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ArchiCAD 19 - predictive background processing, new 3D surface painter tool, point cloud support, ability to quickly access additional related views, automatic display of snap guides, snap points during modeling operation, ability to export more element information, parameters, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Aug 13, 2015

ArchiCAD 19: Performance BIM - can read point clouds for import of survey data, enhanced to better import Rhino geometry, improved surface labeling, collision detection, IFC output enhancements, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, May 2015

Here's What's New in ArchiCAD 18 - improved rendering tools, 'edit multiple elements' modeling feature, improved PDF-based collaboration workflow, web-based BIM cloud manager interface, new layout revision tool, elevator design enhancement, Scott MacKenzie, CADdigest.com, Aug 27, 2014

ArchiCAD 18 - integrated Maxon Cinema4D, enhanced component creation, editing, ability of walls to inherit end surfaces from adjoining walls, browser-based BIM server manager, AEC Magazine, July 30, 2014

ArchiCAD 18 - new CineRender 14 rendering engine, ability for multi-element editing, new revision management feature to track, automatically document changes to building model, better support of PDF format, BIM Collaboration Format support introduced, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, June 25, 2014

Graphisoft's New BIMcloud - BIMcloud works as intermediary or gateway between individual users, servers that actual hold model data, can be deployed on public cloud or run from private in-house server installed on premises, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Apr 17, 2014

BIMx Docs - impressive hyper-model capability to navigate between 3D view, associated 2D views, app takes full advantage of iPad's inherent features, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Feb 13, 2014

ArchiCAD 17 - priority based connections feature, real-time 3D cutaways, expanded IFC model view definitions, but associativity not implemented on horizontal plane, limited capability of automatic junctions feature, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, June 12, 2013

ArchiCAD UK - very capable entry level solution, ArchiCAD 16 Solo offers all modeling capabilities of Teamwork, supports multi-core processing, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, Sep 20, 2012

Design Freedom - flexible, intuitive, easy-to-use MORPH tool in ArchiCAD 16 helps in manipulating 3D models, allows materials to be assigned to each surface, CAD User, June/July 2012

ArchiCAD 16 - Morph technology, online BIM component database introduced, EcoDesigner, VIPcore analysis engine integrated into core platform, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, July 20, 2012

ArchiCAD 16 - morph tool adds SketchUp-like conceptual modeling capabilities, enables creation of complex freeform structures, BIM components portal gives access to wide variety of BIM objects from various sources, expands built-in energy analysis capabilities, improved interoperability, still not as easy or intuitive as main rival Revit, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, June 22, 2012

ArchiCAD 15 - shell tool, 3D editing plane, workflow support for renovation, refurbishment projects, autosave functionality, BIM server performance, Scott MacKenzie, Cadalyst, Dec 1, 2011

ArchiCAD 15: Pt 2 - freeform modeling capability, visible editing plane, improved support for renovation, retrofit projects, faster import, export of IFC files, Lachmi Khemlani, Architecture Week, Nov 16, 2011

ArchiCAD 15: Pt 1 - support for renovation, refurbishment projects, improved IFC interface, 64-bit support for Mac OS, shell tool for freeform BIM modeling, Lachmi Khemlani, Architecture Week, Nov 9, 2011

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15, Pt 2 - shell tool to support complex geometry, auto-orienting editing planes, dimming effect, enhanced IFC output, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, Oct 1, 2011

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 - element-level renovation tools, ability to import MEP IFCs, integrate MEP elements within system, support for 'passive' building performance, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, July 26, 2011

ArchiCAD 15 - shell tool for freeform BIM modeling, revamped roof tool, 3D interface enhancements, improved support for renovation, retrofit projects, lacks dedicated conceptual design environment, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, July 14, 2011

A Complete Renovation - ArchiCAD 15 can revamp old buildings, creating BIM for building, deconstructing it digitally, installing desired, sustainable features, CAD User, May/June 2011

ArchiCAD Start BIM Suite - low-cost ArchiCAD Start Edition aims at small practices, no xref support, no Lightworks engine, runs in 32-bit only, AEC Magazine, Feb 18, 2011

ArchiCAD 14 - enhancements to model-based collaboration, improved interoperability with engineering applications, adding custom prefixes/suffixes, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Sep 21, 2010

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 14 - functioning in integrated structural, MEP workflow, model filtering for designers, model referencing, enhanced productivity, AEC Magazine, Jun 2010

In-Depth with ArchiCAD 14 - Graphisoft Talks to Architosh - new features focused on collaboration, open platform, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, May 28, 2010

Graphisoft EcoDesigner - valuable plugin for ArchiCAD has ability to perform integrated analysis within BIM model itself, Sid Thoo of Architecture.Collective, AECbytes, Feb 11, 2010

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 13 - teamwork capabilities help multiple designers work on same model simultaneously, improved OpenGL, AutoCAD DWG compatibility, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, Nov 29, 2009

ArchiCAD 13: The First Client Server-Based BIM Utility - Delta Server helps design team collaborate on BIM projects, 'rotate orientation' option, fill enhancements, supports multiprocessors, 64-bit computing, Jeff Yoders, BDCnetwork.com, Oct 22, 2009

Taking Teamwork 2 the Next Level - ArchiCAD 13 based around Teamwork 2, handles data in 3D model differently, maintaining it on central server DBMS, David Chadwick, CAD User, Sep/Oct 2009

ArchiCAD 13 - server-based BIM collaboration capability, 64-bit support for Windows, ability to rotate view, easier curtain wall editing, but remains single disciplinary solution, limited conceptual design capabilities,  Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Sep 30, 2009

ArchiCAD 13 - BIM server technology, overhauled Teamwork environment, improved object handling, annotative schedule drawings, enhanced DWG import, export, Scott MacKenzie, Cadalyst, Oct 1, 2009

Serving Up Collaboration with Graphisoft's BIM Server - Delta Server Technology for database management, more collaboration plus productivity improvements to ArchiCAD 13, Susan Smith, AECCafe, Sep 21, 2009

EcoDesigner & Virtual Building Explorer - EcoDesigner calculates energy consumption, environmental impacts of design; VBE helps navigate, explore designs without having ArchiCAD, gives access to building information, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, Sep 2009

ArchiCAD 13 Makes Ground Breaking Leap in BIM File Sharing - BIM server for better collaboration in real time, teamwork offers on-demand element access, Nancy Spurling Johnson, Cadalyst, Sep 1, 2009

EcoDesigner - integrated with ArchiCAD 12, easy-to-use, energy evaluation tool for sustainable design, calculates optimum solution to minimize energy consumption, carbon emissions, David Chadwick, CAD User.com, Jul/Aug 2009

ArchiCAD's New Virtual Building Explorer - easy to learn, add-on intelligent viewer at nominal cost, shares BIM project file, Eric Bobrow of AIA, AECbytes, Apr 23, 2009

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 12 - increased speed due to multi-core processor support, algorithm optimizations, advanced Curtain Wall tool, needs updated modeling capabilities, more, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, architosh, Dec 19, 2008

ArchiCAD 12 - speed, design, and documentation enhancements in the new version of ArchiCAD, including multi-processor support, new CURTAIN WALL tool, 3D documentation, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Oct 16, 2008

The Move to BIM With ArchiCAD 12 - compute-intensive virtual models, new curtain wall tool, improved ArchiCAD stair tool, AutoCAD DWG 2008 support, more, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, Aug 23, 2008

Graphisoft Leads BIM Industry in Multiprocessing Support - World's Fastest BIM - ArchiCAD 12 has multi-processor support, is multi-threaded, market innovative BIM, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, architosh, Jun 16, 2008

Technology Product Highlights From AIA 2008 Convention - BIM applications like Green Building Studio, GenerativeComponents, ArchiCAD v12, VectorWorks Architect 2008, and DProfiler were displayed, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, May 22, 2008

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 11 - new virtual trace technology, visual compare feature, worksheets, interior elevation tool, Google Earth Connection plug-in, more, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Dec 21, 2007

ArchiCAD 11 - new features include: worksheet tool, Virtual Trace tool, Multi-storey Hotlinked Modules, streamlined PDF support, more, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, Oct 22, 2007

ArchiCAD 11 - easy transition to BIM with new worksheet tool, multistory hot-linking feature, trace & reference tool, more, Scott Mackenzie, Cadalyst, August 1, 2007

ArchiCAD 11 - new Virtual Trace feature, Worksheet concept, modeling enhancements, ability to assign pen sets, more, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, June 30, 2007

What's the Storey? - ArchiCAD 11 offers Virtual Trace technology, better controlled documentation, greater modeling freedom, more, David Chadwick, CAD User, May/June, 2007

BIM and the Building Information Model - core applications and assisting technologies: Revit series, Bentley integrated series, Digital Project, VectorWorks Architect, ADSymphony, IES VE, Solibri Model Checker, H. Edward Goldberg of AIA, Cadalyst, May 1, 2007 (more Revit reviews, Bentley Architecture reviews, Digital Project reviews, VectorWorks reviews, ArchiCAD reviews, Solibri Model Checker reviews)

Shining Stars - highly recommended best products: TurboCAD Professional v12, Pinion Desktop Packager, Archicad 10, Autodesk Inventor 11, Autodesk Map 3D 2007, IronCAD v9, Solid Edge v19, NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500, Dell Precision M90, Xi MTower PCIe, Maple 10, Deep Exploration 4.0, Ron LaFon, Cadalyst, December 1, 2006 (more TurboCAD reviews, ArchiCAD reviews, Autodesk Inventor reviews, IronCAD reviews, Solid Edge reviews, graphic card reviews, Dell workstation reviews, @Xi workstation reviews, Maple reviews)

Graphisoft Archicad 10 - a building design software that can model slanted, inclined or complex walls, has on-screen view options toolbar, better customization tools, good interoperability, more, Scott MacKenzie, Cadalyst, August 1, 2006

ArchiCAD 10 - new features include greater freedom to model complex building forms, integrated layouting, improved usability through new interface enhancements, and free interactive training guide, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes.com, July 31, 2006

Preliminary Design Tools - important tools for AEC industry: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketch Book Pro 2, Wacom Cintiq, Scan2CAD, IDEAL Scanners & Systems, PlanTracer, Google SketchUp 5, AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop 2007, Autodesk Building Systems 2007, ArchiCAD 10, Form*Z 6, and Rhino, H. Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst, July 1, 2006 (more Adobe Photoshop reviews, Sketch Book Pro reviews, tablet pc reviews, Scan2CAD reviews, IDEAL Scanners reviews, PlanTracer reviews, SketchUp reviews, AutoCAD reviews, ADT reviews, ABS reviews, ArchiCAD reviews, Form*Z reviews, Rhino reviews)

Graphisoft Announces ArchiCAD 10 - available for Windows and Macintosh OS, ArchiCAD 10 has new features for complex designing, integrated PlotMaker, Smart Drawing Manager, more, Sara Ferris, Cadalyst, June 12, 2006

State of the AEC Industry 2006 - major AEC software companies offering latest BIM software: Nemetschek NA VectorWorks Architect 12, ADT 2007, Revit Building 9, Bentley Architecture, ArchiCAD, Digital Project V1 R2, 1ST Pricing, H. Edward Goldberg of AIA, Cadalyst, May 1, 2006 (more VectorWorks reviews, ADT reviews, Revit reviews, Bentley Architecture reviews, ArchiCAD reviews, Digital Project reviews, 1ST Pricing reviews)

Graphisoft Change Manager - automates the process of checking for drawing revisions across two or more complete construction drawing sets, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes.com, April 30, 2006

MaxonForm for ArchiCAD - a plug-in for ArchiCAD, MaxonForm provides modeling capabilities to design free-form architectural objects, Steven S. Ross, Cadalyst AEC, April 6, 2006

The Shape of Things to Come - combining MaxonForm with ArchiCAD provides an easy and powerful tool to create free-form organic shapes for virtual building models, CAD User, November/December 2005

Cadalyst Salutes Top New Hardware and Software for CAD/CAM/CAE - recognition for IBM ThinkVision L200p monitor, ViewSonic VP201b monitor, ArchiCAD, Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro, Hewlett-Packard Designjet 4000, Motive Systems M-Files, 3Dconnexion SpacePilot, Arel Spotlight, Immersive Design IPA Tool, MEDUSA, AnvilCAD Lite, LightWorks free material libraries, DWGgateway, ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD, ActoStor CoreServer, Tacit Networks and Riverbed Steelhead, Sara Ferris, Cadalyst Management, June 1, 2005 (more LCD monitor reviews, ArchiCAD reviews, Acrobat reviews, large format printer reviews, trackball reviews, IPA reviews, MEDUSA reviews, AnvilCAD reviews, DWGgateway reviews, IntelliCAD reviews, caching appliances reviews)

ArchiCAD Insights: Energize Your Practice - from full virtual building model to energy analysis in the conceptual phase; ArchiCAD meets modern-day demands with ease, Victor Bullain, Cadalyst AEC, April 15, 2005

AEC From the Ground Up - Top Tools for Preliminary DesignTools for Preliminary Design - various tools that can help the architect with preliminary design include Wacom Cintiq, Alias Sketch Book Pro, Photoshop, Plan Tracer, SketchUp, form Z 5.0, Autodesk VIZ, 3ds max, Alias Maya and Studio, ArchiCAD, Architectural Desktop and Revit, for preliminary design, H.Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst AEC, April 1, 2005

ArchiCAD Passes the Test - Singapore's regulation compliance testing is based on its $22.6 million CORENE, a web-based structure, Michael Dakan, Cadalyst AEC, March 17, 2005

ArchiCAD Insights: Graphisoft's Ductwork Can Model 2D Systems Data in the Virtual Building - from simple 2D data architects and designers can model their virtual building and ensure that all systems fit as planned, John Mamuscia, Cadalyst AEC, March 15, 2005

ArchiCAD 9: 3D for Architects - building modeler delivers drawings with easy to use modeling tools, highly recommended by Steven Ross, Cadalyst, February 1, 2005

ArchiCAD 9: 3D for Architects - an upgrade that will require a minimum of user reorientation and training, with good productivity benefits, Steven Ross, Cadalyst, February 15, 2005

Software Strategy: Building Modeling Options - a comparison of BIM software to help you decide the best tool for your needs: ArchiCAD v9, Architectural Desktop 2005, Bentley Architecture and VectorWorks ARCHITECT, H. Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst, January 1, 2005

ArchiCAD 9 Offers Powerful User Profiles - the latest version offers a fresh look and feel with a simpler, uncluttered interface that allows users to create work environments exactly suited to their needs, John Mamuscia, Cadalyst, December 16, 2004

Updates for 3D CAD, Collaboration Tools - reviews of AEC tools: Lamina 1.0, ArchiCAD 9, Revit 7, Treo 650 Smartphone, Texxus, LaunchPad CadOperator, ProjectWise V8 2004, Xdrive, Corecon 4.0 and PowerCAD SiteMaster/Leica DISTO Plus, Deborah Snoonian, Architectural Record, December 2004

AEC Review: ArchiCAD 9 - changes to the latest version include a leaner graphical user interface and the addition of the excellent LightWorks renderer, Martyn Day, CADserver, November 9, 2004

ArchiCAD 9 - review looks at the new release of ArchiCAD, a comprehensive application for architectural design based on the BIM concept, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, September 23, 2004

CAD and GIS Integration - capsule reviews of CAD/GIS drawing and analysis tools: AutoCAD Map 3D, MapGuide, Envision, OSIS, MicroStation GeoGraphics, CompassTrac, ArcGIS 9, ArchiCAD, GIS Connect, Any*GIS, GeoMedia 5.2 and MapInfo Professional 7.5, James L. Sipes, Cadalyst, July 1, 2004

Keep Up with AEC Technology - reviews of some of the AEC products featured at the recent A|E|C SYSTEMS show: VisionREZ, fieldProfessional and fieldSketch, Green Building Studio, ArchiCAD 8.1, Primavera P3e/c for Construction 4.0 and WinEstimator, H. Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst, April 10, 2004

ArchiCAD Version 8 - a former Autodesk employee chooses ArchiCAD when faced with an urgent architectural design project, David Clarke, CAD User, July 7, 2003

ArchiCAD 8 - although expensive and relatively difficult to master, ArchiCAD 8 is now Mac OS X-native, runs faster than ever and offers improvements such as true solids modeling and streamlined control of elements and projects, Greg Miller, Macworld, April 2003

ArchiCAD 8 Seminar - Detailed Impressions - with several major new tools and increased speed, the latest version is a solid update, Architosh, October 31, 2002

Up to Date with ArchiCAD 8 - a sneak peek at the latest version, which will offer numerous improvements to an already outstanding program Jerry Laiserin, The LaiserinLetter, August 2002

ArchiCAD 8 Mac OS X Compatible - to the delight of CAD users on the Mac platform, ArchiCAD 8 has been announced by Graphisoft - and it's Mac OS X compatible. The latest version is due this fall. Dennis Sellers, MacCentral, July 29, 2002

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