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Drawing Aids Tutorials

Create a List of Drawings - create .txt file, change extension to .bat, place appropriate text into file, insert file into folder containing DWG files to generate ListOfDWGs.txt file in AutoCAD, Michael Partenheimer, Cadalyst, May 4, 2015

Quick Tip: How to Paste to Original Coordinates - select objects to be copied, drag them anywhere into drawing, click 'paste to orig cords,' apply SELECTIONEFFECT to switch between highlight <1>, dotted object highlight <0> in AutoCAD, Michael Beall, AUGI Library, Feb 6, 2015

Never Lose Track of Your AutoCAD Drawing Again - right click in command line to visit options, visit 'open and save' tab, check file open option to display full path in title to make directory structure of drawing file visible, Lynn Allen, YouTube, Feb 7, 2015

4 Steps to Creating Flawless Drawings - create checklist to ensure that everything is included in AutoCAD drawing, print drawings once ready, revise printed set before re-printing set again, update checklist, Brian Benton, CAD-a-Blog, Feb 9, 2015

Use ScriptPro to Edit Multiple Drawings in a Batch Process - create Windows text file, change extension from TXT to SCR, enter keystrokes into script key to obtain key in AutoCAD, Michael Partenheimer, Cadalyst, Feb 2, 2015

Adding Elevation Drawing Views - create Inventor layout, AutoCAD plan view layout, form Inventor drawing with projected, section detail view, insert Inventor views listed in blocks in AutoCAD model before adding elevations to drawing, Luke Davenport, CADline, May 29, 2014

Drafting Standard Dialog Box - specify values before creating new base views, select project type, shading/preview, or thread style options to set projection angle, default resolution, thread appearance in AutoCAD, Autodesk Knowledge Network, May 25, 2014

Controlling How AutoCAD Drawings Open from Windows Explorer - enter new value for SDI to verify if multiple documents are supported, set DWG launcher as default program for DWG files in AutoCAD, Donnie Gladfelter, CAD Geek, May 27, 2014

Copy Settings Between ASD Drawings - open drawing, select file from ASD center tab in object inspector, locate drawing before selecting, adding styles in current AutoCAD drawing, Gareth Spencer, CADline, May 2, 2014

Parallel Osnap - use of AutoCAD drawing aid explained, Christopher Fugitt, Dec 28, 2010

Use Dynamic Input, or Not - AutoCAD shows useful information near cursor, provides clues, angles shown differently, EllenFinkelstein.com, Dec 7, 2010

Using XREF: Attachment vs. Overlay - attached/overlaid reference in AutoCAD, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Jun 2, 2010

Dynamic Mirror - sketch tool, drag/drop to sketch toolbar, Jeff's Tool Shed, May 26, 2010

Marking Up Drawings with Volo View and AutoCAD - tutorial shows how to use the full version of Volo View to view, mark up and plot dwg, dwf and other file types and how to incorporate the changes into AutoCAD, Nancy Fulton, OpenCAD, December 2, 2002

Drawing Aids - ortho, snap, grid, AutoCAD On-line Tutor

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