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FloTHERM XT Release Includes Parametric Studies and Joule Heating - improvements to import, manipulation of boards, components layouts, EDA integration with ODB++ interface, new modeling options for representation of copper nets, Shawn Wasserman, ENGINEERING.com, June 3, 2015

Flomerics EFD Lab v. 9 Features New Parallel Solver - tool, features for solving and predicting engineering fluid dynamics problems, John Myers, Green Building Community, Aug 25, 2008, requires free registration

Software Takes the Heat Off Electronics - Flotherm Version 7.1 can simulate heat flow and correct thermal problems, more, Michael Palis, Machine Design, Sep 12, 2007

Speed Thermal Design Using Compact Models - Agilent uses Flomerics to predict performance of semiconductors, Sherman Ikemoto, Desktop Engineering, October 2005

Getting a Bit Heated? - Flomerics’ Version 5 software combines all major analysis tools involved in the physical development of electronic products, CAD User, October/November 2004

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