ICEM StyleReviews
  • Interaction is Key - ICEM Shape Design integrates with CAA V5 environment for surface modeling, removing the need of additional step of data translation, Neil McLeod, Desktop Engineering, January 2007
  • Review: ICEM Style - new styling and concept development application, Al Dean, CADserver, October 19, 2004
  • Reaching Planet Stylist - ICEM Style is a new concept design tool to speed vehicle development by translating stylists' sketches directly into engineering data, Kermit Whitfield, Automotive Design and Production, July 2004
  • Doing It in Style - ICEM Style, a new stand-alone surface modeling tool that integrates with ICEM Surf, is designed to help move designers from clay model iterations to digital design, Charles Clarke, e4engineering. June 10, 2004