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  • A Couple of Cool Tools for Designers - MechSoft automatically creates mechanically correct engineering components as an add-on for a number of solids modelers; Lattice3D applications can exchange 3D content over the Internet to allow users to interactively view that 3D content on the Web or in software applications from Adobe, Microsoft and others, Larry Gould, Automotive Design & Production, May 2004
  • MechSoft for Inventor Series - provides calculations, a calculation-driven parts generator and online engineering reference information supporting the calculations that can greatly reduce design time, Terry Awalt, Hagerman & Company, May 2003
  • NDES 2003 - highlights of the recent conference, with a look at some of the new CAD players who demonstrated their wares, Joe Greco, CADENCE MCAD Tech News #92 (March 13, 2003)
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