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Major Release of OpenFOAM 3.0.0 - open source CFD software has redesign of component code, more consistency in coding, improved user input, model corrections, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 13, 2015

In Pursuit of the Ideal Mesh - studying three meshes around ONERA M6 wing, comparing their corresponding CFD solutions to empirical data, Zach Davis, Another Fine Mesh, Nov 4, 2015

Analyze the Fluid Flow Inside a Choke Valve - create fluid material, property, apply inlet, outlet, wall boundary conditions, create analysis case, launch analysis using midas NFX CFD, Cyprien Rusu, FEA for All, Nov 11, 2015

Altair Shows off SimLab 14.0's New Meshing Tools and GUI - ability to create automation through the use of templates, updated GUI, Japanese language support, redesigned dialogs, unified interface for both Windows, Linux Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Nov 5, 2015

CFD Prefers NURBS Over STL - opt for best CFD tools to retain analytic geometry, ensure that final generated mesh points are located on true analytic definition, Richard Smith, Symscape, Nov 4, 2015

STAR-CCM+ 10.06 Adds Computational Rheology and Fully-Coupled Fluid/Structure Analysis - ability to simulate fluids that are dominated by diffusion, viscous or viscoelastic behavior, improved UI, fluid-structure coupling, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 29, 2015

DIY CFD - purchasing CFD is hassle free, level of computing power available in today's PCs is comparable to super computers, Richard Smith, Symscape, Oct 22, 2015

Altair, Where Do I Put My Strain Gauge - LW Finder software runs FEA results through algorithm to find optimal locations for strain gauges, predicts standard deviation that gauges encounter before physical testing starts, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 15, 2015

How to Control Your CFD Simulations in Caedium - create residual monitor before running simulation, run single step using simulation control, extend number of simulation steps, interrupting simulation while retaining valid solver state, Richard Smith, Symscape, Oct 14, 2015

How to Control Your CFD Mesh in Caedium - view mesh, apply accuracy tool to geometry, specify mesh size, control number of mesh nodes, diagnose mesh problems, Richard Smith, Symscape, Oct 7, 2015

Overview of Altair's CFD Capabilities Now with FluiDyna and Casting Simulations - access both nanoFluidX, ultraFluidX using HyperWorks Unit licensing tokens, Click2Cast brings simple casting simulations to Altair solidThinking, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Oct 5, 2015

STAR-CCM+ to Get a Lesson in Mixology - joins BHR Group Fluid Mixing Processes (FMP) Consortium to get access to current experimental research on mixing, chemical processes, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 15, 2015

Eight Questions with Cobalt Solutions' Ken Wurtzler - biggest challenges facing CFD in next 3 years, advice for young people entering field today, favorite tools, resources, John Chawner, Another Fine Mesh, Sep 4, 2015

CAESES 4.0 Improves Its Axial Blade Design CFD Software - new button sets blade design view into ZX plane, 2D profiles of blades can also be saved, customized, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Sep 2, 2015

Meshing in Flow Simulation Pt 2 - basic mesh settings, using control planes to control certain regions of basic mesh, Brandon Donnelly, SolidNotes, Aug 27, 2015

Heat Sink Modeling with Autodesk CFD - setting up 'heat sink' module requires to have sufficient volume of fluid at entry plane, exit plane of geometry, Eric Gustafson, IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog, Aug 5, 2015

Flowmaster Adds CAE Integrations for Pipe Stress Predictions - 1D CFD simulation software has improved multi-arm tank component, ability to control parameters from single interface, bookmark function to allow charts to auto-update after each design iteration, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, July 28, 2015

New Flipped Classroom Model Aims to Improve CFD Training - CD-adapco has launched STAR Academy training program to make CFD users familiar with multidisciplinary STAR-CCM+ software, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, July 23, 2015

Meshing in Flow Simulation - stages of meshing in CFD: basic mesh, initial mesh, solution-adaptive mesh, Brandon Donnelly, SolidNotes, July 21, 2015

Simulating Bike Racing Aerodynamics: The Guy Behind You Matters - importance of upstream disturbance, CFD team time trial analysis for Tour de France, car following rider at legal 10 meter distance produces advantage to rider, Roopinder Tara, ENGINEERING.com, July 17, 2015

Expanding the Search for CFD Solutions - broad range of CFD analysis choices, along with open source solutions, are available, but being able to do more types of simulation from familiar environment can provide huge advantage, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, July 1, 2015

Can a Vehicle Following a Cyclist Change the Outcome of Tour de France? - CFD simulations suggest that when car follows cyclist at 5-meter distance, drag reduction gives cyclist advantage of about 24 seconds over car following at 30 meters, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, June 29, 2015

5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Grid Generator - how well preprocessor fits into design, analysis process, handles dirty geometry, how automated is meshing process, Travis Carrigan, Another Fine Mesh, June 22, 2015

Improved Overset Grid and Leap Motion Control for Pointwise CFD Meshing - leap motion sensor in Pointwise 17.3 will allow users to pan, zoom, rotate mesh using hand gestures alone, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, June 8, 2015

Exa's Q1 Up 7% as Reported, Up 18% in cc - total revenue was $14.8 million, up 7%, license revenue was up 5% to $12 million, reported GAAP loss from operations of $1.8 million, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, May 28, 2015

Plug-in How-To - Porting an Existing Plug-in to a New SDK - create plug-in project in new SDK, plugin having same name as existing plugin, copy source, port custom settings, David Garlisch, Another Fine Mesh, May 3, 2015

Altair Invests in GPU-Optimized CFD Simulation Solver - Altair is investing in FluiDyna, can offer its users: ultraFluidX for internal/external/environmental aerodynamics, nanoFluidX for particle-based fluid dynamics, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, May 13, 2015

ESI Goes Big - Data, That is - acquired Picviz Labs will help ESI gain traction for its virtual prototyping offering outside its automotive, aerospace base, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Apr 1, 2015

Exa's Q4 Revenue Up 11%, Won't Quiet Activist Shareholders - revenues from Americas was $4.4 million, up about 16%, Exa has been hiring to support new development, to add sales, services capacity, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Mar 31, 2015

CFD Simulation of Airflow Through Filters in a Dust Collector - as flow rate increases through filters, pressure drop also increases, Richard Smith, Symscape, Mar 18, 2015

ESI Reports Strong Close to 2014, Ends with Growth - total revenue was up 8%, license revenue in Q4 was up 7% y/y, revenue from Americas was down 9% due to shift in focus of services business, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Mar 17, 2015

Top 5 Do's and Don'ts for CFD - do use inflation layers, don't forget about reference pressure, do check global imbalances, use monitor points, watch how steady state model solves, SimuTech Group, Design Engineering, Mar 11, 2015

CFD Analysis of a Homemade Cyclone - as flow-rate increases through cyclone, pressure-drop increases; as flow-rate increases, rate of pressure-drop-increase accelerates, Richard Smith, Symscape, Feb 27, 2015

How to Use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Get Real Answers - use CFD to get sense of what's happening in general, before building anything, take measurements in CFD, use CFD to figure out what's important, what's not, Shuvom Ghose, CAPUniversity, Feb 24, 2015

CFD Analysis of a Blower for a Small Dust Collector - used zero-thickness faces for blades, blade-tip-disks to simplify simulation, Richard Smith, Symscape, Feb 6, 2015

Inegi Uses ProCAST to Manufacture Customized Hip Prostheses in a Cost-Effective Way - simulation of casting process led to better filling sequence, reduced voids in hip prosthetics, CADdigest.com, Feb 5, 2015

Simulation Helps Look Into the Flames - CONVERGE CFD software has chemistry flame propagation model that estimates flame propagation using detailed chemistry in sensible timeframe, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Feb 1, 2015

UrbaWind and UrbaSun, Innovative Software for Smart and Digital Urban Areas - CFD software for wind flow, energy, solar radiation fluxes, energy computation, generates digital maps used to achieve sustainable city planning, eco-districts, green building construction projects, CADdigest.com, Jan 22, 2015

SL RASCH Collaborates with ESI to Achieve Architectural Excellence in Mecca and Medina - shading umbrellas protect faithful at Mecca but flexible, lightweight surfaces presented challenge to analysts seeking to predict survivability in high wind conditions; ESI software used for fluid-structural interaction; ESI CFD was also used to analyze effect of wind on hands of a clock on world's second tallest building, CADdigest.com, Jan 20, 2015

How a Soccer Ball Can Fool a Goalie - The Magnus Effect - pro soccer players are able to kick ball with trajectory that bewilders defenders; spin plus surface of various soccer balls are studied with fluid dynamics software, Ed Fontes, CADdigest.com, Jan 13, 2015

3 Criteria for Assessing CFD Convergence - consider residual values, solution imbalances, quantities of interest, Mike Kuron, ENGINEERING.com, Jan 6, 2015

Exa's Q3 at Low End of Guidance Even with Strong License Growth - total revenue was $16.0 million, up 16% in constant currencies, license revenue was $12.9 million, up 16%, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Dec 4, 2014

Internal Flow with CFD - CFD simulates diverse set of internal flow applications: HVAC, turbomachinery, wind tunnels, electronics cooling, materials processing, Richard Smith, Symscape, Nov 6, 2014

External Aerodynamics with CFD - applications include: calculating lift, drag for aircraft configurations, finessing external shape of car, determining building loads, dispersion of pollutants in air, Richard Smith, Symscape, Oct 22, 2014

Sliver Treatment Strategies for CFD - generate surface mesh to identify sliver, remove sliver by joining it with larger neighbor, else specify inlet boundary condition, specify mesh size constraint to retain sliver, Richard Smith, Symscape, Sep 11, 2014

Overlapping Overset Meshes Open New Prospects for CFD Simulation of Moving Gear Systems - 'volume of fluid' method offers efficient way to study different oil-filling levels in gearbox with respect to their influence on oil flow, on volume fraction of oil on gear flanks, Christine Klier, Design World, Aug 13, 2014

Exa Q2 Revenue Up 17% y/y as Projects Turn into License Deals - total revenue for Q1 was $14.8 million, license revenue was $12.3 million, up 15%, growth was strongest in Asia, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Sep 2, 2014

How to Fix Small Acute Angles for CFD - removing pinnacle of acute angle using simple Boolean unite of box, cylinder, Richard Smith, Symscape, Aug 28, 2014

VP of Altair and President of Visual Solutions Discuss the Simulation Industry - Altair acquired Visual Solutions, suggests simulation before geometry, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, Aug 20, 2014

Small Feature Removal for CFD - identify small features, use another volume like cylinder to remove a small feature, use geometry Boolean unite operation to combine original flow volume, cylinder, Richard Smith, Symscape, Aug 19, 2014

Autodesk Flow Design the Easiest CFD Program Ever - easy to set up, handles wind-tunnel simulation, available for $210/year, Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider, Aug 18, 2014

Speed Up CFD with Symmetry and Cyclic Conditions - assign symmetry boundary condition to each face that represents symmetry plane in model, Richard Smith, Symscape, July 11, 2014

Meet Fuel Mandates with CFD - Model Fuels Consortium helped improve predictive accuracy of combustion simulation, FORTE CFD Package by ANSYS provides tools to create CFD combustion simulations, Bernie Rosenthal, Desktop Engineering, July 1, 2014

ESI's Q1 Down Year/Year, Partly Due to Planned Change in Services - total revenue for FQ1 was down 7% y/y, license revenue was up 2% in constant currencies, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, June 12, 2014

Aerodynamic Optimization with Pointwise and FRIENDSHIP-Framework - role of design variables, optimization algorithm for creation of geometry, application of Gnuplot to generate plots from OpenFOAM results, Glyph scripts to form high quality meshes, John Chawner, Another Fine Mesh, June 9, 2014

CFD of Large Structures for Wastewater Treatment - simulating circular, non-circular, channel distribution chambers, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, June 2, 2014

Give Up Making CFD Meshes - Converge is Better and Faster - uses adaptive mesh refinement to reduce size of elements in critical areas, solves combustion problems with CFD using mesh that refines itself on fly, Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider, June 1, 2014

Exa's Q1 Falls Short - But for a Good Reason - revenue for Q1 was $13.8 million, up 10% y/y, license revenue was $11.7 million, up 9%, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, May 29, 2014

Create the Volume CAD Entity Group - Autodesk Simulation CFD tutorial, Autodesk Knowledge Network, May 20, 2014

Tower Bridge Meets CFD - create good surface mesh to develop successful flow simulation, convert volume mesh to dual mesh to avoid problems related to poor individual elements, Richard Smith, Symscape, May 21, 2014

Workflow Improvements - Inventor Fusion strengthens workflow between CAD, Autodesk Simulation CFD, removes limitations related to direct CATIA v5 CAD launcher, check tips to allocate fully developed boundary condition profile, ways to allot seed points, Autodesk Knowledge Network, May 5, 2014

CFD Software Automatically Models How Moving Parts Affect Airflow - Converge automatically generates meshes, has boundary-embedding tool to specify higher fineness of important shapes in model, adaptive mesh refinement tool for maximum model accuracy, Elisabeth Eitel, Machine Design, May 6, 2014

Local Mesh Refinement, Pt 3 - Simulation CFD - making changes to mesh sizing using tools in Simulation CFD, Eric Schubert, MasterGraphics, Apr 29, 2014

How to Make a Splash in CFD - simulating water droplet falling into pool of water, Richard Smith, Symscape, Apr 29, 2014

CD-adapco Announces Combined CFD/FEA Simulation Platform at Annual Conference - multi-disciplinary design exploration for STAR-CCM+ platform, key features of v9: enhanced CAD, CAE interoperability, constraint management module, flow solvers, turbulence modeling, Tom Lansford, CADdigest.com, Apr 22, 2014

Meshed Up or Messed Up? - root causes of meshing problems, disadvantages of improper meshing, expert-built templates can serve as best practices for nonexpert users, Kenneth Wong, Desktop Engineering, Apr 2014

Automated Creation and Export of CFD Results - performing structural analysis using pressure coefficient from airflow simulation over tensile structure or membrane, Richard Smith, Symscape, Apr 10, 2014

Characterizing the Flow and Choosing the Right Interface - understanding nature of flow, discussing different flow regimes, suitable interface, study type for each, Nancy Bannach, COMSOL Blog, Apr 7, 2014

CFD Analysis of Particle Impingement Causing Pipe Erosion - study found that locations of highest concern in choke valve are needle, valve back side, needle's saddle, Shawn Wasserman, Engineering.com, Apr 2, 2014

Free Surface Modeling in Simulation CFD 2014 - model fluid volumes only, launch model into Sim CFD from tab in Inventor, apply materials, skip boundary conditions, add 'height of fluid' initial condition to reservoir fluid volume, Micro Concepts, Mar 31, 2014

Aerodynamic Performance of a Stationary Bicycle - stationary bicycle doesn't experience any drag force, phenomenon is independent of orientation (angle) of bicycle, Richard Smith, Symscape, Mar 26, 2014

Color Maps, Vectors, Streamlines, Action - learning about surface color map, volume color map, vector, streamlines visualization methods, Richard Smith, Symscape, Mar 26, 2014

Exa: Strong End to FY14 - Optimistic for FY15 - Q4 revenue was $15.2 million, license revenue was $12 million, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Mar 25, 2014

Minimizing Pressure Drop in Cast and Molded Parts - smart optimization technology, adjoint solver, quickly iterates towards optimal solution, solve typical Navier-Stokes equations to determine baseline solution, solve, converge auxiliary field equation, determine sensitivity gradient, Shawn Wasserman, Engineering.com, Mar 18, 2014

6 Things to Consider Before Switching Turbulence Model - poor CFD results could be due to poor CFD results, mesh elements, insufficient mesh resolution in critical flow regions, unconverged results, second order difference scheme, Richard Smith, Symscape, Mar 18, 2014

ESI Ends 2013 on an Up, with Revenue +7% in Q4 - license revenue up 15%, services revenue was down 19%, top 20 clients accounted for 46% of revenue in 2013, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Mar 14, 2014

Shifting the Paradigm of CFD - new technologies help simulate complicated flows with CFD, runtime mesh generation with adaptive mesh refinement is fundamental change in CFD, Kelly Senecal, Desktop Engineering, Mar 1, 2014

Fore: CFD Just Went Mainstream - interview of Luke Mihelcic of Autodesk about standard naming of Autodesk Flow Design, understanding results easily, desktop based solver, handling multi fluids, Scott Moyse, Design and Motion, Feb 17, 2014

5 Tips for CFD Flow Volume Creation - use CAD system to create flow volumes, remove slivers, connect edges, stitch faces, subtract to form flow volume, add inlet, outlet, symmetry faces for internal flow volumes, Richard Smith, Symscape, Feb 18, 2014

Altair Appifies CFD - web-based CFDCalc apps to solve heat sink problems, problem setup is very straightforward, bounded, documented, needs just few inputs, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Feb 11, 2014

Sports, Fluid Flow, and Spheres - studying CFD simulation of flow around sphere, factors affecting trajectory of sphere through air: drag, lift, Richard Smith, Symscape, Jan 30, 2014

CFD Flow Volumes and Solid Models - performing stress analysis on cylinder head solid model, Richard Smith, Symscape, Feb 13, 2014

Simulations Pinpoint Wind Turbine Vantage Points - CFD simulation helps in accurate assessment of wind resources in built-environment, Phys.org, Feb 2014

The Aerodynamics of a Football - STAR-CCM+ simulation software used for CFD analysis of ball flight, Shawn Wasserman, Engineering.com, Jan 31, 2014

Plugin: How to Add Solver Attributes - components of attribute, supported attribute types, specifying range, David Garlisch, Another Fine Mesh, Jan 24, 2014

Laminar vs Turbulent Flow Over Airfoils - turbulent simulation produces more drag than laminar simulation for all angles of incidence, Richard Smith, Symscape, Jan 13, 2014

CFDCalc: The Appification of CFD - browser-based CFD calculator, specifically developed to analyze heat sink, SMX mixer (chemical mixer), pipe performance, running a job costs $60-80, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Jan 22, 2014

Project Falcon Graduates to Become Autodesk Flow Design - easy wizard-like setup, built-in visualization tools, supports simulation input formats like STL, OBJ, DWG, available as monthly or annual rental: $35/user/month or $210/user/year, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Jan 15, 2014

12 CFD Tips for a Productive New Year - understand fluid mechanics, learn through tutorials, keep CFD simulations simplest, create CFD geometry in CAD system that uses analytic representations, Richard Smith, Symscape, Jan 6, 2014

Plugin - How to: Obtaining Face Counts - determine total number of internal faces in unstructured grid, use face streaming to obtain face counts, David Garlisch, Another Fine Mesh, Jan 9, 2014

Simulating a Wind Tunnel in the Garage - free Autodesk ForceEffect Flow app to analyze ski aerodynamics, Shawn Wasserman, Engineering.com, Dec 2013

CFD Simulation Reduces the Complexities of LED Design - design effective heat sink to handle heating issues of LED, Barb Schmitz, 3D CAD World, Jan 7, 2014

Have Yourself a Merry Little Solver - Stallion 3D to simulate Christmas tree pickup drive; UFO-CFD for simulating Santa skydiving for lift, drag analysis, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Dec 23, 2013

8 Questions with Sergey Suchkov of HyperFlow Lab - biggest challenges facing CFD in the next 3 years, current projects in hand, advice for young people entering CFD field, favorite tools, resources, John Chawner, Another Fine Mesh, Jan 2, 2014

Simulation CFD: Mixing Different Fluids - understanding scalar mixing of water vapor into moving air, applying scalar boundary condition, Eric Schubert, MasterGraphics, Dec 19, 2013

CAE Earnings Show fx, Momentum Effects - ESI reported total revenue down 11% in Q3, Exa announced total revenue up 12%, ANSYS reported Q3 revenue of $213 million, up 8% y/y, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Dec 13, 2013

Football and Flying Snakes: A Lesson in Simulation - Project Falcon for studying airflow patterns of Heinz stadium, CFD to study flight pattern of flying snake, Beth Stackpole, Desktop Engineering, Dec 3, 2013

How to Cook a Turkey Like an Engineer? - modeling turkey in FloEFD, calculating airspeed experienced by surface area of turkey, Travis Mikjaniec, Virtual Desktop, Nov 27, 2013

The Power of Simulation Driven by Design - workflows have to be developed that will guide, automate CFD setup, analysis, Jurg Gerber & John Murray, Desktop Engineering, Oct 1, 2013

New Cloud-Based CFD Simulation Toolkit - Ciespace is 100% online, has simulation-specific collaboration workflow, solver is based on OpenFOAM, usage based pricing model, John Hayes, Engineering.com, Sep 17, 2013

ESI Q2: Strong BRIC, Europe Can't Offset Asia & Americas - license revenue was up 5% sequentially, revenues in Americas down 18%, 15% of half-year revenue came from BRIC countries, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Sep 13, 2013

SaaS Redefined: Simulation as a Service (or) Cloud-Hosted Simulation - Ciespace CFD offers cloud-hosted servers, upload model to be analyzed, create nodes when model is online, display results as animation, along with customizable options, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Sep 12, 2013

ESI Q1: Buoyed by BRIC and OpenCFD - license revenue up 6% in constant currencies, up 15% in constant currency in Americas, revenue from Asia down 5%, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, June 17, 2013

New Features and Enhancements in CFD - Autodesk Simulation CFD has mouse navigation feature, new ribbon interface, trigger scripts, mesh adaptation improvements, advanced turbulence models, expanded visualization capabilities, John Evans, AUGI Library, June 12, 2013

8 Questions with Stanford's Juan Alonso - bottlenecks in designing futuristic aerospace systems, releasing 'Stanford University unstructured' suit as open source, list of favorite tools, resources, John Chawner, Another Fine Mesh, June 4, 2013

Exa's Q1 is Back on Track - total revenue for FQ1 was $12.5 million, up 11% y/y, license revenue was $11 million, up 7%, but loses $500,000, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, June 4, 2013

8 Questions with Rex Chamberlain of Tetra Research - challenges facing CFD in next 3 years, career progression, advice for young people entering CFD field, list of favorite tools, resources, John Chawner, Another Fine Mesh, May 28, 2013

ESI Falters, Costs Outpace Revenue at Year End - total revenue up 16%, license revenue up 13%, share price plunged by 17%, pre-tax profit declined by 1.3% in 2013, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Apr 26, 2013

Setting Up a Simple Flow Simulation, Pt 2 - analyze convergence of simulation, check residuals to determine solver iterations, quantity monitor, display velocity magnitude, Gilles Eggenspieler, ANSYS, Apr 16, 2013 

CFD for Design Engineers: Dissecting the Results - creating velocity plane to review velocity distribution in 2D, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Apr 15, 2013

Exa Ends Year on Weak Note, Looks to Growth in F2014 - Q4 revenue was $13.1 million, net loss of $0.3 million, project revenue down 19%, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Mar 28, 2013

Setting Up a Simple Flow Simulation - select appropriate structural design, identify tips related to fluid behavior, mesh requirements, boundary conditions, Gilles Eggenspieler, ANSYS, Feb 27, 2013

MathWorks Expands Functionality, Making Development Easier - updated MATLAB, Stateflow, Simulink platforms: tool strips replace menus, toolbars, file exchange feature to share, download apps for free, Cabe Atwell, Design News, Feb 28, 2013

Introducing CFD to Design Engineers, Pt 1 - common stumbling blocks in pre-processing, analyzing pressure exerted on valve's wall by fluid flow, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Feb 25, 2013

Meshing Your Design for Analysis: Which Path to Take? - determining mesh optimization for CFD, automatic adaptive remeshing, CAE multiphysics analysis, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Jan 1, 2013

ESI Q3: Full Steam Ahead - license revenue up 23%, services revenue up 27%, significant growth noted in Asia, Americas, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corp Hot Topics, Dec 14, 2012

Exa Also Sees Caution, Constrained Spending - total revenue was $12.7 million, license revenue up 5%, reported GAAP net loss of $36,000 for FQ3, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Dec 3, 2012

Multiphysics Software Builds a Better Heat Sink - using COMSOL Multiphysics CFD, heat transfer modules, 'LiveLink for Matlab' for designing, testing possible prototypes, Ercan Dede, Machine Design, Nov 20, 2012

Simulation Mechanical - Export Image and Data to File - export results graph in variety of formats, send to 3 destinations: clipboard, file, printer, John Evans, Design and Motion, Nov 2, 2012

Meshless Computational Fluid Dynamics - Feedback - vendors ANSYS, CD-adapco talk about immersed boundary approach to CFD, Marco Mulas, DEVELOP 3D, Oct 25, 2012

Simulation CFD - Cloud Solver Notifications - system emails status of cloud calculations, John Evans, Design and Motion, Oct 17, 2012

From CAD to CFD in 5 Minutes - import native CAD file, check integrity of solid model, reorganize surfaces, set meshing defaults, mesh model, adjust resolution of surface meshes, Chris Sideroff, Machine Design, Oct 3, 2012

8 Questions with Tecplot's Mike Peery - democratization of CFD, explanation of simulation analytics, advice for young people entering CAE field, John Chawner, Another Fine Mesh, Sep 25, 2012

Exa & ESI: Positive Signs in CAE - total revenue up 9% in July quarter for Exa, ESI acquires OpenCFD, revenues up 22% for Q2, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Sep 14, 2012

Aluminum Casting Simulations - FLOW-3D performs simulation on real 3D geometry, offers closed-loop strategy to manage repeated simulations, Antoni Drys & Stefano Mascetti, Desktop Engineering, Sep 1, 2012

Meshless CFD - XFlow has particle-based, meshless approach to handle traditionally complex problems, automatically adapts resolved scales to user's requirements, CAD User, June/July 2012

Optimizing Fluid System Design with Early CFD - potential business values in early CFD, complementary technologies: 1D, 3D CFD analysis, Evan Yares, Design World, Aug 16, 2012

1D-3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Software is First for Industry - Mentor Graphics integrates highly detailed snapshots of 3D component analysis within 1D system-level models, Paul Fanning, EUREKA, Aug 9, 2012

Simulation CFD - Getting Up to Speed Fast - understanding basic setup workflow, reviewing results, John Evans, Design and Motion, Aug 6, 2012

The Immersed Boundary Approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics - doesn't require mesh generation, increases accuracy by using conservative volume integration in calculation of boundary cells, Marco Mulas, DEVELOP 3D, July 31, 2012

Simulation CFD - Adding Traces to Results - creating analysis plane, adding traces to set, John Evans, Design and Motion, July 30, 2012

Accuracy, Convergence and Mesh Quality - CFD experts on mesh quality, user's perspective, concept of grid validity, 3 types of validity checks, John Chawner, Another Fine Mesh, July 5, 2012

Finding Good Lectures About CFD - series of lectures by Lorena Barba of Boston University provide good insight into CFD, Gilles Eggenspieler, ANSYS, May 11, 2012

Computational Fluid Dynamics Deserves an Oscar - CFD simulations help create real-time special effects in movies, Gilles Eggenspieler, ANSYS, May 2, 2012

CFD Tool Adds Moving Object Simulation - STAR-CCM+ v7 has overset meshes feature to cut down analysis workflow, solution history capabilities, indirect mapped interfaces help users drive CAE from any of CAD environments, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Apr 10, 2012

The Role of Parametric CFD Analysis in Design - understanding 5 important steps: problem definition, dimensional reduction, experimental design, management of CFD simulations, metadata analysis, Scott Imlay, Machine Design, Mar 8, 2012

The Wind-US CFD Analysis Software Package Gets Better - available for free, has improved unstructured solver, additional k-epsilon turbulence models are available, improved chemistry capabilities, Innovative CFD Blog, Nov 19, 2011

Should I Flow with a Recommendation for CFD? - adapting powerful, versatile CFD software brings ROI, justifies cost of not doing CFD, Vikram Vedantham, 3DVision Technologies, Sep 28, 2011

Autodesk Debuts CFD Simulation Tool - Autodesk Simulation CFD includes Fusion to make changes, manipulate geometry, de-feature models for simulation, Beth Stackpole, Design News, Aug 9, 2011

Simulation CFD 2012 - CFdesign Adopted Into the Simulation Family - standard ribbon interface, integrated with Autodesk Fusion, Autodesk Licensing Manager with flexible licensing opportunities adopted, John Evans, Design and Motion, Aug 2, 2011

The Role of CFD in Product Development - Aberdeen study suggests CFD is helping companies find cost-effective solutions during product development process, providing high quality, competitive edge, Michelle Boucher, Desktop Engineering, Aug 1, 2011

Autodesk Launches Its Own CFD Package - Autodesk Simulation CFD offers one-click simulation, has design study automation, remote solving features, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Aug 1, 2011

Finding Discord in CFD with Tecplot Chorus - CFD analytic software in Beta to load analysis results from series of CFD sessions into single environment, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, June 6, 2011

Tecplot Brings a Chorus of Analytics, Data Management to CFD - unified environment for enhanced metadata, flow field analysis, rapid visualization, exploration of surface data, Beth Stackpole, Design News, June 2, 2011

MSC Gets into CFD - In a Big Way - XFlow CFD product is fast, easy-to-use, quick to set up, accurate results benchmarks, rapid solution times, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, May 23, 2011

MSC + CFD = WOW - XFlow is meshless, has particle-based kinetic solver, adaptive wake refinement, Jeff Waters, Life Upfront, May 23, 2011

FloEFD for NX: Mentor Graphics' Pitch for CAD-Integrated CFD - easy-to-use plug-in with intuitive interface, runs fluid flow, heat transfer tests inside NX, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, May 11, 2011

Don't Lose Your Cool with CFD - using bottleneck, shortcut numbers to troubleshoot thermal issues of product design, Byron Blackmore of Mentor Graphics, Desktop Engineering, Apr 1, 2011

Autodesk to Acquire Blue Ridge Numerics for CFD Technology - specialized tools give fluid flow, heat transfer focused users high level CAD integration, SIMULIA to develop own flow solver as part of Abaqus toolset, Al Dean, DEVELOP 3D, Feb 17, 2011

Autodesk Adds CFDesign to Its Quiver - computational fluid dynamics software, new simulation capabilities for effective design process, tools to improve quality, accelerate time-to-market, drive profitability, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics, Feb 17, 2011

Altair Expands Into CFD - acquisition for filling multiphysics capabilities, finite element-based AcuSolve, Altair to hire application engineers, Monica Schnitger, Schnitger Corporation, Jan 12, 2011

Evolution of Analysis - FEA then and now, technology, fluid flow, CFD then and now, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Dec 1, 2010

CD-adapco Claims First in Aeroacoustic Noise Reduction- German automakers used STAR-CCM+ to study effects of wind noise, TenLinks, July 13, 2010

Fluid Dynamics Flowing into Mac OS - EnSight CFD 2.0 software has volume rendering feature, runs as native application in Mac Cocoa, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Mar 16, 2010

Renewable Energy Options Multiply with CFD Solutions - CFD software like NX Advanced Flow, CFdesign helping users analyze air flow around turbine blades, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Feb 1, 2010

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind - CFD, FEA techniques are proving helpful in predicting wind farm's performance, Joel Thakker of IDAC Ltd., CAD User, Oct/Nov 2009

What's the Next Disruptive Technology in CAE? - CFdesign, SpaceClaim offer easy to learn technologies at lesser price than traditional tools, Jeff Waters, lifeupfront.com, Nov 16, 2009

Avizo Wind Software Used to Study the Great Sphinx Erosion - wind and smog contributing to erosion of famous Egyptian monument, CADdigest.com, Oct 15, 2009

Zeroing in on CFD Solutions - CFD vendors are offering appropriate, easy-to-use programs to solve your fluid flow problems, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Aug 30, 2009

Mesh Recommendations for Flow Simulation - provide appropriate value of minimum gap size, wall thickness, custom mesh with narrow channel refinement disabled, dummy body in SolidWorks, Vikram Vedantham, 3DVision Technologies, Aug 20, 2009

How to be Successful with Upfront CFD & FEA - link to articles on implementing upfront CAE, Jeff Waters, lifeupfront.com, Apr 4, 2009

The Right Mix - CFD software embedded in CAD simulates gas mixing process of burner, Ad Heijmans, Mechanical Engineering, Mar 2009

NX Synchronous CAE - Pt 3 - CFD - NX CAE and NX Design Freedom help update CFD model as part design changes, Jerry Sarfati, Siemens PLM Software Blog, Mar 13, 2009

Solving Fluid Pressure Drop in Complex Mechanical Assemblies - examples of complex mechanical assemblies, simplifying fluid flow analyses, Fred Jensen, Desktop Engineering, Feb 2, 2009

FLOW-3D Speeds MEMS Inkjet Development - Kodak using CFD software for development printers meeting time constraints, quality of project, Christopher Delametter, Desktop Engineering, Jan 1, 2009

FieldView Helps Launch a SmartFish - a tuna inspires aircraft design, simulation tools, CNC machines, CFD++, FieldView, Sculptor, Jerry Fireman, Desktop Engineering, Jan 1, 2009

Putting CFD To Work Upfront - human, technical factors, training, specialization, evaluations are responsible for successfully implementing upfront CFD for design engineers, more, Jeff Waters and Ruben Bons,  Desktop Engineering, Dec 1, 2008

CFD Goes Mainstream - examples of increasingly widespread use of CFD, including motorcycle design, CADdigest.com, Aug 4, 2008

Interconnect Helps Efficiency in Clusters - FLUENT demonstrates high parallelism, scalability, takes advantage of multicore HPC clusters, Gilad Shainer, Swati Kher, and Prasad Alavilli, Desktop Engineering, Dec 1, 2008

Getting Specific: Exploring Niche Analysis Software, Pt 2 - Mentor Graphics's FloTHERM.PACKSIM, CD-adapco's STAR-CCM+, DEM Solutions' EDEM, COMSOL's MEMS Module, ANSYS Icemax softwares to predict behavior in CFD, more, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Dec 1, 2008

Modeling Explosions Using Harpoon and FLUENT - using Harpoon's meshing tools, FLUENT solver for CFD analysis for conducting critical virtual test, Richard Bardwell, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2008

First-Pass CFD Analyses: Pt 2 - examples shows applying CFD analysis in early design process leads to valuable innovations, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2008

Choosing a CFD Services Provider - must be reputable, reliable, affordable, able to deal with complicated problems, understanding design concepts as well, Derrek Cooper, The Virtual Engineer, Sep 22, 2008

First-Pass CFD Analyses: Pt 1 - CFD analyses carried out in early design phase help in better product development, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Sep 1, 2008 (more CFD articles)

Let It Flow - Floworks enables you to view graphical representation of flow, can explain complex flow phenomenon through animations, Rajat Trehan, CATI Tech Notes, Sep 2, 2008

CFD-tv A New Way to View CFdesign - technology changing from users manuals to online support, videos with audio, ipods, more for technical support, Derrek Cooper, The Virtual Engineer Blog, July 25, 2008

EFD Updated by Flomerics - EFD fluid flow and thermal simulation product family has new interface, optimized mesher, Vista support, more, Al Dean, Develop 3D, May 6, 2008

Flomerics Optimizes Cool Design - Flotherm CFD software can optimize heat sink design that can cool 2kW of heat, Ralph Remsburg, Desktop Engineering, Apr 1, 2008

Embed With CFD - fluid flow simulation can be applied at every stage of product development, Chris Watson, MCAD Online, Feb 25, 2008

Blue Ridge Numerics Interview - talk about CFD market, increased adoption and integration of CFD with CAD, challenges, more, Al Dean, MCAD Online, Feb 25, 2008

Integrating CFD Into Mechanical Design - integrated CFD tools require less expertise, interact directly with native 3D CAD data, making simulation process efficient, Chris Watson of Flomerics, Industrial Equipment News, Jan 2008

FE Update: How to Clean Up Dirty CAD Models - 'shrink-wrapping' tools help analysis software generate high-quality triangulated surface for faster simulation, Stephen Ferguson of CD-adapco, Machine Design, Jan 10, 2008

In-School Analysis - reviewing issues related to introduction of FEA and CFD applications to school students, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, Jan 2008


Survey Highlights Potential for Increased Use of CFD by Mechanical Design Engineers - 61% of respondents think to improve product performance through CFD if it is embedded in the mainstream application, CATIA Community, May 16, 2007 (requires free registration)

Tying Two Forces - FEA and CFD applications combined in single interface help study of fluid-structure interaction, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, May 2007

Soon We'll Have the First Fluid Dynamics Study of a Hookah - Flomerics is offering its EFD simulation software for teaching and research purposes, Randall, 3D CAD News, April 25, 2007

Flomerics Sees CFD Sales Jump 24% in 2006 - due to growth in analysis software and acquisition of Nika GmbH, Flomerics earned revenues of $27.8 million, Randall S. Newton, CADdigest.com, April 16, 2007

CFD Takes Guess Work Out of Manufacturing Extrusions - CFD helps in die balancing and reverse engineering process to make the die-design tasks time and cost effective, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, February 8, 2007

CFD's Expanding Role - cheaper and faster CFD can be used by a non-expert, connects with MCAD, and is widening its scope of use, Pamela J. Waterman, Desktop Engineering, January 2007

Interview: Flomerics - Ivo Weinhold of Flomerics talks about engineering fluid dynamics, its role in product development process, the challenges, more, MCAD Online, January 15, 2007


Is CFD "Moving to the Left"? - easy-to-use CFD tools are helping design engineers check the design for any error before going into production, Cristiano Sacchi, Novedge Blog, December 6, 2006

Interview: Fluent - Paul Bemis, vice president of marketing for Fluent, talks about ANSYS acquisition, CFD/FEA and CAD integration, FloWizard support for MCAD applications, Greg Corke, MCAD Online, September 14, 2006

Truth, Lies, and Myths About Upfront CFD - Upfront CFD fluid-flow and heat-transfer program has been referred to as "giving guns to children," Jim Spann of Blue Ridge Numerics, Desktop Engineering, June 2006

CFD Shrinks the Thermal Design Process - CFD analysis software like Coolit studies heat flow in compact electronics and suggests heat sink design, Michael Staiano, Desktop Engineering, July 2006

Taking the Heat Out of Electronics - Sherman Ikemoto of Flomerics talks about Flotherm thermal analysis software and managing heat in electronics products with Flotherm, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, July 2006

Supercomputing for Olympics Swimsuit Designs - Speedo uses Fluent CFD program to improve performance of Fastskin performance swimwear for Olympics 2008, Eppie Lee, June 20, 2006, Textile.2456.com

Engineers Can Rely on CD-adapco's Expertise - CD-adapco offers STAR-CAD Series v4.02 products to work with major 3D CAD applications for CFD analysis, SolidWorks Community, June 13, 2006 (requires free registration)

Best Practices for CFD Simulations - use analysis early in design, don't overcomplicate model, airflow before thermal, more, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, June 7, 2006

Interview: Blue Ridge Numerics - Jim Spann of Blue Ridge Numerics talks about upfront CFD, its future, CAD integration, and real time analysis, MCAD Online, May 8, 2006

Keeping Cool - CFD helps electronic engineers to study heat flow as designs get more compact, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, May 2006

Putting the Swerve into Soccer - aerodynamics of the soccer ball, using CFD software, details its trajectory through the air due to its shape, surface and initial orientation, Fluent, May 26, 2006

Tilt the Modules and Shrink the Fans, Says Thermal Software - Coolit CFD thermal and flow-analysis software help in thermal simulation of Honeywell Experion R300 process-control system to avoid overheating of modules, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, May 11, 2006

Designing Muzzle Brakes - US army engineers use CFD to test fire and measure recoil in guns for new combat vehicles, Jerry Fireman & Christoph Hiemcke, Desktop Engineering, April 2006

Perfect Flight at Last - Army High-Performance Computing Research Center tries to simulate hummingbird's flight using dynamic mesh CFD method, Andrew Johnson, Desktop Engineering, April 2006

Shaving Seconds From an Olympic Lid - CFD analysis and reverse engineering using Fluent and Geomagic for British cycling team helmets, Erin Hatfield, Desktop Engineering, April 2006

Ask the Supercomputer - blood, a liquid that contains solids, still requires supercomputers for flow simulation, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, April 2006

Plotting a Championship Kick - George Washington University and USA Swimming are collaborating to study CFD simulation of dolphin kicks to make better swimmers using Tecplot, Barb Schmitz, Desktop Engineering, February 2006

Preparing for a Fluid Simulation CFD - process includes gathering fluid data, importing the CAD model, generating mesh, more, Bob Williams of Algor, Machine Design, March 9, 2006

Simulation Speeds Hovercraft Design - CFD software ANSYS CFX and TURBOdesign-1 helped to achieve the lift and thrust required for the new Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV) hovercraft, John Purnell, Desktop Engineering, February 2006

Medicine's Fluid Dynamics - Fluent, ANSYS CFX, and CD-adapco notice the increasing use of CFD to study the flow dynamics of a variety of medicines in human body, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, January 2006


Joined Up Thinking - CFD integrated with MCAD systems provides new ways of simulation and increases the use of advanced analysis, The Engineer Online, November 15, 2005

Before the Flood - Virginia's Smith Mountain Dam was recertified using CFD simulation, Dan Gessler & Bernie Rasmussen, Desktop Engineering, October 2005

Putting the Spin in CFD - rotating flow applications like COSMOSFloWorks analyze the behavior of rotating components, Arvid Krishnan, Desktop Engineering, October 2005

White Hope - CFD is being used for snow accretion problem on railway tracks by modeling snow movements, The Engineer Online, September 5, 2005

Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Powerful Marine Design Tool - CFD simulates difficult marine engineering problems, Shin Hyung Rhee & Greg Stuckert, Mechanical Engineering, September 14, 2005

Simulating Ice - wind-tunnel testing and computational simulation methods are being used to simulate ice-protection systems and evaluate complete aircraft performance, Mark Potapczuk, Machine Design, August 2005

Harm's Way - researchers at government labs use supercomputers and CFD software to study how gases from bioterrorism threats would disperse, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, August 2005

Taking the Drag Out of the Tour de France - CFD determines that the 2nd bike racer in a team time trial -- such as the one in the Tour de France -- faces 27% less drag than the first, Stephen Ferguson and Ross Zellat, Desktop Engineering, July 2005

Where No Details Have Gone Before - with faster desktop computers and easier-to-use software, designers now use CFD to explore performance on a wide range of new frontiers in aircraft and automotive industries, Pamela J. Waterman, Desktop Engineering, July 2005

Defining Upfront CFD - understanding the needs of CFD customers to help them achieve their goals with upfront analysis, Ed Williams, Blue Ridge Numerics, Desktop Engineering, June 2005

Take the CFD Plunge - various factors related to purchase of CFD software, Pamela J. Waterman, Desktop Engineering, June 2005

Making the Most of Boundaries - Fluid-Structural Interaction - CFD studies the behavior and effects of fluids moving around and through structures, several approaches now make high-end CFD/FEA interaction practical to apply, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, June 2005

CFD Helps Cure Separation Anxiety - unstructured dynamic meshes used to model the behaviour of bombs as they separate from aircraft, Deryl O. Snyder, Machine Design, April 14, 2005

Upfront CFD: How to Grow Its Adoption - analysis vendors are asked what it takes to make manufacturing embrace CFD early in the design, Louise Elliott, May 2005

Flowin' in the Wind - CFD used in design of new Charger race car, Mike Snow, Racing Fan, April/May 2005

Fluid Dynamics Analysis Protects Astronauts - CFD aims to protect astronauts in case ventilation fails, Paul E. Teague, Design News, March 7, 2005


What is the Size of the CFD Market in US, Europe and Worldwide? - readers offer their opinions on the size of the computational fluid dynamics industry, CFD Review, December 13, 2004

CFD Builds a More Efficient Pulp Chopper - computational fluid dynamics tools helped engineers fine-tune designs for a 25% energy savings in recycled paper processes, Machine Design, November 4, 2004

CFD Visualization Helps DaimlerChrysler Return to NASCAR - Michelle Perkins, DigitalCAD, November 5, 2004

Linux Cluster Goes Orbital - engineers at Orbital Sciences turned to a Linux-based cluster computing system to deal with the high-powered demands of computational fluid dynamics applications, Tina Gasperson, NewsForge, September 9, 2004

Formula 1 - Winning Is Everything - Optimal Solutions’ Sculptor computational fluid dynamics software helped an F1 team make quick design modifications on the aerodynamics of a car, CFD Review, September 17, 2004

Research Could Lead to Less Airport Noise - computational fluid dynamics is being used to help reduce noise associated with the takeoff and landing of aircraft, Madison Record, September 2, 2004

CAD-based CFD Attracts Design Engineers - interest in computational fluid dynamics data is leading to software that is easier to use, Louise Elliott, Desktop Engineering, August 2004

Wavebreaking CFD Technology for the Olympics - using cd Adapco's Comet computational fluid dynamics technology, engineers have been able to simulate the influence of moving rowers on the boat, Pro/E Community, August 18, 2004 (requires free registration)

All in the Name of Going Faster - Olympic swimmers in Athens are wearing suits with less drag, thanks to computational fluid dynamics technology, The Globe and Mail, August 16, 2004

Smarter Missiles - computational fluid dynamics tools helped develop a missile control system using flow control actuators and advanced control algorithms, Peter Masi, DE Online, August 2004

CFD Designs on ATEX - computational fluid dynamics is the best tool for predicting ventilation and gas leakage in larger enclosures, e4engineering.com, July 16, 2004

CFD Aids Space Station Lifeboat Design - computer simulation is one major reason why the estimated cost of building the “lifeboat” for the International Space Station is less than one-tenth the cost of previous space vehicles, Brad Eckhardt, CFD Review, July 13, 2004

Fluid Simulations 101 - most engineers are familiar with finite-element analysis (FEA) and its usefulness in structural problems, but they aren't as well versed in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Machine Design, June 3, 2004

CFD in the first Millennium - CFD analysis of furnaces in Sri Lanka, Dr. Gavin Tabor, e4engineering.com, June 3, 2004

CFD Visualization Helps DaimlerChrysler Return to NASCAR - the combination of computational fluid dynamics, advanced visualization and scale-model wind-tunnel development has become the standard process for DaimlerChrysler race programs and commercial cars, Michelle Perkins, Creative Mac, May 12, 2004

Flying with Flippers - applying computational fluid dynamics to the flippers of a scale-model humpback whale reveals the possibility of more efficient wing design for aircraft, e4engineering, May 13, 2004

CFD Simulation Accelerates Development of New Fire Suppression Technology - computational fluid dynamics has greatly shortened the path towards the development of ultra fine water mist fire suppression technology, K. C. Adiga, CFD Review, May 4, 2004

CFD Brings a Better Water Turbine - computational fluid dynamics software that works with an FEA program - both from SolidWorks - allowed consulting engineers to cut the cost of designing a hydraulic turbine by 50 percent, Paul Dvorak, Machine Design, April 15, 2004

Bringing Computational Fluid Dynamics Down to Earth - five steps for designers ready to implement CFD tools early in the product development effort, Product Design & Development, March 2004

Virtual Swimmer Helps Speedo Create a Faster Swimsuit - computational fluid dynamics software maker Fluent and swimwear company Speedo teamed up to develop a "virtual swimmer" that helped them evaluate the drag and fluid flow around swimmers and create a swimsuit as hydrodynamic as possible, CADdigest.com, March 11, 2004

Outreach for CFD - the CFD Outreach Initiative has been organized in the UK to help small- and medium-sized companies receive affordable CFD services, e4engineering, February 19, 2004

Hot or Cold interiors? Software Assures They're Just Right - designers at Delphi-Harrison Thermal Systems have developed a thermal-comfort model that accurately and quickly evaluates automotive HVAC systems, MachineDesign, February 5, 2004

New Algorithm Speeds Fluid Simulations - researchers have developed a geometric cluster algorithm that makes possible the fast and accurate simulation of complex fluid, James E. Kloeppel, e4engineering, January 26, 2004

Better Foam with CFX - a leading maker of polyurethane turned to computational fluid dynamics tools to optimize mold design processes by reducing the number of expensive and time-consuming experiments, Peter Bartsch, CFD Reviews, January 28, 2004

A Visit Inside CD adapco Group Germany - STAR-CD users will soon have the option of trying out new solver software based on computational continuum mechanics, CFD Review, January 16, 2004

NASA Educational Software Helps Students Learn About Aeronautics - a new CD-ROM called "Exploring Aeronautics" teaches children about different tools used in aeronautics, including wind tunnels and computational fluid dynamics, CFD Review, January 14, 2004

Accurate Simulation of Hydrogen Inflator Reduces Air Bag Design Time - engineers at TRW are simulating the complicated reactive flow process in a hydrogen air bag inflator to reduce cost and resolve design issues, Kwen Hsu and Alex Meduvsky, January 5, 2004

Mothballs - fluid dynamics, turbulence, heat transfer and meteorology are among the tools that will be deployed in a series of tests to help understand how pollution and heat behave at street level so that more effective ventilation methods can be developed, e4engineering, January 6, 2004


Optimizing Santa's Rapid Delivery Vehicle - Santa's sleigh shakes off aerodynamic drag with help from computational fluid dynamics, John Stokes, CFD Review, December 22, 2003

CFD Investigation of High-Pressure Biotechnology - engineers in Munich are investigating the effect of fluid dynamics on bacteria during high-pressure food processing, Christoph Hartmann, CFD Review, December 19, 2003

Viennese Whirl - CFD software has been used to improve upon a  revolutionary propeller design first introduced some 80 years ago by a Viennese inventor, Jon Excell, e4engineering, December 4, 2003

How Does Your Fluid Flow? - 30 years ago, CFD was mostly an academic tool, but now doctors and engineers wonder how they lived without it, Jean Thilmany, Mechanical Engineering, December 2003

CFD Shortens Fan Design Time - the time to design industrial fans was cut by one-third by using the computational fluids dynamics tools,  CFX-BladeGen, CFX-TurboGrid, CFX-TASCflow, Chris Robinson and Peter Came, CFD Review, December 4, 2003

Simulation Reduces Manufacturing Costs - computational fluid dynamics tools greatly reduce design cycle time, compared with traditional design methods, which often require as many as seven prototypes to get the design right, Wei Li, Desktop Engineering, October 2003

How Hot Is That Chip? - AMD deployed thermal and stress simulations to save time and cost in designing a new chip, Bau-Min Liu, Desktop Engineering, September 2003

A Landmark in Simulation - to build one of the largest statues of the Buddha in the world, computational fluid dynamics tools were used during the preliminary design phase to determine the effect of extreme wind loads on the structure, Nick Waterson, CFD Review, October 28, 2003

Solving Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics by Means of the PHOENICS Software Package - organizing of inverse problems' solution on the basis of the automated fitting technique are proposed, Yury Matsevity, SoftInWay, October 22, 2002

2nd AIAA CFD Drag Prediction Workshop - papers from June conference available online, NASA LaRC, October 20, 2003

Pulmonary CFD Modeling - computational fluid dynamics tools are being developed in a project whose goal is to provide complete simulation of the human respiratory system, CFD Review, October 15, 2003

More than a Load of Hot Air - a new simulation system developed by Delphi links CFD calculations on air flow and temperature distribution with a computer model of the thermo-regulation of the human body to help make next-generation cars more comfortable and efficient, e4engineering, October 9, 2003

CFX Aids Design of World's Most Efficient Steam Turbine - CFX-TASCflow software enabled engineers to visualize the flow inside a Siemens steam turbine with a minimum amount of model tests and set a world record of gross efficiency, Mathias Deckers, CFD Review, October 10, 2003

What Auto Can Learn From Aero: Simulating Without Prototypes - at Boeing, virtually all of the company’s aerodynamic modeling is done without a wind tunnel and physical models are increasingly less necessary, Larry Gould, Automotive Design and Production, October 2003

Modeling Abrupt Wing Stall - a team of scientists and engineers from NASA has conducted high-speed wind tunnel tests, hundreds of CFD calculations and both piloted and un-piloted simulations to solve the problem of abrupt wing stall in supersonic aircraft, CFD Review, October 9, 2003

Bringing Simulation Closer to Reality - how computational fluid dynamics is bringing benefits to packed bed catalytic reactors, David Kinnear, e4engineering, October 6, 2003

CFD Used in Redesigning Shuttle Tank for Safety - computational fluid dynamics is being put to work to help eliminate known problem areas on the shuttle tank where foam comes off during flight, CFD Review, October 2, 2003

CFD Optimization of Inhaled Therapies - a computation fluid dynamics tool is being used to simulate the flow of air and inhaled drugs to help improve lung treatments, Keith McCormack, CFD Reviews, September 25, 2003

CFD Used In Sonic Boom Test Program - engineers are using computational fluid dynamics to develop advanced technology for low-boom supersonic aircraft and for flight verification that the shape of a sonic boom can be controlled by proper configuration of the aircraft, September 23, 2003

Immersive 3D Visualization Maximizes CFD Return on Investment - the use of computational fluid dynamics  requires significant investment and expertise, but the potential return on investment (ROI) from CFD analysis is well documented, Karen Ringel, CFD Review, September 22, 2003

Here's How a Team of Design Engineers Improved the Performance of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - with a mission to improve engine operability and efficiency of the F-35 JSF, Lockheed Martin developed a new data acquisition system to perform critical analysis of the engine inlet air flow, Michael Fortenberry, Dave Scheibenhoffer and Armando Valim, Desktop Engineering, August 2003

Assessing Wind Power Potential of a Site with CFD - computational fluid dynamics analysis of wind conditions allowed the construction of wind potential maps, Christiane Montavon, CFD Review, September 9, 2003

Heat Transfer 101 - heat transfer gets a bad rap for being more esoteric than structural analysis, perhaps because heat-transfer problems involves less intuitive terms, such as Btu, specific heat and film coefficients, Machine Design, August 7, 2003

Preserving the Domus Aurea with CFD - computational fluid dynamics software is being used to help preserve a Roman architectural treasure built in Rome by Emperor Nero in 64 AD., CFD Review, August 18, 2003

New Developments in CFD Extend Application to Pelton Turbines - using CFX-5 software, VA TECH HYDRO has built up wide-ranging expertise in the simulation of unsteady free surfaces in Pelton turbines, Etienne Parkinson, CFD Review, August 15, 2003

CFD Helps Engineers Improve Ferrari Formula One Aerodynamics - FLUENT simulation software helps engineers at Ferrari make major improvements to the aerodynamics of a Formula One vehicle, Francis T. Makowski, CFD Review, August 13, 2003

CFD Helping Yacht Design for America’s Cup - CFD analysis, based on potential flow results using the CFD code Comet from the CD adapco Group, is helping a German team gear up for competition, CFD Review, August 6, 2003

Simulating Flowfield Around Helicopters - although CFD (computational fluid dynamics) has long been at the heart of helicopter design, new flow field simulation technology is needed to handle the transient affects associated with rotor motion, Kaven Naidoo, e4engineering, July 24, 2003

CFD Provides Insight Into Pulse Turbocharging - using STAR-CD's moving mesh capability, a mesh has been built enabling turbine rotation to be modeled and the effect of the pulse waves on turbine performance to be measured, CFD Review, July 25, 2003

CFD Used to Study Tacoma Narrows Currents - engineers are using flow analysis tools to understand the tricky currents affecting the construction of a bridge spanning the Tacoma Narrows, CFD Review, July 23, 2003

Submarine Periscope Plume Modeling - flow analysis software is being used to design periscopes that create as little water disturbance as possible, Paul Steer, July 11, 2003 

June 2003

CFD Simulation Helps Reduce Diesel Engine Soot - STAR-CD software, from the CD adapco Group, is helping Finnish engineers measure fluid flow in diesel engines to improve performance and reduce emissions, CFD Review, June 24, 2003

Researchers Use CFD to Examine Artificial Heart Valves - researchers at Georgia Tech are launching the first comprehensive attempt to develop advanced CFD techniques and apply them in conjunction with experiments to study blood flow turbulence in heart valves, CFD Review, June 11, 2003

May 2003

CFD Demonstrates Safety of Nuclear Waste Facility - computer simulation helped engineers demonstrate that benzene mixing within a large vapor space would proceed quickly enough to prevent the formation of a significant volume of gas above the lower flammability limit, Ronald Graves and Kelly Thomas, CFD Review, May 16, 2003

Computer Simulation Helps Engineers Improve Ferrari Formula One Aerodynamics - engineers used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to quickly incorporate a new roll-hoop structure for improved safety, Francis T. Makowski, MCADCafe, May 1, 2003

April 2003

CFD Assists Nozzle Propeller Design - CFX-TASCflow software was deployed to help with the analysis of flow behavior for a propeller design project, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud and Hans-Jürgen Heinke, CFD Review, April 2, 2003

CFD Software Makes Waves in the America's Cup - using the computational fluid dynamics software FLUENT and other CFD tools has enabled Swiss designers to analyze hydrodynamic and aerodynamic flows and even yacht/yacht interactions, CFD Review, April 1, 2003

March 2003

Navy Successfully Simulates Effect that May Improve Low-Speed Maneuverability - the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) has successfully simulated the Coanda effect using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), a feat that may help improve low-speed maneuverability of ships and planes, Joseph Slomski and Tom Marino, CFD Reviews, March 27, 2003

CAD/CAM Design Technology Is Beneficial in Reducing Thrombus Formation - CAD and computational fluid dynamics tools have helped design a blood pump chamber that reduces the occurrence of blood clots in an artificial heart, Heart Disease Weekly (hosted on Design News), March 23, 2003

Validating CFD with Tomography - converting from axial to radial flow was one company's solution for reducing the pressure drop across a reactor and to increase energy efficiency, Dr. Mike Spear, e4engineering.com, March 12, 2003

Forest Fire Management Using STAR-CD - engineers and scientists at the U.S. Forest Service’s Fire Sciences Laboratory are using STAR-CD computational fluid dynamics software to better understand how to contain and minimize forest fire spread, Stephen T. McIlwain and Kevin Jones, CFD Review, March 5, 2003

February 2003

Interiors Go With the Flow - engineers designing the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas are using computational fluid dynamics tools to create a comfortable environment for visitors, Alan Joch, Architectural Record, February 2003

CFD Improves Ultra High Fuel Economy Vehicle - CFX software helped improve the aerodynamic design of a car entered in the Shell Marathon competition, Antonio M.G. Lopes and Petro de F.V. Carvalheira, CFD Review, February 20, 2003

CFD For Gas Turbines Made Easier -  the CD adapco Group claims to have solved the problem of CFD mesh generation for gas turbine design with a new software tool, es-turbo, CFD Review, February 4, 2003

January 2003

CFD Improves Irrigation Components - engineers used computer simulation from Fluent to reduce the pressure loss in golf course irrigation components by more than 50 percent, Mark Ensworth, CFD Review, January 20, 2003

CFX makes a Big Bang in Aero-Acoustics - CFX is among the partners in a project to develop software tools for the simulation of fluctuating flows, with a focus on flow-induced acoustics, Christiane Montavon, January 8, 2003

December 2002

CFD Provides Value to Solutia - CFD technology has helped Solutia and Monsanto to reap many benefits, Dave Davidson, CFD Review, December 19, 2002

The First Indian CFX Conference a Success -  the first Indian CFX Conference, held in Bangalore, India, December 2-5, offered workshops, technical papers and a variety of sessions on CFX software, CFD Review, December 13, 2002

November 2002

Scanning Technology Enables CFD at Reynard - Reynard Motorsport is using computational fluid dynamics to design faster motorcycles, CFD Review, November 25, 2002

CFD Helps Wright Brothers Fly Again - Gridgen from Pointwise, Inc is the CFD tool used in the Wright Again project for kids, which will virtually recreate the development and construction of the 1903 Wright Flyer on the Web, CFD Review, November 19, 2002

CFD Aids Development of New Casting Process - new materials and coatings and newly acquired expertise in cooling and automation are making the production of metal strip more cost-efficient, Thomas Staubli and Antonio Di Miele, CFD Review, November 15,  2002

CFD Helps Optimize Design of Innovative Rocket Motor - computational fluid dynamics tools enhanced a motor design project by allowing engineers to explore different design alternatives without the cost and time involved in building and testing a prototype, Chuck Margraves, CFD Review, November 13, 2002

October 2002

How CFD Streamlines Fluid Designs - fluid-analysis software enables engineers to see inside products to spot and solve flow problems, Mark Kacik, Machine Design, October 24, 2002 (pdf)

CFD Powers Fuel Cell Development - STAR-CD computational fluid dynamics software is helping University of South Carolina researchers make great strides in fuel cell research, CFD Review, October 25, 2002 

Where the Plumes Go - computational fluid dynamics helps in controlling hot exhaust, one of the critical design elements in airplane construction, Chen Chuck and Douglas R. McCarthy, Mechanical Engineering, October 2002

CFD Improves Freezer Design - using FLUENT CFD software, researchers have improved the performance of ice cream freezers, CFD Review, October 2, 2002

September 2002

CFX Aids Development of Wind Tunnel - an engineering firm saved time and costs in developing a 100-meter long wind tunnel by using CFX computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software instead of physical testing, CFD Review, September 30, 2002

Moving Simulation from the Sidelines - implementing analysis early in the conceptual stage - rather than treating it as a separate, end process - can shorten time to market and lower product development costs, John Krouse, Engineering Process Journal, September 2002

Diesel Breeding - a Wisconsin engineer is using computational fluid dynamics, visualization tools and genetic algorithms to reduce engine emissions and improve fuel efficiency, Mechanical Engineering, September 2002

Passenger Thermal Comfort Model Helps Optimize HVAC Systems - a new virtual thermal comfort engineering model offers a much faster and cheaper method for HVAC testing than the traditional prototypes in wind tunnels, Lin-Jie Huang, CFD Review, August 30, 2002

A Visit Inside CFX Engineering Software - offers a sneak preview of new products from a leading computational fluid dynamics software developer, CFD Review, August 26, 2002

Grid Computing: More Power to You - grid technology, which can greatly enhance computing power, may be the key to better-engineered designs, Alan Joch, DE Online, August 2002

Endangered Fish Benefit from CFD - computational fluid dynamics is being used to reduce fish mortality associated with a hydroelectric project, CFD Review, August 7, 2002

Visualization Provides A Deeper Understanding of Complex Data - Virtual Vantage visualization software from Fuel-Tech N.V. helps to interpret complex data sets, such as computational fluid dynamics results, CFD Reviews, July 30, 2002

Coupled 1D-3D Analysis Improves Engine Design - BMW uses FLOWMASTER2 software to simulate and engine cooling systems, CFD Review, July 26, 2002

CFD Speeds US Navy Aircraft Modifications - using the programs Gridgen and Overflow to enhance the performance of the Navy's electronics surveillance workhorse, the E-2C Hawkeye, CFD Review, July 22, 2002

CFD Makes for Long Drives - scientists at Spalding Sports Worldwide are using computational fluid design fluid flow simulation software from Blue Ridge Numerics to better determine which new designs will go the distance, CFD review, July 17, 2002

Viewing a Fluid World - the challenge of simulating a gear pump is that the walls containing the fluid flow are continually moving, requiring that the shape of the CFD mesh change as well, Rob Broberg, Design Engineering, June 17, 2002

How Do We Make Our CFX Models and Results Available to our Project Partners? - how analysts may collaborate during a project, Frederic Aguile, and Alain Quinqueneau, CFD Review, April 12, 2002

A Case for Application-Specific CFD Meshing - changes that would make CFD more usable for designers, CFD Review, April 11, 2002

Project Integration Architecture (PIA) and Computational Analysis Programming Interface (CAPRI) for Accessing Geometry Data From CAD Files - Theresa L. Benyo, NASA Glenn Research Center, March 2002 (pdf)

Do GUIs Help or Hurt? - have improvements in the ease of use in CFD programs made them too easy to use? CFD Review, Feb 12, 2002

Watching the Wind Blow - computational fluid dynamics programs are often thought of as cumbersome and erratic but can still be cost effective in the automotive industry when compared to model testing, Automotive Design and Production, Jan 2002

CFD: Not Just for Experts Anymore -  design engineers can produce better products by understanding the effects of fluid flow around and through their products, Barb Schmitz, Desktop Engineering, Dec 2001

Filling in the Blanks - General Motors uses fluid flow and heat transfer simulation in vehicle analysis, Vijay Damodaran and Shailen Kaushik, Mechanical Engineering, Sep 2001

Dodge is Back - Mopar rejoins Winston Cup with a car borne of digital model assembly (DMA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Popular Mechanics

Ferrari Designs a Winner - improvements in engine, aerodynamics and design software help Ferrari make Formula 1 race car, Design News Online, May 2001

Optimizing Swimming Strokes with CFD Computer Simulations   Fluent Inc, August 2000

Eight Tips for Improving Integration Between CAD and CFD - by Scott Gilmore, Desktop Engineering, May 2000

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