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MSC.Dytran Reviews
  • Getting Specific: Exploring Niche Analysis Software - NEi Nastran, PAM-CRASH 2G, Abaqus FEA, HyperSizer, Dytran, NISA/ROTOR, ALGOR's PipePak software offering analysis solutions from composites to piping, Pamela Waterman, Desktop Engineering, Nov 1, 2008
  • Human Factors Engineering - reviews of virtual prototyping tools, including: ENVISION/ERGO, SAFEWORK, PAM-CRASH, PAM-SAFE, MSC.Dytran 2004, SEAM, LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration, Virtual.Lab Desktop, ManneQuinPRO, Jack, VirtualHand for Design and VirtualHand for DMU, Joe Greco, Cadalyst, July 1, 2004
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