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File Formats Tutorials
AutoCAD: How to Tell If You Have a 4th Generation MrSID - launch GeoViewer, add local layer, view layer metadata before highlighting image properties to view version of MrSID file, check if image format is MRSID/MG4RASTER to confirm it as 4th generation, Jeff Arbogast, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Apr 17, 2014

Capturing a Point Cloud of a Monument Using a Laser Scanner - using FARO Scene software provided with scanner to extract reference locations, stitching clouds together, bringing first cloud into AutoCAD 2011 directly by indexing FLS into PCG, attaching it, Kean Walmsley, Through the Interface, Oct 4, 2010

Open DWG Files in Various Versions of AutoCAD - dragging/dropping files, saving time, Brian Lottis, Cadalyst, Aug 22, 2010

(in)Compatibility between AutoCAD and Visio, Part II - Visio Technical users learn to translate Visio drawings to AutoCAD format, Adam Stone, Design-Drawing, July 2005

Learning Curve: Let's Get Out of Here! - saving AutoCAD in different graphic formats, Bill Fane, Cadalyst Management, March 15, 2005

Integrating AutoCAD Files within ArchiCAD - tutorial explains how to best prepare and integrate a DWG file for use as a template within ArchiCAD 8, Jon Sage, CADdigest.com, September 14, 2004

Embedding a DWF into a PowerPoint Slideshow - AutoCAD tutorial, Elise Moss, CADzette, May 7, 2004 (pdf)

Interoperability Between AutoCAD 2005 and Architectural Desktop 2005 - tutorial explores the advantages of collaborating with consultants with native ADT drawings versus exploding to 2D, Chris Yanchar, Between the Walls, March 30, 2004

Importing AutoCAD Drawings in 3ds max - tutorial shows how to import AutoCAD 3D models as Editable Meshes and how to modify them as necessary, Alireza Parsai, CADdigest.com, August 18, 2003

Integrating Revit and AutoCAD - tips on using Revit and AutoCAD side by side, Aaron Rumple, Hagerman & Company Technology Bulletin, December 2002

The Legacy of 2D - advice for AutoCAD and Inventor users on what to do with all those 2D files when you convert to 3D design, Jeff Wymer, CADENCE, October 2002

Problems Exchanging AutoCAD Data Using Multi-Line Text - Geoff Harrod, CADinfo.NET, Jan 2002

AutoCAD File Formats - purposes and nomenclature of several AutoCAD files such as dwg, dwt, etc., myCADsite.com

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