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Showing Off Your Products - 3D Technical Product Communications - improving product documentation using 3D CAD assets brings significant benefits to company, Jim Brown, Tech Clarity, Mar 10, 2011

The Business of 3D Technical Communications - 3D product communications provide operational and strategic benefits, improving engineering, technical documentation efficiency, Jim Brown, Tech-Clarity, Mar 2011 (may require free registration)

The Help File - SolidWorks no longer ships with a users guide, and to make matters worse the help files often aren't much help, Tom Devlin, SOLID Solutions, November/December 2002

 The State of Documentation, Part 3 - examines the main types of software documentation - from manuals to animated demos - and analyzes the usefulness of each format (part 3 of 3), Bonnie Roskes, October 16, 2002

The State of Documentation, Part 2 - explores the reasons - and offers some solutions - to the sorry state of CAD software documentation (part 2 of 3), Bonnie Roskes, October 15, 2002

  The State of Documentation, Part 1 - it's not widely discussed, but CAD software documentation and training is an important issue that affects nearly everyone in the CAD industry (part 1 of 3), Bonnie Roskes, October 14, 2002

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