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Vidar ScannersReviews
  • Wide-Format Devices Revisited, Part 2 - Vidar's Titan H36 is 36" color and monochrome scanner, available in 5 models, Sara Ferris, Cadalyst Management, May 10, 2006
  • Input and Output Tools Get A New Look - a roundup of the latest scanners and print-head plotters, with advice on choosing the right model for a particular engineering application, Alan Joch, Desktop Engineering, August 2003
  • Full Colour Scanning - large-format scanners, Vidar's Titan IV and HP's cc800ps, offer scanning, copying and printing solutions at an attractive price, CADserver, November 2002
  • Tech Trends: Scanners - advice on choosing a wide-format scanner, Cadalyst, September 2002
  • Get the Big Picture—Large-Format Scanners - VIDAR's TruScan Surveyor, aimed mostly at GIS and mapping applications, offers great color and dimensional accuracy and excellent software, Michael Lennox, Cadalyst, July 2001
  • Scan-to-Print Solutions for CAD - the 42-inch Vidar TruScan Atlas gets 4 out of 5 stars from Peter K. Sheerin, CADENCE, August 2000
  • Color Scanners for CAD - the TruScan Atlas Plus offers solid hardware and exceptional software, Peter K. Sheerin, CADENCE, July 2000 
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