott MacKenzie, Life in a Virtual Building, Feb 26, 2013

ABCs of ArchiCAD (Obscure Version) - autogroup, building energy model view, clone folder, design layers in profile manager, Jared Banks, BIM Engine Blog, Feb 5, 2013

So Many .DWG Backgrounds, So Little Processing Power - points to consider when importing DWGs in ArchiCAD, Jared Banks, BIM Engine Blog, Aug 15, 2012

A View of ArchiCAD 16 - ArchiCAD user Erika Epstein on Morph tool, energy evaluation feature, BIM components, BIM Engine Blog, July 31, 2012

3D Documents: Are They Used on 100% of Your Projects? - set up 3D document views on cover sheet early in design process, Jared Banks, BIM Engine Blog, July 19, 2012

Graphisoft Talks to Architosh About ArchiCAD 16 - Akos Pfemeter, director of global marketing, about ArchiCAD 16, winning features, Morph Tool, Usability, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, June 28, 2012 

ArchiCAD Versions - release dates, supported platforms, features, ArchiCAD file, hardware protection compatibility of all versions, ArchiCAD Wiki, May 17, 2012

Optimize ArchiCAD 3D BIM Models to View on Mobile Devices - optimizing model size, textures, lowering polygon count, export without global illumination, Gergely Kmethy, CADspeed, Feb 29, 2012

Graphisoft's New White Paper on BIM - summarizes main criteria for selecting BIM app for companies; advantages, limitations of using ArchiCAD during BIM adoption process, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Feb 9, 2012

ArchiCAD License Types - discussing 6 license types in ArchiCAD, Shaun Coomber, ArchiCAD Wiki, Nov 9, 2011

Find the Optimal Hardware Configuration for ArchiCAD - 4-core processors, at least 8GB of physical RAM, smaller SSD combined with large conventional hard drive, 1GB video RAM, bigger monitors, CADspeed, Aug 23, 2011

IFC Made Easy - ArchiCAD provides options to work with IFC files, communicating with consultants effectively, Matthew Brewster, BIM Engine Blog, July 1, 2011

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 - 3D editing plane, roof tools, shell command, renovation feature, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, June 7, 2011

AIA Convention 2011, Featuring Kurt Ameringer - Graphisoft's executive on highlights of ArchiCAD 15, AECCafe, May 2011

Graphisoft Talks to Architosh About ArchiCAD 15 - easy to work in 3D, user-generated guidelines, shell tool for advanced forms, renovation status support, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, May 17, 2011

Freeform Modeling Comes to Archicad 15 Release - shell tool, freely placeable editing planes, element level renovation status, improved IFC interface, 64-bit support for Mac OS, Susan Smith, AECCafe, May 16, 2011

Memory Makes a Difference: Performance of ArchiCAD On 64-Bit vs 32-Bit Operating Systems - 64-bit Windows faster than 32-bit, Mark Shaw & James Ecklund, CAD Speed, Mar 15, 2011

Using ArchiCAD for LEED Calculations - ArchiCAD  BIM database, verifying project data, providing calculations for certification process, Thomas Simmons, AECbytes, July 20, 2010

ArchiCAD 14 Eases Model Sharing and Updating Between Architects and Engineers - open design collaboration support, Teamwork 2.0 functionality, productivity boost, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Jun 3, 2010

CAD Software for Rent - monthly cost for ArchiCAD, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Apr 12, 2010

Funding Sought for Mass-Produced Log Homes - designer using ArchiCAD for developing environment friendly log homes, Ken Alexander, 100 Mile House Free Press, Jan 20, 2010

Architosh Talks to Viktor Varkonyi, CEO Graphisoft - talk about Graphisoft BIM Server, Teamwork 2.0, collaboration, reinforcing value of IFC, ArchiCAD on Mac, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, architosh, Dec 10, 2009

AIA: Talking to Viktor Varkonyi About EcoDesigner - energy analysis tool for designers works directly inside ArchiCAD, with fast VIP-Energy engine, carbon footprint calculation, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, May 17, 2009

Trying Out the BIM Experience - Graphisoft entices users from CAD to BIM, green engineering applications need to fulfill users expectations mentioned by marketing departments, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Dec 5, 2008

Mac BIM: Graphisoft Introduces ArchiCAD 12 - 'world's most flexible and fastest BIM,' Anthony Frausto-Robledo, architosh, Jun 16, 2008

AIA: Exhibit Report 1: Nemetschek North America and Graphisoft - VectorWorks introduced ThermoRender, ArchiCAD 11 as BIM was displayed, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, May 28, 2008

Graphisoft Proselytizes the 2D Masses With BIM Kit - free 30-day ArchiCAD Trial Version lets new users learn basics of BIM, Heather Livingston, Cadalyst, Oct 18, 2007

Earthly Powers - Graphisoft is offering a bidirectional link between ArchiCAD 11 and Google Earth to help users share and improve their designs, CAD User, May/June, 2007

Nemetschek's Acquisition of Graphisoft Shares - interview with Janet Franke of Nemetschek about acquisition of Graphisoft; Nemetschek becomes stronger in the AEC market, Susan Smith, AEC Weekly, January 22-26, 2007

ArchiCAD Native on Intel Macs - ArchiCAD 10 now runs native on Intel-based Apple Macs running OS X, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, August 10, 2006

Graphisoft Underplays Free Archicad for Education - Graphisoft's s free version of Archicad for students and teachers introduced without fanfare, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, August 16, 2006

Ten Questions for Dominic Gallello - ex-VP of Autodesk transitions to CEO of Graphisoft, California to Hungary, marathons in Switzerland, Roopinder Tara, TenLinks.com, July 20, 2006

The Evolution of Now - architecture evolution through progressing technology at Graphisoft has resulted in BIM applications, F. Rutson Fuqua, Cadalyst AEC, December 15, 2005

Putting the "I" in BIM - Interactive Schedule in ArchiCAD gives a new way to access information in BIM, Kurt Ameringer of Graphisoft, Cadalyst AEC, November 15, 2005

Projects "By Accident" - planning and good communication are required for a successful project, both are facilitated with ArchiCAD, F. Rutson Fuqua, Cadalyst AEC, October 14, 2005

Virtual Building and Freeform Design - MaxonForm and ArchiCAD do free-form modeling, Kurt Ameringer, Cadalyst AEC, September 15, 2005

Design Options - The Graphisoft ArchiCAD Option Manager helps to create and manage multiple design variations within a single model file, Kurt Ameringer, Cadalyst AEC, August 15, 2005

Building Information Model Perspective - 3D computer modeling with ArchiCAD provides valuable information about the building project, F. Rutson Fuqua, Cadalyst AEC, July 15, 2005

Building Energy Performance - Going Mainstream - Dominic Gallello, president and CEO of Graphisoft, emphasizes the growing importance of sustainable building design and urges architects to use the tools already available at their disposal to take on the energy challenge, AECbytes, January 25, 2005

Virtual Construction - looking for ways to grow the company, Graphisoft is introducing new tools and services, including Virtual Construction software, which determines how best to construct buildings, Ralph Grabowski, upFront.eZine, November 10, 2004

Gilchrist Ross and Crowe Architects Put ArchiCAD 9 Beta to the Ultimate Test - a $15 million renovation of historic Landis Hall at Florida State University was prepared with the prerelease version of ArchiCAD 9, Arnie Williams, Cadalyst AEC Tech News: 2D to 3D #7, September 23, 2004

ArchiCAD University - BIM There, Done That - the recent ArchiCAD University West seminar focused on the software program's long-established BIM (building information modeling) capabilities, Mike Bordenaro, Cadalyst AEC Tech News #117, April 8, 2004

Virtual Building Makes Proposals Real - ArchiCAD's Virtual Building function provides a channel of communication between the architect, the client, and design review boards throughout the design process to speed approval cycles and help ensure customer satisfaction, Akos Pfemeter, Cadalyst, March 12, 2004

The Virtual Building: Focus on the Art of Design - explores Graphisoft's Virtual Building concept, which attempts to return architects’ focus to the craft of building design, Akos Pfemeter, Cadalyst, February 12, 2004

A Darwinian Shake-out in the Building Industry - the president and CEO of Graphisoft presents his vision of the changes in the building industry that will result from the emerging strong interest and adoption of building information modeling, Dominic Gallello, AECbytes, January 14, 2004

Graphisoft to Introduce New Construction Industry Software - Revised Strategy in March - Graphisoft will announce in March a corporate restructuring plan and also a new application to enhance its "Virtual Building" concept, Interfax, January 14, 2004

Course Change At Graphisoft - Graphisoft shakes things up with a new CEO, Dominic Gallello, and a plan to go after the international architectural, engineering and construction market more aggressively, Carl Kovac, enr.com, September 25, 2003

New CEO at Graphisoft - will former Autodesk VP Dominic Gallello revitalize Graphisoft and raise the awareness of ArchiCAD?, Martyn Day, CADserver, September 18, 2003

Speaking with Graphisoft CEO - company to step up marketing, sales to promote ArchiCAD, Ralph Grabowski, up.Front.eZine, March 24, 2003

Graphisoft Leads in the Move to Virtual Building Technology - the increasing trend toward the Building Information Model in the AEC industry bodes well for the future of Graphisoft, since the virtual building model lies at the heart of the company's products, Randall S. Newton and David S. Cohn, A-E-C Automation, February 2003

Growing up with ArchiCAD - a look at how one award-winning London firm has deployed ArchiCAD on a number of key projects, CADserver, January 6, 2003

Coast Guard Smartens Up Its Capital Assets - the Coast Guard is implementing Graphisoft's ArchiCAD in hopes of building better 3D models to strengthen homeland security, Judy Schriener, construction.com,  August 21, 2002

Constructive Analyses - AEC software - such as Bentley TriForma, Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD -- helps architects evaluate the life cycle of buildings before they are built, Jerry Laiserin, Computer Graphics World, August, 2002

UIA, Part 3-Graphisoft: 20/20 Vision - Graphisoft unveils ArchiCAD 8.0 and celebrates its 20th anniversary, Jerry Laiserin, The LAISERINLetter, August 2002

Interview: Graphisoft US Vice President, Chris Barron - ArchiCAD targets AutoCAD users, dismisses Revit, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh.com, March 15, 2002

The Case for 3D in Architecture - 5 key vendors (Autodesk, Bentley, Graphisoft, Nemetschek and Revit state their cases for 3D, Martyn Day, CADserver, Jan 15, 2002

Out Of the Attic, Onto the Web - Gábor Bojár, pawned his wife's jewelry to start Graphisoft, Jan Stojaspal, TIME Europe, July 2001

Imaginative Architecture - winners from Graphisoft's image contest, Karen Moltenbrey, CGW, Mar 2001

The New Danube: Graphisoft's ArchiCAD 3D - Martyn Day, CADServer, December 11, 2000

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