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SUN PCs and WorkstationsReviews
  • Workstation Reviews - Sun Ultra 40 M2, Fujitsu Siemens Celsius M450, Rock XtremeCTXPro, Lenovo ThinkPad T60p, Greg Corke, MCAD Online, April 19, 2007
  • Sun M2: Mission Accomplished - fitted with twin dual-core processors and NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 graphics card, Ultra 40 M2 is a big, powerful and quiet system -- but costly, Mark Clarkson, Desktop Engineering, March 2007
  • Sun Microsystems Ultra 20 M2 - a quiet workstation, uses NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics cards, suitably priced but Windows doesn't come pre-installed, Patrick Davis, Cadalyst, March 1, 2007
  • A Server on Every Desk - Sun Ultra 40 M2 workstation can run CAD and CAE applications simultaneously without loss in performance, Michael Schulman & Michael Burke, Desktop Engineering, February 2007
  • Sun Ultra 40 - Ready for Heavy Work - suitable for running high-end MCAD/MCAE applications, this impressive workstation is fitted with twin, dual-core 2.4GHz Opteron 280s and 8GB of ECC DDR-SDRAM, Mark Clarkson, Desktop Engineering, June 2006
  • Hardware Roundup - Workstation Reference Guide - looks at workstations - both high-end and low-end - most suited for MCAD purposes, Alexandra Pratt, Inventor Connections, October 5, 2004 (requires free registration)
  • Faster [And] Faster Go the Workstations - a look at the latest trends in CAD/CAM hardware and reviews of Silicon Graphics Inc.'s 64-bit workstations; Sun Microsystems' Sun Blade 2000 and its PCI III co-processor card; HP's xw4100, zx2000 and zx6000 workstations; and IBM's IntelliStation Pro and Power workstations, Larry Gould, Automotive Design & Production, July 2003
  • Sun Fire V880z - new high-end visualization server from Sun covers all the bases, from design review and virtual prototyping to data visualization and interpretation, Greg Corke, CADserver, August 5, 2003
  • Most Impressive Part of Sun Blade Is Price - review of the Sun Blade 100, an entry-level Unix workstation, Jason Brooks, eWeek, February 26, 2001
  • The Best of 2000 - PCs - PC Magazine's Best of 2000 includes the Sun Ray 1, Bill Machrone, PC Magazine, January 2, 2001
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