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Plotting Tutorials

How to Simplify AutoCAD Plotter List - visit general plot option to hide system printers, access PC3 files by opening Autodesk plotter manager, create backups first before removing plotters, Edwin Prakoso, CADnotes, Oct 8, 2015

AutoCAD 2016: HP Output Issue/Media Error - plot to PDF before plotting from PFD reader, publish multi-sheet DWF before plotting using Design Review 2013, Jeff Arbogast, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Oct 7, 2015

When Plotting from AutoCAD, the OLE Becomes Fuzzy and Pixelated - set plot quality for OLE to monochrome, adjust image compression to graphics, image resolution to 300 dpi in AutoCAD save as dialog, Kevin Walker, Micro Concepts Blog, Mar 5, 2015

Plotting in Color and Your AutoCAD Background - set 2D model space background to black to use dark background palette, ensure impact of personal preference setting on plots before generating color plots, Michael Partenheimer, Cadalyst, Feb 23, 2015

How to Automatically Display the Plotting Scale on Your AutoCAD Drawing - start MTEXT command in AutoCAD, place text in title block, insert field inside text area, select layout for which scale is to be set, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Dec 16, 2014

Long Plot and Non-Standard Paper Sizes - create custom paper size in application or in Windows depending on selected printer driver in AutoCAD, Autodesk Knowledge Network, Nov 1, 2014

Disabling AutoCAD Layer Output When Plotting to PDF - open plotters directory, add plotter dialog to select new plotter installation location, set Autodesk ePlot as manufacturer, DWF to PDF as model before displaying plotter configuration dialog, Donnie Gladfelter, CAD Geek, Sep 8, 2014

Helpful Settings for Plotting 3D Solids in AutoCAD - use VISUALSTYLES command to open visual styles palette, Select the Visual Style, change property in 'edge settings' section, AutoCAD Tips, June 19, 2014

AutoCAD: Show a Plot Style - launch page setup dialog box, select page setup to be edited, pick modify button, check display plot style box to view plot styles while drawing, Jeff Arbogast, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, May 20, 2014

Change Plotter When Publishing with AutoCAD - adjust plotter setup before applying publish command, workaround is to publish sheets to DWF before publishing them or change plotter in publish dialog, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, July 18, 2013

Can't See .ctb Files: CONVERTPSTYLES - invoke command if drawing shows .stb plot styles instead of .ctb files while plotting in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Tips, June 24, 2013

AutoCAD Plotting - Device Not Found - open Autodesk DWG Trueview, select DWG convert, create setup that sets plot device to none, open conversion setup to modify it, Darin Green, Synergis, June 12, 2013 

How to Automatically Display the Plotting Scale on Your AutoCAD Drawing - set scale for viewport, MTEXT command to access text editor, select object under field names, choose scale in property box, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Mar 18, 2013

ACAD/ACA/ACAD MEP: Plot Styles and Converting Them - expand plot dialog box's plot styles, direct plot styles to correct location, use CONVERTPSTYLES command to convert plot styles, Cherisse Biddulph, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, Mar 18, 2013

How to Add AutoCAD DWG to PDF Plotter - creating PC3 plotter using 'add plotter' wizard, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Mar 8, 2013

Create a Scale for Plotting - create layout, select viewport, chose appropriate scale, lock viewport after adjusting scale in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Mar 4, 2013

Troubleshooting Printing in AutoCAD - correct page setup, printer/plotter .pc3 file, paper size, plot options, drawing orientation, Justin Doughty, CADline, Nov 20, 2012

How to Make a CTB File in AutoCAD - using add-a-plot style table wizard, customizing CTB file, Brian Curran, CAD-a-Blog, July 23, 2012

We Put the PLT in Publish - create PC3 file out of plotter in question, turn option on in PC3 file, use PC3 file as plotter in AutoCAD, Jeff Arbogast, IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog, July 23, 2012

How to Fix Your AutoCAD 2007 to PDF Solid Hatch Problems - select DWG to PDF writer when selecting printer/plotter, Brian Curran, The CAD Setter Out, Mar 2012

Know What Your Plot Will Look Like When You Use Plot Styles - using page setup manager, editing page setup, changing paper space background color in AutoCAD, Paul Munford, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Mar 13, 2012

Learn How to Write Command Scripts for AutoCAD and Automate Your Plotting - defining process, recording steps, creating, testing script file, Paul Munford, CAD Notes, Mar 14, 2012

Convert AutoCAD Plot Styles CTB and STB - using CONVERTCTB, CONVERTPSTYLES commands, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, Dec 22, 2011

How to Turn Off Layers in Your AutoCAD PDF Plots - layer export for AutoCAD's 'EXPORTPDF' command, Paul Munford, Between the Lines, Nov 15, 2011

Some Viewports Turn off When Reach Certain Numbers of Viewports - workaround is setting MAXACTVP variable value to higher number in AutoCAD, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Apr 2011

Working with Layout Tabs - moving through layouts from left to right in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Apr 22, 2011

Create a Scaled PDF of Your Drawing - plotting to PC3 file in AutoCAD, saving layout setup, Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Tips Blog, Apr 1, 2011

Creating PDFs with the AutoCAD DWG to PDF Driver - virtual plotter driver in AutoCAD creates PDF with useful features, Russell Martin, Cadapult, Mar 2011

Creating Metric Drawing Sheets with Imperial Page Sizes - AutoCAD tutorial, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek, Feb 11, 2011

How to Create PDF from AutoCAD with a Single Click - export PDF files from AutoCAD drawings, fine tuning export to PDF process, adjust layer export in the file, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, Feb 22, 2011

Working On Layouts, Pt 17: Printout Scale - we need not have scaled printouts, run the PLOT command, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 9, 2011

Working On Layouts, Pt 16: Toggling Visibility Of Annotative Objects In Model, Paper Space - annotated objects in viewports, operate On/Off button on AutoCAD Status bar, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 8, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 15: Toggling Model, Layout Tabs - hide layouts, model tabs appearing above command line, to make visible choose option from status bar, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 2, 2011

Working On Layouts, Pt 14: Importing Layouts from Templates - select from AutoCAD's file browsing window, putting designs drawing, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 1, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 12: Controlling LINETYPE Scale on Layout - 'ISO' line types in AutoCAD, PLT scale set 1 in viewports, use LTSCALE system variable for changing independently, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 26, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 11 - Controlling Layers in Paper Space - control layers separately for every viewport, specified color will only change layer, transparency valid for selected viewport, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 20, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 9: Adjusting Blocks' Scale for Printout - Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 17, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 8: Adjusting Dimensions to Fit Printouts - using annotate tab, DIMSTYLE command, accessing dimensional style settings, settling with dimension sizes, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 13, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 7: Adjusting Text Scale for Printout - using annotation, creating annotative text object, assigning viewports, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 12, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 6: Adjusting Viewports According to Print Scale - checking annotation, standard, custom scale in AutoCAD 2011, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Jan 10, 2011

Quick Tutorial - Plotting Custom Paper Sizes in AutoCAD for Mac - use PLOT, PRINT command, assign paper size with Manage Custom Sizes, Shaan Hurley, Between The Lines, Jan 7, 2011

Convert Drawing From STB to CTB - AutoCAD tutorial, going from color-dependent plot style template (CTB) to named plot style templates (STB), The Mad Cadder, Jan 4, 2011

Working on Layouts, Pt 4: Using Modify Commands on Viewports - basic AutoCAD viewport modification commands. stretch, copy, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Dec 23, 2010

Working on Layouts, Pt 3: Creating Viewports - AutoCAD tutorial, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Dec 21, 2010

Working on Layouts, Pt 2: Deciding Paper Configuration - AutoCAD tutorial, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Dec 21, 2010

Working on Layouts, Pt 1: Understanding The Difference Between Paper Space and Model Space - AutoCAD tutorial, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Dec 1, 2010

Publish Selected Layouts in a Drawing - Batch Plot command, remove everything from sheet list except what’s needed, unchecking Automatically load… button, Kate Morrical, LT Unlimited, Nov 1, 2010

Need to Batch Plot Your AutoCAD Drawings to Several Plotters at Once? - choosing page setup manager, setting AutoCAD layout to use page setups, adding layouts from other drawings, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Oct 15, 2010

Display Plot Style in AutoCAD Layout - using page setup manager, PAGESETUP command, selecting modify, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, Aug 29, 2010

Comparison of Two Publishing Plug-Ins for AutoCAD - AutoCAD BATCHPUBLISH command, DWG/DXF file extensions, Scott Sheppard, Autodesk Labs, May 31, 2010

Disable the Creation of the PLOT.LOG File - selecting 'Plot and Publish' tab, from 'Advanced Options' dialog unmark 'Create a log file', John Benstead, CADit, May 30, 2010

Scaling in AutoCAD Drawings and Layouts - basics of setting scale for drawings, Gunay Ozmen, Daily AutoCAD, Apr 28, 2010

AutoCAD 2011 Options Dialog - Plot Publish Tab-Final Plot settings - CADDManager, Apr 27, 2010

One-Pick Plotting: As Easy as it Gets exclusive  - learning about AutoLISP with template file provided, creating toolbars, custom commands, toolbar/tool palette images in AutoCAD, Jack Foster, Autodesk University 2009

AutoCAD Plotting Problem - download, update plotter driver, install AutoCAD updates regularly, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Feb 8, 2010

Plotting - Getting it Right - creating construction documents plots in AutoCAD, Mark Kiker, CADDManager Blog, Jan 11, 2010

Horror in AutoCAD - Safe Plot - set LTscale to 1 using command PLO before plotting, Alex Borodulin, NYacad, Nov 18, 2009

Plotting Render and Drawing Together in Layouts - using PAPERSPACE command in AutoCAD, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Sep 17, 2009

Plot Style Tables - explaining types of plot styles in AutoCAD, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Sep 15, 2009

Automate Your Plotting: 'One Touch Plotting' - creating useful page setups, use of PC3, PMP files, CTB or STB dilemma, useful, 'smart' title blocks with or without sheet sets, Jeanne Aarhus, Autodesk University 2008

5 Steps Preparing Your AutoCAD Plot - set drawing unit correctly, setup page, title block, place viewport, set scale, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes, Aug 24, 2009

Publish Collate - setting PUBLISHCOLLATE system variable to get desired PLT, PDF files in AutoCAD, Bryan Tanner, Indydrafter.com, Jul 2, 2009

Troubleshooting Guide for Plotting Raster Images - functions of RASTERPERCENT and RASTERTHRESHOLD variables, raster images control setting for sizing plots in AutoCAD, Justin Ziemba, Being Civil, Apr 10, 2009

Create a Page Setup for Plotting - AutoCAD step-by-step tutorial, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, Apr 15, 2009

Multi-Disciplinary Plotting Made Easy - independent of color, style-based plotting makes references work easy between departments, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek Blog, May 11, 2008

Printing With Title Block and Template - Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Mar 11, 2008

Plot to PDF - plotting single and multiple sheets to PDF in AutoCAD, Ward Romberger, CAD-e-Corner, Sep 5, 2007

Precisely Control the Size of OLE Text and Objects - scaling AutoCAD objects using OLE text size dialog, Ellen Finkelstein.com, June 23, 2007

Carve a Solid With a Surface - using EXTRUDE and SLICE commands in AutoCAD to carve a box, Ellen Finkelstein.com, June 16, 2007

Save Plot Settings to a Layout - save the settings in Plot dialog box in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein.com, May 19, 2007

Advanced Plotting Using Layouts - select the plotter, plot style, managing the layout screen in AutoCAD, Eren Pala, Daily AutoCAD, January 12, 2007

Follow the Plot - tracking the details of AutoCAD plots using "Plot and Publish Details" dialog box or log feature of the PLOTSTAMP command, Chris Lindner, AUGI, January 2007 (may require free registration)

Plot on a Black & White Printer - plotting objects in full black color in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein.com, November 19, 2006

Choosing Plot Controls Color vs Style Dependent Plot Styles - Jim Rogers of CADreps, Hagerman & Company, Inc., September 2006

Plotting Multiple Layouts - publish selected layouts to plot multiple layouts in AutoCAD, Autodesk, July 12, 2006

Create a Plot Style (Color-Dependent) - creating and attaching plot-style table to a layout in AutoCAD, Ellen Finkelstein, CADdigest.com, April 15, 2006

Resolve to Save Your Page Setups! - creating named page setups in AutoCAD and storing them for layouts, Heidi Hewett, AutoCAD Insider, December 30, 2005

Super Previous Plot - a simple code that saves your time while plotting your drawings, Mark Douglas, In The Dynamic Interface, November 14, 2005

No Need to Cross Your Fingers Before Publish - preview your plots using 'Publish sheet preview' in AutoCAD, Mark Douglas, In The Dynamic Interface, October 18, 2005

The Importance of the Insert Units Setting for All Future Drawings - failure to set the proper units may lead to drawings and blocks getting inadvertently scaled up or down with future releases of AutoCAD products, PostalCAD 2005, October 10, 2005

TIPniques: The Power of Page Setups - plotting from within AutoCAD is easy using Page Setups, Mike Perry, AUGI, October 2005 (may require free registration)

Basic Plot Style Tips - create plot style variation by using the Plot Style Manager in AutoCAD, PostalCAD 2005, September 26, 2005

Convert PLT to DWG/DXF - list of some tools to convert plot files into DWG/DXF files in AutoCAD, RK McSwain, CAD Panacea, September 13, 2005

Tipniques : Custom Icons for Tool Palettes - taking a look at plotting individual palette images, Mike DeGraw, AUGI, May 2005 (may require free registration)

AutoCAD DPI to DWF Precision in Metric - a reference table for metric users to help in plot settings, Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines, June 1, 2005

AutoCAD: Using the New PUBLISH Command to Create DWF Files and for Batch Plotting - explores the PUBLISH command and how you can use it to easily create both DWF files and multiple plot, Ellen Finkelstein, Autodesk.com, September 19, 2003

AutoCAD 2004 New Plotting Features - tutorial explores the latest plotting enhancements, including the ability to plot both shaded models and 3D models through layouts, Alireza Parsai, April 22, 2003

Plotting in Style - tips on how to make your AutoCAD drawings look as good as manual drawings, Mark Middlebrook, Cadalyst, April 2003

Plotting with STB Files Instead of CTB Files - streaming video explores plotting with STB files instead of CTB for more control over lineweight, CAD-1, March/April 2003

Plotting from Start to Finish with AutoCAD 2002 - tutorial offers AutoCAD veterans a chance to test their skills on the plotting features of the latest release of AutoCAD, J.C. Malitzke, Autodesk University presentation, December 3, 2002 (pdf)

Using Layout Tabs with CTB Files and Display Plot Styles Turned On - AutoCAD Streaming Tips and Tricks - Jarod J. Schultz, CAD-1, September/October 2002

Setting up a PostScript Plotter - tutorials explains how to add a plotter to AutoCAD to create Encapsulated PostScript files, David Watson, CADTutor

AutoCAD 2000 Plotting Solutions - by Robert Green, CADENCE March 2000

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