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Filter Xref Layers in Layer Properties Manager - name filter with Xref name, set exact Xref name under filter definition before prefixing layers, text, within layer name in AutoCAD, Tim Harlow, Cadalyst, Nov 9, 2015

Change Layer when Using AutoCAD Command with Macro - place macro in tool palette to change layer back to previous layer immediately after command is finished, Edwin Prakoso, CADnotes, Nov 5, 2015

Don't Let Your AutoCAD Layers Become Lost in Translation - layer translator automatically changes properties of current layers, force object color to BYLAYER, Sam Lucido, CADproTips, Sep 27, 2015

Get AutoCAD to Set Your Current Layer for You - hatch layer override option in properties overrides current layer with layer specified for hatches, YouTube, Sep 13, 2015

Layers in AutoCAD 2016 - use layers to increase clarity, flexibility of drawings, YouTube, Aug 6, 2015

Working with AutoCAD Layer Group Filter - creating group filter in AutoCAD layer properties manager, adding layers to group filter, creating sub filter, using filter to change layer properties, Edwin Prakoso, CADnotes, Aug 10, 2015

Quickly Reconcile All Layers - open layer properties manager palette, activate un-reconciled new layers filter, select layers before reconciling layers in AutoCAD, Michael Partenheimer, Cadalyst, May 11, 2015

SETBYLAYER: Quickly Change All Object Properties to ByLayer - invoke command to change overrides for color, linetype, lineweight, material, plot style to ByLayer, set properties before selecting objects to be modified in AutoCAD, Scott Wilcox, Frozen Layers, Apr 14, 2015

AutoCAD Layer States Through Xrefs - create sheet file, xref model file into it, visit layout tab to create viewports, form layer states in model file, activate viewport in layout before applying layer state in sheet file, Jordan Mussett, IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog, Feb 27, 2015

AutoCAD Layer Tips and Tricks - tips to create new layers, application of crossing window in layer dialog box, undo everything when working in layer dialog box, Lynn Allen, YouTube, Jan 11, 2015

How to Combine Layers to Simplify Your AutoCAD Drawing - employ LAYMRG command to merge layers, LAYTRANS tool to create new layer or load layer list from other DWG file, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Nov 26, 2014

Maintaining Layer Status When Using Nested Xrefs - visit layer properties manager, open layer states manager to export, restore layer settings in AutoCAD, Autodesk Knowledge Network, Nov 1, 2014

Use the Layers Palette for Layer Merge - visit layers palette to select layers to be merged, select merge layers option to view available layers, select desired layer before using sorting options in AutoCAD 2015, Levi Connolly, Cadalyst, Sep 15, 2014

AutoCAD Deep Dive Series: Layers with Blocks & Xrefs - set BYLAYER color property of object to inherit color of layer, position objects in layer 0 to obtain layer properties, open layer manager to view layers of drawing that is attached as XREF, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Sep 10, 2014

AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive Series: Paper Space Layouts - employ plot styles to define, assign named styles to layers, remove color dependency, freeze layers to remove layer from model/paper space viewports, override layer properties by activating viewport, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Sep 1, 2014

AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive: Your Toolbox - turn on, thaw all layers, employ layer off, layer freeze options, set layer as active layer, apply layer isolate, previous, walk, merge, delete properties to increase AutoCAD productivity, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Aug 22, 2014

AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive: Layer Translator and Reconciling Layers - map set of layers to standard set of user using layer translator, enable new layer notification, select whether just to evaluate xrefs or all new layers before using use reconcile option, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Aug 20, 2014

AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive: CAD Standards - create drawing standard, using CAD standards tool to check drawing against standards file, configuring CAD standards, performing batch standards check, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Aug 13, 2014

AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive Series: Adding Standard Layers to Your Drawings - apply match properties tool to create layer with same properties, tool palettes to hold frequently used contents, design center to share content between drawings, blocks to standardize symbols, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, Aug 4, 2014

AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive Series: Layer States - open layer dialog to set layers, visit ribbon to save active status of layers, implement layer changes before capturing current layer state, visit edit option to modify existing layer states, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, July 28, 2014 

AutoCAD 2015, Oh Now That's Classic - invoke CLASSICLAYER command to open classic layer dialog, apply LAYERDLGMODE system variable to toggle between CLASSICLAYER command, LAYERPALETTE command in AutoCAD, Jeff Lotan, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, July 24, 2014

Create Your Own Magic Button to Restore AutoCAD Layers and Styles - insert drawing as block to current drawing, create custom command before replacing file name with drawing file name, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, July 23, 2014

Make a Layer Current - employ Clayer property of database object, or invoke CLAYER system variable to make current AutoCAD layer active in database, Autodesk Knowledge Network, July 2, 2014

AutoCAD Layers Deep Dive Series: Layer Filters - tips to access layer filters, create layer filter types, generate property, group filters, view active layers included in filter, Michael Thomas, Design and Motion, July 2, 2014

AutoCAD: Layer Locking Fade LAYLOCKFADECTL - apply command to control fade for locked layers, set fade values to adjust fading percentage of object in AutoCAD, Jeff Arbogast, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, June 12, 2014

Deleting Layer Filters from a File in AutoCAD - invoke FILTERS command, open delete layer filter dialog to sort layer filters to be removed, click delete filters option to remove filter in AutoCAD, Autodesk Knowledge Network, May 15, 2014

Quick Tip: Using Layer Previous - create test layer in AutoCAD drawing, give it color, make it current, change color of any other layer in current drawing, Michael Beall, AUGI Library, Apr 16, 2014

Choosing Layer Colors in AutoCAD - color recommendations for single/multiple component drawing in AutoCAD, Jim Swain, Synergis, July 22, 2013

Create Layer Overrides to Create Plot Variations - setting layer properties for viewport, removing override using layer properties manager in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, July 16, 2013

How to Assign a Viewport Override - activate viewport to edit layer colors, select layers to receive viewport override for color property, click color swatch of one of selected layers from VP color column, Michael Beall, CADTutor, June 2013

Quick Tip: How to Hide and Isolate Work - click yellow light bulb in bottom right corner before/after selecting objects, click hide objects, go to isolate shortcut menu to isolate AutoCAD objects, Michael Beall, AUGI Library, May 13, 2013

The Return of Doctor Who and the CAD Manager - tips on layer management in AutoCAD, construction of block libraries, Patrick Hughes, AUGI Library, Apr 18, 2013

Why Layer Stumble Through Your Content When You Can Layer Walk - display objects on layers selected, filter out names of layers, invert selection option to display other layers, hide selected layers in AutoCAD, Isaac Harper, What's the Word on AutoCAD?, Mar 5, 2013

Maintain Standards by Returning Objects to ByLayer Settings - using SETBYLAYER command in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Feb 27, 2013

Modify Layer States - using layer properties dialog box in AutoCAD, Michael Norona, Cadalyst, Nov 5, 2012

Get Your Layers in Line With the Layer Translator - setting up layer mapping in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Nov 4, 2012

3 Ways to Move AutoCAD Objects to Other Layer - using layer list dropdown or properties palette, match layer tool, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Nov 1, 2012

How to: Change Referenced File Layer Properties in Master File - create layer states in AutoCAD referenced files, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Oct 23, 2012

Use Layers From Existing Drawings So You Don't Have to Recreate Them - using DesignCenter to access layers, saving template in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, June 18, 2012

A Happy New Year Tip on Translating Layers in AutoCAD - changing name/properties of layers in AutoCAD using LAYTRANS command, Lynn Allen's Blog, Jan 4, 2012

Using Multiple Layer States in Multiple Layouts - creating layer states, layouts with specific layer states activated in AutoCAD, Will Schoenig, CAD Notes, Apr 21, 2012

AutoCAD Layering Productivity, Never Use the Layers Pull Down Again - set up plotting standards by layer, make layer current with LAYMCUR command, copy properties of one object to another object using MATCHPROP command, Paul Munford, CAD Setter Out, Dec 13, 2011

A Perfect View - applying transparency to layers to control visibility of all objects on specific layer, plotting transparent objects in AutoCAD, Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, June 16, 2011

In Box: LAYERSTATESAVE - provides minimalist interface, quicker command in AutoCAD 2010, properties saved in each layer automatically, Tom Stoeckel, Without a Net, Jan 21, 2011

Drawing Heat Isolation Layers With the MLSTYLE Command - AutoCAD tutorial, creating a MLINE style, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Dec 6, 2010












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