Snap, Grips Tutorials
Editing Dimension Objects Using Grips - AutoCAD objects can be modified using GRIPs, dimension value will be instantly updated as you move end points of dimension lines, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, Feb 25, 2011 (more AutoCAD dimensioning tutorials)  

Mid Between 2 Points OSNAP - using AutoCAD commands MTP, M2P to get required mid point, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek Blog, Nov 3, 2008

OTRACK (Object Snap Tracking) - tracking a line's axis along x and y axis and snapping in AutoCAD, Murat Senel, Daily AutoCAD, Aug 21, 2008

Introduction to Object Snap Tracking - drawing circle at intersection of two lines in AutoCAD, Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek, Aug 12, 2008

OSNAPS in AutoCAD MEP 2009 - differences in 2009 software, Beth Powell, May 30, 2008

Common New User Mistakes - OSNAPS - turning running OSNAPS on, off in AutoCAD, Beth Powell, Beth's CAD Blog, May 19, 2008

Lighting Plan Tutorial - using Nearest osnap setting for placing lighting plan symbols in AutoCAD drawing, Kevin McWhirter, Arch Blog, Apr 25, 2008

Speeding up the Drawing by Using Object Snap (OSNAP) - Eren Pala, Daily AutoCAD, Apr 3, 2008

New Object Snaps - using parallel and extension object snaps in AutoCAD, Ward Romberger, CAD-e-Corner, June 19, 2007

All the Right Angles - learning to use AutoCAD's Perpendicular Object Snap in detail, Bill Fane, Cadalyst Management, July 7, 2006

AutoCAD: Function Key and Object Snap Overrides - multimedia tutorial to temporarily override your drafting settings in AutoCAD 2006, Avatech Solutions, April 19, 2006

AutoCAD: Function and Object Snap Override - a multimedia tutorial to list the existing override keys and modifying an override in AutoCAD 2006, Avatech Solutions, January 18, 2006

A Hip Tip on Snapping to Hatches - set the 'OPTIONS' command in AutoCAD to avoid snapping to a hatch pattern, Lynn Allen, Lynn Allen's Blog, December 13, 2005

Object Snap AutoCAD Tutorial - AutoCAD tutorial, Learn CAD Fast, December 17, 2004 (requires free registration)

Object Snaps, the Sequel - AutoCAD tips on using object snap options, Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, September 15, 2004

Object Snaps - Part 1 - an overview of AutoCAD object snaps, Lynn Allen, Cadalyst, August 16, 2004

Basic AutoCAD - Object Snap - tutorial explores the object snap settings, which help accurately draw from specific points, Autocad Central, August 8, 2003

Object Snap - endpoint, midpoint, intersection, auto snap, filters by AutoCAD On-line Tutor