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How to Set Up Ruby Extensions in SketchUp - log-in as admin, access preferences dialog box, turn on extensions, select 'install extension' button, set up Ruby zip file, Rajib Dey, SketchUp Ur Space, Aug 2015

Is Autodesk Trying to Take Out SketchUp? - like SketchUp, Autodesk FormIt is easy-to-use, real solid modeler but SketchUp claims to enjoy immense following, insurmountable lead in AEC market, Roopinder Tara, ENGINEERING.com, June 29, 2015

SketchUp Toolbar Series: Move - 'click to start, click to stop' method, preselect object with selection arrow when using move tool, right click in blank area of screen to clear selection, YouTube, June 15, 2015

How to Create SketchUp Topography - import Google map into project, create grouped rectangle that covers entire site, unlock, explore imported terrain, move grouped rectangles over terrain before deleting slicing panes, Designer Hacks, June 1, 2015

SketchUp Tips for Interior Designers - interior design field tips relating to groups, components, layers, 3D warehouse, material/textures, navigation, extension warehouses, Joshua Cohen, YouTube, June 8, 2015

Six 'Rules for Success' for SketchUp Beginners - always work with components, work in SketchUp as you would in shop, draw in place, draw once, make as many copies as you want, type exact values needed, use guidelines, inferences, David Heim, SketchUpdate, May 27, 2015

Component Swapping into LayOut Templates - quickly create identical presentations for multiple, similar models in SketchUp, YouTube, May 12, 2015

Using Scenes and Layers to Explore Room Design Options - different ways of arranging furniture, accessories in room, YouTube, Apr 28, 2015

3D Printing Lego Bunkbeds, Modeled in SketchUp - modeling Lego-compatible toy bed that can stack into bunkbeds, using extension that converts from SketchUp to STL, YouTube, May 1, 2015

SketchUp Skill Builder: Creating LayOut Patterns - LayOut feature in SketchUp Pro can fill shapes with patterns, YouTube, Apr 28, 2015

Microsoft to Bring Immersive 3D to AEC Models with HoloLens and SketchUp - holographic computer headset runs on Windows 10; Trimble V10 Imaging Rover will capture 360-degree digital panoramas, transform into data-rich geospatial deliverables, Kagan Pittman, ENGINEERING.com, May 1, 2015

SketchUp Skill Builder: Creating Patterns with Components, Pt 1 - YouTube, Apr 16, 2015

SketchUp Skill Builder: Create Patterns with Components, Pt 2 - using mirrored components, YouTube, Apr 20, 2015

The How to on SketchUp Complex Curves - Q&A - creating complex curves present at Sakirin Mosque, Designer Hacks, Apr 7, 2015

Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp - easy-to-use, quick, efficient tool for early conceptual MEP design, enables easy collaboration, great 3D MEP solution for under $1,000, Shaun Bryant, AEC Magazine, Mar 18, 2015

SketchUp Gets Extreme with Skatepark Designer Dug Ketterman - Q&A about skatepark design, SketchUp extensions, organizing models, advice to aspiring SketchUp users, Stephen Grant, SketchUpdate, Mar 24, 2015

SketchUp Skill Builder: How to Install an Extension - visit window menu to open extension warehouse, enter extension name in search button or browse available extensions from top developers, sign in to manage extensions, YouTube, Mar 10, 2015

SketchUp Skill Builder: Tip for Editing Components - go to view menu, component view to hide rest of model or similar components that may come in way while editing components, YouTube, Feb 16, 2015

SketchUp Skill Builder: Applying Materials to Components - select default material inside grouper component to paint them with different color, YouTube, Feb 23, 2015

SketchUp Multi-Tool Personalities, Pt 1 - automatically trim corners with arc tool by double clicking immediately after drawing arc, pick vantage point in SketchUp, create view looking towards specific location in model using position camera tool, Josh Reilly, SketchUpdate, Feb 11, 2015

How to Install SketchUp - double click on the install file, make sure verified publisher is Trimble Navigation or Google, grant installer permission, setup wizard initiates after install files are unpacked to computer, Designer Hacks, Jan 15, 2015

Reimagining the Veterans Memorial Tunnels - landscape designer Jon Altschuld talked about SketchUp help in decision-making process, communicating/collaborating with other colleagues, SketchUp extensions used, transition from SketchUp model to final Vue renderings, Josh Reilly, SketchUpdate, Jan 13, 2015

The Value of Clean Modeling - finding, fixing flaws in Shaker trestle table model using SketchUp, David Heim, SketchUpdate, Dec 22, 2014

New SketchUp 2015 Announced - Q&A with John Bacus of Trimble about IFC import feature in SketchUp 2015, faster core modeling performance, Ruby API enhancements, Susan Smith, AECCafe Blogs, Dec 17, 2014

Trimble Connected- Bacus Discusses SketchUp 2015 and Growing Trimble Roles - John Bacus of Trimble talks about releasing 2 SketchUp updates in one single year, Trimble viewing SketchUp from point of view of BIM transformation within AEC, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Dec 8, 2014

3 Things SketchUp Users Need to Know When Using a 3D Mouse - learn to set up, customize 3D mouse, pick right 3D mouse for needs, 3DxBlog, Nov 26, 2014

Trimble Looks for AEC Efficiencies Through Collaboration - Trimble Connect offers cloud-based platform for strategic collaboration in construction, operation of buildings, Kathleen Maher, Graphic Speak, Dec 1, 2014

Trimble Dimensions 2014 - keynote speech by CEO Steven Berglund at annual user conference, SketchUp 2015 released, MEPdesigner extension for SketchUp Pro was introduced, Michael Anonuevo, CADdigest.com, Nov 11, 2014

Interview with Warunyoo Songkran - An Environmental Engineer and Manager of Virtual Design and Construction at Premier Energy - challenges of implementing SketchUp in all stages of construction projects, 3d construction modeling, relation between SketchUp, BIM, impact of SketchUp 2014 on workflow, desired improvements, SketchUp Ur Space, Sep 2014

How to Use SketchUp Engineering ToolBox - load SketchUp, Engineering ToolBox, navigate to desired component, select insert to add component into SketchUp model, visit tools section to rotate, move, adjust color of objects, Debamoy Ghosh, SketchUp Ur Space, Sep 2014

Some Useful Tips to Get the Best Result from Your Rendering with V-Ray - visit quick settings dialog to adjust render settings, apply VRaySunlight, VRayDomeLight to arrange scene, avail render mask feature to check color modifications, adjust independent materials in SketchUp, Rajib Dey, SketchUp Ur Space, Sep 2014

SketchUp Photorealistic Rendering, Its Uses and Features - employ renditioner in SketchUp to control environments, advanced lighting components, background images, offers better lighting controls with HDR-based lighting, Debamoy Ghosh, SketchUp Ur Space, Sep 2014

How to Flip or Mirror Geometry with SketchUp - select geometry for flipping, context-click on geometry to allow context menu appear, opt for flip along context menu item before selecting path/axis for flipping, Rajib Dey, SketchUp Ur Space, Sep 2014

Simple Ways to Get Beautiful SketchUp Images Without Plug-ins or Software - enable perspective view, shadows, reload components, keep angle low to show off more of architecture, Designer Hacks, Oct 9, 2014

Create Instant Photoreal Snapshots with Visualizer - extension provides instant photographic previews of SketchUp models, exports fast, clean photoreal images, Mark Harrison, SketchUpdate, Oct 1, 2014

Modeling with Architectonic Tile: A Conversation with Tilelook - Q&A with Marco Rossi about FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE catalog, its unique features, advice to SketchUp users, SketchUpdate, Sep 22, 2014

11 Ways to Avoid a SketchUp Bug Splat - save often, check file with *.skb extension to reclaim file, ensure that versions is up-to-date, purge unused components, avoid excessive hidden geometry, update graphics card driver, Designer Hacks, Sep 22, 2014

InfraWorks 2015: Import SketchUp Model - convert SKP file to Collada, DAE, format by exporting SKP from free SketchUp Make 2014, drag, drop DAE file in InfraWorks model before assigning it to correct type, Gaurav Bagga, Ideate, Sep 18, 2014

How to Embed SketchUp Models from the 3Dwarehouse Into Your Portfolio Site - locate SketchUp model on 3Dwarehouse website, choose to embed as thumbnail or 3D viewer, dialogue window pops-up with code snippet, copy it, log-in to portfolio website, add new post, paste code into dialog box, Designer Hacks, Sep 16, 2014

How to Import SketchUp Textures & Create Custom Materials - select SketchUp texture, click paint bucket tool to pick materials, open create material window to import textures before visiting color editor section to adjust material's color, Designer Hacks, Sep 9, 2014

SketchUp Pro 2014 - revamped 3D Warehouse, new 'Extensions Warehouse' add-on, classifier tool to apply any classification schema to model, ability to apply IFC 2x3 schema, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, Aug 28, 2014

How to Create Polygons in SketchUp in 5 Seconds - select shape tool, specify number of sides, radius of polygon, Designer Hacks, Aug 26, 2014

Trimble SketchUp Pro 2014 - straight forward process for exporting to IFC format, direct WebGL integration, totally revamped 3D warehouse, ability to orbit, inspect models more closely, to embed SketchUp model hosted inside 3D warehouse into desired web page, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Aug 25, 2014

How to Use Groups and Components in SketchUp to Create a Fence - model one of support posts for fence, create top, bottom supports, set guides on bottom support, create pickets in fence, Justin Geis, Designer Hacks, Aug 13, 2014

Using Material Extractor to Grab Textures from SketchUp Models - save textures from selected component, import extracted texture palette into any other model, Deana Rhodes, SketchUp, Aug 8, 2014

How ACA Users Benefit from SketchUp - importing ACA File into SketchUp, creating walls, adding doors, windows, making a component dynamic, Melinda Heavrin, AUGI Library, July 28, 2014

Modeling Buzz Lightyear with SketchUp - search picture, draw contours of profile, create model of head, mask outlining face, position mask so that it fits perfectly in front of head before intersecting face with pattern, Simone Piccioni, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

How Can You Make Yours Fountain from CAD to SketchUp - import design, draw circle diameter equal to diameter fountain, delete half of fountain, use make face plugin, follow me tool, Mohab Refaat, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

Shaping a Shelby with SketchUp - Simone Piccioni, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

How to Create Curved Extruded Letters on a Curved Sign in SketchUp Without Plug-ins - use circle tool, scale tool to make oval wall, use 3D text tool to create text, Justin Geis, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

Q&A with V-Ray for SketchUp Artist and Blogger Nomer Adona - talk about teaching SketchUp to students, 3D digital visualization, using V-Ray for SketchUp plug-in, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

How to Generate 3D Text in SketchUp and Place, Scale & Maneuver It - select 3D text tools, pick face/plane where text is to be set, apply 'M' button to move text, follow steps listed in 'learn to make 3D text' to set height of text, Rajib Dey, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

Creating a Screw with SketchUp - select circle instrument to draw circle, check if vertices of segments match with aces, create cylinder with initial circle, spiral of same diameter before exploding groups of spirals, Simone Piccioni, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

Import Your Design from CAD to SketchUp - draw circle diameter equal to diameter of fountain, create face plugin, rotate shape to 90 degrees, employ follow me tool, materials to form water shape group, merge fountain, water shape, Mohab Refaat, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

Modeling a Pool in SketchUp - model pool ground, walls, create cuboidal volume for pool water, apply water material to faces of water volume, move water volume into place before making final render, SketchUp Ur Space, June 2014

Psst - SketchUp is Not Free - potential effect on architects now that Trimble makes it clear that SketchUp Make is not for commercial use, Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider, July 11, 2014

How to Create a 3D Model from Photos Using SketchUp - always start from origin when starting modeling with photo match, use components for identical sides, Designer Hacks, July 2, 2014

How to Create a Sphere, Dome, or Curved Shape in SketchUp - create circle with radius of dome, create another circle that is perpendicular to circle, split one of circles into quarters, delete all but one quarter, offset it, use follow me tool, Designer Hacks, June 17, 2014

SketchUp Training Series Videos - tips to position view, set inference locking, add dimensions, rotate objects, application of rectangle, mirror tool, protractor, colors/textures in SketchUp, Sanjay Gangal, AECCafe Blogs, May 16, 2014

3D Text in SketchUp: How to Create, Move, and Manipulate It - use M shortcut to move text, get specific size of 3D text, Designer Hacks, May 6, 2014

How to Setup Photo Matching in SketchUp - import match photo, adjust perspective lines, scale, Designer Hacks, May 27, 2014

Steps to Make SketchUp Run Smoother - make faces either component or group, set face style to shaded under view option, timely purge unused components, Tony Gushanas, SketchUp Ur Space, Apr 2014

Visualizer for SketchUp Can Generate Photorealistic Virtual Image with a Single Click - applies highly powerful PowerVR ray tracing software for generating photorealistic images in real-time, Rajib Dey, SketchUp Ur Space, Apr 2014

Designing Video Surveillance Systems Using 3D Visualization - Axis Camera Extension for SketchUp helps designers evaluate how cameras fit into building, avoiding blind spots, layout Goran Sandberg, SketchUp Ur Space, Apr 2014

One-Click Virtual Photos Inside SketchUp - Visualizer app for SketchUp takes snapshot of current view, creates photorealistic image quickly, available for $20, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, May 21, 2014

Point Clouds, Scanning, and SketchUp - Trimble Scan Explorer extension helps import scan data from Trimble RealWorks projects into SketchUp Pro as references for building 3D models, Richard Hassler, SketchUpdate, Apr 24, 2014

Productivity Tips for Maxwell Render When Used with SketchUp - tips for minimizing memory usage, speeding up both workflow, rendering, Jeremy Hill, Novedge, May 7, 2014

John Bacus of Trimble Talks to Architosh About SketchUp, Broadly and About Version 2014 - SketchUp 2014 has classifier tool, IFC export capabilities, improved layout feature, updated Ruby 2.0 programming language, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Apr 20, 2014

SketchUp Pro 2014 and IFC: Welcome to the New World of BIM - latest release makes it very easy to attach IFC data to elements, qualifies as BIM software, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, Apr 13, 2014

Make Realistic Roof in SketchUp - create rectangle at right end of roof, draw curved line, select curve, copy, paste it, erase rectangle, make line, select object, create component, Dadi Supriadi, SketchUp U Space, Jan 2014

The Benefits of SketchUp and 3D Models - Software for Specifiers - history of SketchUp, benefits of 3D model libraries: Trimble 3D Warehouse, RubySketch, Geraldine Chua, SketchUp U Space, Jan 2014

Print Full-Size Patterns from SketchUp - make sure to be in be in 'standard' views, turn off 'perspective' view of model, switch to 'parallel projection,' Bob Lang, SketchUp Ur Space, Jan 2014

View Wizard for SketchUp - employ feature to load view stored in JPG image, render saved view, load view saved with single model to different model, save default view as dummy model, Render Plus, Jan 28, 2014

How to Manage Intensity and Shadows Using Omni Lights in Vray for SketchUp - Zernan Suarez, SketchUp Ur Space, Dec 2013

Tips for Fast and Simplified SketchUp Usage - use shortcuts, follow guidelines, use inference engine, avoid surface problems, apply color lines by axis, detect, fix hidden problems, use group before layer, Natasha Sikdar, SketchUp Ur Space, Dec 2013

Modeling a Laser-Cut Halloween Costume for My Son - modeling F4F-4 US Navy fighter using SketchUp, creating model using cardboard, Aidan Chopra, SketchUpdate, Nov 26, 2013

BuildEdge Plan 2.0 Review - draw 3D walls, doors, floors, windows, roofs with parametrics easily using SketchUp plug-in, but little documentation, commercial version available for $29 with 30-day money back guarantee, Rande Robinson, CADdigest.com, Nov 5, 2013

V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp - works with QuickTime, supports Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, new dome light for image-based lighting, V-Ray RT rendering system, V-Ray Proxy, enhanced material editor, estimated price $800, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, Oct 8, 2013

Keymark's Parametric BuildEdge Software for SketchUp - Q&A with Aaron Dietzen about company's BuildEdge PLAN add-on for SketchUp users, AutoCAD, its ObjectARX, low pricing, future plans, Ralph Grabowski, CADdigest.com, Oct 9, 2013

SketchUp Attribute Can Help a SketchUp User to Work More Efficiently - features of SketchUp Pro 2013, procedure for making attribute report for SketchUp, SketchUp Ur Space, Aug 2013

How to Create Import Mechanisms Inside of SketchUp with Ruby Scripting - load_file method, add import class to SketchUp importers, Arpad Varga, SketchUp Ur Space, Aug 2013

Replace Materials - But Keep the Name - employ map-replace materials function to select material from library, replace color, texture without changing name of current material in SketchUp, Render Plus, Sep 19, 2013

Functional Material Names and Material Styles - assign material from library without changing material name if objects are created with functional names in SketchUp, Render Plus, Sep 18, 2013

How to Create an Attribute Report with SketchUp - click select tool to opt entities in model, choose 'all model attributes' button to save report containing attributes of model, press generate HTML/CSV file button in SketchUp, SketchUp UR Space, Aug 2013

3 Dimensional Data Visualization and Analysis with SketchUp - predicting gas consumption of given city, considering it in 4 dimensions, creating simple gas consumption mesh, complex consumption profile visualization on weekly basis, Arpad Varga, SketchUp UR Space, July 2013

SketchUp and Lumion - Compliment to Each Other - Lumion is complete package of environmental rendering, animation tools, uses real time lighting, has preloaded detailed texture menu with photorealistic effects, optimized objects library, Daniel Tal, SketchUp UR Space, July 2013

SketchUp Basics - how to: draw line, draw building with gable roof/hip roof, create multiple copies, use 'follow me' tool, place SketchUp model in Google Earth, Frank Fheitzma, SketchUp UR Space, June 2013

Getting Started in SketchUp - understand 5 core concepts, select template, navigate 3D environment, create geometry, tips to execute SketchUp commands, Michael Brightman, Architecture Week, July 10, 201

SketchUp Pro for Set Design: A Conversation with Andy Walmsley - designing sets for shows, working with 3D modeling software, 3D in set design, addressing glossy floors issue with SketchUp, advice for other SketchUp users, Mark Harrison, SketchUpdate, July 16, 2013

Create, Edit & Share with Google SketchUp - importing AutoCAD Architecture file into SketchUp, creating walls, adding doors, windows, making component dynamic, Melinda Heavrin, AUGI Library, July 11, 2013

Good Enough - Podium Renders SketchUp Models - plug-in for SketchUp creates high-end renderings, includes library of models, materials, available for $198, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, June 25, 2013

BuildEdge for SketchUp - plug-in for SketchUp creates roofs on models quickly, treating walls as entities, available for $29, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, June 22, 2013

SketchUp Tools: Push/Pull - increase/decrease volume of solid, exactly pushing or pulling face, SketchUp UR Space, June 2013

Making Custom Patterns for LayOut - use LayOut to manually draw sample of pattern in SketchUp Pro 2013, outline single tile with rectangle, fill 'tile outline' rectangle with bright color, turn off its stroke, SketchUpdate, June 10, 2013

Adding Objects from the 3D Warehouse - using rotate tool in SketchUp to fit objects into house model, YouTube, May 20, 2013

How to Create a Fur Material in Vray for SketchUp - using displacement map, noise texture, Goran Glisic, SketchUp UR Space, May 2013

Revit 2014 & ArchiCAD 17, Please Meet Your Friend SketchUp Pro 2013 - SketchUp 2013 has full screen presentation mode for LayOut, extension warehouse, free version re-branded as 'SketchUp Make,' Jared Banks, Shoegnome, June 3, 2013

How to Apply SketchUp for Tent Modeling - make basic design on paper before making drawing in SketchUp, save file by size ref, re-check values, don't go into decorative details, always keep hard copy of final design, Imran Ashraf, SketchUp UR Space, May 2013

The One About Showcase and Entourage  - merging files from SketchUp, 3ds Max to create entourage inside of Showcase, David Beach, The Architect's Digital Design Guide, May 14, 2013

Reinventing the Wheel - modeling wheel of radio controlled car in SketchUp Pro, Damian Keeley, SketchUp UR Space, Mar 2013

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Taking Materials from SketchUp to ArchiCAD - default materials in SketchUp vs ArchiCAD, importing SketchUp materials, embedded libraries, external libraries, images to materials to ArchiCAD, Jared Banks, Shoegnome, Apr 17, 2013

Flowing Surfaces Without Plug-ins - modeling front part of space shuttle: sketch model, use pull tool to drag face out, select new face on end, apply scale tool to change model’s shape in SketchUp, Andrew Alexander, SketchUp UR Space, Mar 2013

How to Hide and Unhide the Right Way Using Outliner and Components - SketchUp tutorial, Paul Stefanik, SketchUp UR Space, Jan 2013

Rendering Tip - Transparent Objects - effects of index refraction, transparency settings in IRender nXt, Render Plus, Dec 20, 2012

Creating Complete Construction Docs in LayOut - using SketchUp models to create construction documents for buildings, Aidan Chopra, SketchUpdate, Dec 4, 2012

The Making of Proweaver Headquarters - SketchUp tutorial, SketchUp UR Space, Nov 2012

Turn Yourself into a Vase with SketchUp - Making Rotational Portrait Sculptures from Silhouettes for 3D Printing - SketchUp UR Space, Nov 2012

Drawing Gears in SketchUp - create an involute, helical, herringbone, straight bevel, epicyclic gears, SketchUp UR Space, Nov 2012

Render Tip - Balancing Interior and Exterior Lighting in SketchUp - brighten interior lights by increasing bulb wattage, make sun, sky darker, use lighting channels after rendering to balance groups of lights, Render Plus, Oct 31, 2012

Bryan Glass and Liquid Tutorial - create section reference for glass shape, prepare inside liquid using SketchUp, SketchUp UR Space, Oct 2012

Water Color Style With SketchUp - use brush tools to create manual stroke style, reflection from glass, SketchUp UR Space, Oct 2012

Nipa Roof Tutorials For SketchUp - consider solid line as positive axis, hidden as negative axis, select surface of roof, SketchUp UR Space, Oct 2012

Using Color/Material Channels For White Walls - change color of material after rendering, set luminance of color directly using SketchUp, Render Plus, Oct 31, 2012

How to Convert SketchUp Files to AutoCAD (.dwg) Files, Pt 2 - New For AutoCAD 2013 - import .skp files, Autodesk app translates SketchUp materials, ARCHIdigm, Oct 2012

Sketchy Shadows From SketchUp Models - replace all materials in entire model with sketchy hatch pattern, save images, blend it with soft shadows image to create sketchy shadows effect, Render Plus, Oct 22, 2012

Clues For SketchUp - drawing circle positioned vertically to face of earth, making lines invisible, transferring AutoCAD drawing to SketchUp, Evrim Pekaslan, SketchUp UR Space, Oct 2012

SketchUp Styles For Performance - definition, editing styles, criteria for defining best style, role of visual cues, Matt Donley, SketchUp UR Space, Oct 2012

Carving and Molding - creating fireplace, carving flutes using SketchUp, Adriana Granados, SketchUp UR Space, Oct 2012 (

Creating a Plan of Your SketchUp Model in LayOut - applying section cut to model, creating plan scene for display in LayOut, Paul Lee, SketchUpdate, Oct 3, 2012

New Toolbar Functions - IRender nXt plug-in for SketchUp has toolbar functions for faster re-rendering, downloading/creating lamps, mirrors, Render Plus, Sep 27, 2012

Modeling SketchUp Roofs on a Click with Build Edge PLAN - plug-in makes easy drawing/editing walls, modeling/editing roofs, Mark Harrison, SketchUpdate, Sep 13, 2012

Learning to Model Terrain in SketchUp - prepare grading plan in AutoCAD, import DWG Files into SketchUp, simplify contours, convert vegetation blocks to 3D components, Daniel Tal, SketchUp UR Space, Sep 2012

Interview with Klara Theresya, The SketchUp Modeler - talk about SVA rendering challenge, V-Ray plugin for rendering work, advices for newbie SketchUp users, Rajib Dey, SketchUp UR Space, Sep 2012

Making Grass Using SketchUp FUR Plugin - SketchUp UR Space, Aug 2012

Create HDRI Environment Using SketchUp - SketchUp UR Space, Aug 2012

SketchUp is a Great Tool for Solar System Designing - visualize sun path, sun position, get axonometric views from sun using sun tool plug-in, use Skelion plug-in for energy design work, Rajib Dey, SketchUp UR Space, July 2012

SimFonIA Animation Tools (SAT) Review - animate 3D scenes by controlling graphical attributes of groups, SketchUp UR Space, June 2012

Lighting With V-Ray SketchUp, Definitive Guide 3 - modeling studio scene, setting up studio lighting, simulating lighting using V-Ray rectangular, omni lights, Nomer Adona, SketchUp UR Space, June 2012

The Product Connect Plug-in for SketchUp - download, installation, using 'get products,' 'product editor' tools, Mike Tadros, SketchUp UR Space, June 2012

Rendezvous with Jack B Clark, the Google Certified Geo Modeler - talk about ease of use of SketchUp, importance of geo modeling to general people, tips to budding modelers, Debarati Nath, SketchUp UR Space, June 2012

Mixing Styles in SketchUp - set up generic model, create, mix styles, Bonnie Roskes, SketchUp UR Space, June 2012

Here's Why Google Got Rid of SketchUp - Google is using new technology to automatically generate 3D buildings from 45-degree angle aerial photography, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, June 6, 2012

Turning Off Wall Fills - check option to override cut fills from model view options in ArchiCAD, Mark Horrocks, Cadimage, June 4, 2012

Create an 'Open Riser' Stair - using line tool in SketchUp, Alexandre Villares, SketchUp UR Space, May 2012

The Making of Kids Bedroom - layout modeling, selecting wall, floor material in SketchUp, setting vray, Wahyu Bagus, SketchUp UR Space, May 2012

Bloom Unit Brings Real-Time Photorealism and Collaboration to SketchUp 3D Models - ability to send live rendering to any connected device, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, May 18, 2012

SketchUp Left Google to Fall in Love With BIM - Trimble to use SketchUp with other owned software to support integrated work processes, Dmitry Ushakov, isicad, May 2, 2012

Trimble: SketchUp Fits With Decade-Long Strategy - SketchUp becomes component of acquisitions made by Trimble to integrate architecture, design, construction communities, Sam Pfeifle, SPAR Point Group, May 2, 2012

Fooled Again - Autodesk Doesn't Buy SketchUp - Trimble an unexpected buyer, though Autodesk had sought favor with SketchUp users, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, May 1, 2012

Google Sells SketchUp to Trimble - $90 million is expected purchase price, SketchUp to play major role in assembling BIM portfolio of Trimble focusing on construction, Randall Newton, Graphic Speak, Apr 26, 2012

Google SketchUp Set to Become Trimble SketchUp - core team for SketchUp to remain intact, free version will be continued, Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop, Apr 24, 2012

Update 2: Trimble Buys SketchUp from Google - Trimble to use SketchUp to generate 3D models from its data acquisition devices, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Apr 26, 2012

SketchUp Acquisition: The Big Picture - Construtech, Apr 27, 2012

Tutorial Visualization Composition Series #1 Rule of Thirds - creating visually compelling image, Nomer Adona, SketchUp UR Space, Apr 2012

The Making of Warm Corner - SketchUp tutorial, Virgo Oktaviano, SketchUp UR Space, Apr 2012

SketchUp Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide - tips to write tutorial, Debarati Nath, SketchUp UR Space, Apr 2012

Draw a Stair Using the 'Multiple Copies' Feature - SketchUp tutorial, Alexandre Villares, SketchUp UR Space, Apr 2012

'Save a Copy As' is My New Favorite Command - saves version of SketchUp model as new file without renaming, working with layout becomes easier, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Mar 23, 2012

Use Reflective Surfaces For a More Realistic Image - improve rendering in SketchUp by using reflective wood or tile floor, table top, door knobs, handles, Al Hart, SketchUp Tips, Mar 7, 2012

Rendezvous with Jim Leggitt, the Godfather of SketchUp Style - talk on utilizing SketchUp, blending with hand drawing, creating vast range of styles, Debarati Nath, SketchUp UR Space, Mar 2012

Golden Rules Of SketchUp Plug-in Development - never modify existing base methods that ship with SketchUp, avoid adding methods to global namespace, avoid global variables, Thomas Thomassen, SketchUp UR Space, Mar 2012

Enhancing Your Model Responsiveness - uncheck edge settings options in SketchUp, Hussain Fadlallah, SketchUp UR Space, Mar 2012

3D Carving Tutorial - SketchUp tutorial, Klara Theresya, SketchUp UR Space, Mar 2012

Modeling Cultural Heritage Sites with SketchUp Pro - Orthorectified imagery, direct modeling from 3D scan data methods to capture millimeter precise data from heritage sites, Chris Cronin, Google SketchUp Blog, Mar 8, 2012

A Solution for Low Resolution - use maximum texture size option so that SketchUp doesn't downgrade image textures to 1024 pixels, Chris Dizon, SketchUp Blog, Feb 29, 2012

Tips to Change the Background in SketchUp - Ferry Sugianto, SketchUp UR Space, Feb 2012

Modeling Frame Using SketchUp and Foto-Sketcher - using realistic frame as projected texture in SketchUp, Nomer Adona, SketchUp UR Space, Feb 2012

Styles from SketchUp Artists - displaying models using default styles, artists styles, Bonnie Roskes, SketchUp UR Space, Feb 2012

Organic Modeling Made Simple with Curviloft - connecting 2 profiles using Curviloft's 'loft by spline' tool, setting offset profile in 2D, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Jan 26, 2012

How to Model Ifugao Mask in Google SketchUp - create Philippine mask, trace outline, use push pull, offset tool, autofold function, Nomer Adona, SketchUp UR Space, Jan 2012

Components Made of Components - drawing finial made of 4 components in SketchUp, keeping size of complex models within acceptable dimension, Luca Dal Molin, SketchUp UR Space, Jan 2012

Padded Modeling by DB Renders - import reference image, use Bezier plugin, rotate, scale using Fredo scale script, use extrusion tools explode surface together with Bezier lines, SketchUp UR Space, Jan 2012

3DOn Architecture: Augmented Reality for iOS Devices - augmented reality app helps upload SketchUp models, view in 3 different modes on iPhone/iPad, Chris Cronin, Google SketchUp Blog, Dec 22, 2011

How to Model a Folded T-shirt - import reference image in SketchUp, trace outside boundary using line tool, add subdivision, paint projected image, SketchUp UR Space, Dec 2011

Hot Air Balloon in Google SketchUp - using modeling tricks like: making round 3D objects, tapering sloped objects, unhiding edges, Bonnie Roskes, SketchUp UR Space, Dec 2011

Skelion: A Solar Energy Design Plug-in for SketchUp - offers tools for automatic insertion of solar panels, layouts, energy production reports of solar systems, Chris Cronin, Google SketchUp Blog, Dec 13, 2011

Making Your Models More Useful with Trelligence Affinity - Affinity plug-in for SketchUp offers bi-directional workflow, helps view scanned SketchUp model in different ways, architectural program can be linked to SketchUp model, Chris Dizon, SketchUp Blog, Dec 8, 2011

Building Information Modeling - How Does Google SketchUp Fit In - BIM-like features in SketchUp include component feature, shadowing tool, dynamic components, John Clemons, SketchUp UR Space, Nov 2011

Correcting Textures That are Not Reflecting - reverse face, apply texture in SketchUp, Nomer Adona, SketchUp UR Space, Nov 2011

Another Important Update for SketchUp 8 - better Ruby Script installation, COLLADA support, advanced camera Tools, Mac OS 10.7 compatibility, John Bacus, Google SketchUp Blog, Dec 1, 2011

SITEOPS: Conceptual Design for Land Development - combine building footprints with critical elements, provides budget tools for estimating project cost, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Nov 30, 2011

Getting a Better View of Small Interior Spaces - having faces with different materials on each side using SketchUp, Aidan Chopra, Google SketchUp Blog, Nov 22, 2011

SketchUp Renderers Comparison - comparing Indigo Renderer, SU Podium, Maxwell, V-Ray with default settings, materials, Patrick Lambert, TideArt, Nov 6, 2011

Introducing Maxwell for Google SketchUp - works on Windows, Mac systems, free version allows to render in draft mode, limits resulting image to resolution of 800 pixels, Aidan Chopra, Google SketchUp Blog, Nov 9, 2011

New Getting Started Videos for SketchUp - creating detailed house, interior room, hallway table, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Nov 3, 2011

Think Out of the Box - very quick way to make, modify, assemble pieces of building/other structure, scaling, organizing, component storage in 3D, 3D Construction Modeling, Oct 13, 2011

The Right Way to Use Follow Me - extruding face along path using follow me tool in SketchUp, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Oct 21, 2011

Speed Up SketchUp: Use Fast Styles - turn off fancy edge effects, configure edge display settings for speed in SketchUp, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Oct 4, 2011

SketchUp Jack-o-Lantern - start with downloading pumpkin from 3D warehouse, Bonnie Roskes, Bonnie's Blog, Oct 11, 2011

Scaling Imported Raster Images in LayOut - using Clipping Mask feature in SketchUp, Chris Dizon, SketchUp Blog, Sep 14, 2011

A Treasure Trove of Textures - loading textures into SketchUp for Windows, Mac versions, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Aug 17, 2011

SightSpace 3D: A SketchUp iPad Viewer with AR - easy loading models onto mobile device, integrated Google 3D warehouse, ability to overlay 3D models onto physical world, Gopal Shah, SketchUp Blog, Aug 26, 2011

Speed Up SketchUp: Extrude Curves with Fewer Sides - change number of sides in circles, arcs before extruding into 3D shapes to reduce amount of geometry in models, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, Aug 17, 2011

Assigning Materials to Groups and Components - SketchUp tutorial, Aidan Chopra, Google SketchUp Blog, Aug 7, 2011

Formatting Text in Layout on a Mac - default ruler at top of screen in SketchUp shows some hidden typographic controls, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, July 27, 2011

Making Doors Look Right in Different Ortho Views - creating combination door component, using layers to control component visibility, setting up scenes to control layer visibility, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, July 16, 2011

Quick and Dirty Poché for Sectional Views - use monochrome face style, slim down section cuts, hide section planes, eliminate roundness shading in SketchUp, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, June 23, 2011

Autodesk 123D. Pt 4: Autodesk is Taking on Google - SketchUp models attract attendees at Maker Faire, Roopinder Tara, CAD Insider, May 24, 2011

Personal Fabrication with SketchUp: A Primer - understanding 2D CNC fabrication, additive manufacturing techniques, Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Blog, May 20, 2011

Fixing 'The Shadow Bug' is the Highlight of the First SketchUp 8 Update - issue with shadow calculating algorithm solved, SketchUp Tips, Jan 13, 2011

Draw a Stair Using the 'Multiple Copies' Feature - SketchUp Tips, Feb 21, 2011

Getting Better Sectional Views in LayOut - SketchUp tutorial, Aidan Chopra, Google SketchUp Blog, Apr 18, 2011

Lumion video or audio - import quickly model from SketchUp, load empty new project, move, delete, edit objects from your library, add, replace model, YouTube, Dec 3, 2011

Photo Rendering with Shaderlight - fully integrated in SketchUp, available for Windows, updating Shaderlight windows, multiple light options, Aidan Chopra, Google SketchUp Blog, Jan 20, 2011

Flattery Papercraft Tools - SketchUp plug in creates paper models, Stefan Boeykens, CAD &3D, Dec 1, 2010

Architectural Rendering with SketchUp and Kerkythea - tutorial, SketchUp Artists, Nov 8, 2010

Basic IES Light Tutorial using V-Ray for SketchUp - tutorial, SketchUp Artists, Nov 8, 2010

Rendering with SketchUp and Photoshop - add painting effects, reflections, lighting in Photoshop, Scribd, Nov 4, 2010

Rendering News: LightUp and Octane Render Updates - LightUp for SketchUp, ambient occlusion shader, new material attribute, load balancing on multiple threads, Architosh, Nov 1, 2010

New SketchUp E-Books: Visualization, Woodworking and Programming - short reviews of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner’s Guide, Sketch-Up Guide for Woodworkers (ebook), Automatic SketchUp - Creating 3D Models in Ruby (paperback), Alexander Schreyer, as, Oct 22, 2010

Where is SketchUp Headed? - Google acquired SketchUp in 2000 but has done little to enhance it, recent notices on forum not encouraging, Deelip Menezes, July 17, 2010

SketchUp: Exporting an Animation with Good Quality video or audio - CAD Addict, Dec 17, 2009

SketchUp: Modeling a Terrain #01 - using sandbox tools, CAD Addict, Nov 30, 2009

Visualizing Architecture with SketchUp Scenes - using scenes feature for taking snapshots of specific camera positions, recalling them later, Scott Onstott, AECbytes, Nov 24, 2009

Site Design with SketchUp & AutoCAD - creating model from AutoCAD linework in SketchUp, Daniel Tal, Architecture Week, Oct 14, 2009

Google SketchUp: 3D Visualization Made Easy - users appreciate SketchUp as presentation tool, easy-to-use, its ability to calculate floor areas, link to Google Earth, Ruth Slavid, Building Sustainable Design, Oct 2009

CAD from a Non-CAD Company - SketchUp 7.1 has faster rendering engine, import, export of COLLADA, KMZ files, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access, Sep 22, 2009

Creating Panoramas in SketchUp and Pano2VR - interactive panoramas starting with either a 3D model or panoramic photo using Garden Gnome Pano2VR image converter, Scott Onstott, AECbytes, Jul 29, 2009

Bezier Splines in SketchUp Using Ruby Scripts - creating, editing polylines, splines, uniform B-spline curves using Bezier spline tools, Scott Onstott, AECbytes, May 22, 2009

New and Improved - roundup of recent software: Autodesk 2010 products for AEC, SketchUp 7.0, Newforma Project Center, BIM Review, PDF Revu v7.0, ARCHITECT Magazine, Apr 1, 2009

SketchUp Scenes in Google Earth - viewing scenes created in SketchUp model when exported to Google Earth, Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, Apr 23, 2009

ParaCloud - Gem - Creating a 3D Pattern - video, Eyal Nir explains how to go from SketchUp to ParaCloud GEM and create 3d pattern, David Fano, Design Reform, Feb 2, 2009

SketchUp: Import and Export Scenes - Marti Broquetas, CAD Addict, Dec 30, 2008

SketchUp: Putting in the Interior Walls - video tutorial, Aidan Chopra, Dec 15, 2008

Visualizing Objects in 3D - SketchUp tutorial and support files, Computer Arts, July 22, 2008

Using Images With Alpha Transparency as Components in SketchUp - using trees image as 2D component and fixing shadow problem, Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, Mar 20, 2008

Using Polygons to Make Mosaic Patterns with Google SketchUp - Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, Dec 13, 2007

Google SketchUp Video Tutorials - 32 videos, You Tube, Nov 2007

Google SketchUp Pro 6.0 3D Design Software - this release offers ability to export to professional CAD programs and 2D presentation program "LayOut," David Karlins, PC Advisor, Sep 19, 2007

Using Layers and Scenes for Design Exploration in Google SketchUp - creating two rooms with different wall and floor materials, Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, Aug 22, 2007

Alibre Design and Google SketchUp - creating a part in Alibre Design and exporting to Google SketchUp, Michael Todd, Cadalyst, Aug 1, 2007

Multimedia and Presentation Tools for AEC - 3D visualization software reviewed: Google SketchUp Pro 6, Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium, Autodesk Impression, VIZ 2008, 3ds Max 9, Freewheel, ArchVision's RPC, Piranesi 5, H. Edward Goldberg of AIA, Cadalyst, July 1, 2007 (more SketchUp reviews, PhotoShop reviews, Adobe Acrobat reviews, Autodesk Impression features, Autodesk VIZ reviews, 3ds max reviews, ArchVision reviews, Piranesi reviews)

Using Images for Interior Presentation in Google SketchUp - using images to paint the faces of cabinets and painting the floor with checkerboard pattern, Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, June 14, 2007

Sneaky Alibre Design Goes Gaga for Google, Subverts Entire Industry in the Process - Alibre 3D Publisher can publish any 3D model to Google SketchUp that can be edited later, Randall, 3D CAD News, April 23, 2007

Google SketchUp, 3D Warehouse and Alibre Design Xpress: An Unbeatable Combination - For Free! - Alibre can create mechanical geometry that can be converted to SketchUp and uploaded to 3D warehouse, Greg Milliken, Alibre CEO Blog, April 19, 2007

SketchUp 6 - photo match feature, watermarks, sketchy edges feature, 3D text tool, LayOut feature for faster 3D rendering, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, April 3, 2007

Go for the Pro! - easy-to-use UI, SketchUp 6 Pro can create 3D models from photographs, plus new style palettes, layout tool, more, CAD User, January 2007

Google SketchUp 6 - with free basic version, SketchUp 6 has Photo Match feature, easy signage creating options, new Styles capability, text and dimension improvements, more, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, March 13, 2007

Easy 3D Modeling with Google SketchUp - SketchUp is useful for simple modeling, placing and sharing model into Google Earth, creating movies from it, more, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD, February 7, 2007

Sketching Software Captures AEC Ideas Fast - SketchUp Pro 5 helps to build complex 3D models with the help of features like pencil tool, inference modeling, Paint Bucket tool, and more, Robin de Jongh, Machine Design, October 26, 2006

Placing a Google SketchUp Model in Google Earth - Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, September 26, 2006

Preliminary Design Tools - important tools for AEC industry: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketch Book Pro 2, Wacom Cintiq, Scan2CAD, IDEAL Scanners & Systems, PlanTracer, Google SketchUp 5, AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop 2007, Autodesk Building Systems 2007, ArchiCAD 10, Form·Z 6, and Rhino, H. Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst, July 1, 2006 (more Adobe Photoshop reviews, Sketch Book Pro reviews, tablet pc reviews, Scan2CAD reviews, IDEAL Scanners reviews, PlanTracer reviews, SketchUp reviews, AutoCAD reviews, ADT reviews, ABS reviews, ArchiCAD reviews, Form·Z reviews, Rhino reviews)

Get With the Program - kitchen and bath designing software: Fusion  and Solid Design from Planit, Google SketchUp, Microcad's Autokitchen, Chief Architect, more, Lee Ann Murphy, K+BB, July 1, 2006

3D Modeling Can be Child's Play - easy-to-use and free, Google SketchUp version is provoking novices, professionals and kids to take Weekly SketchUp 3D Challenges, Kenneth Wong, Cadalyst, July 19, 2006

Now You See It - MicroStation users can now publish and review their DGN and DWG models in Google Earth environment, David Chadwick, CAD User, March/April 2006

Bentley Strengthens Connections to Google Earth and Google SketchUp - Bentley allows easy access to Google SketchUp 3D designs from within MicroStation, Randall S. Newton, AECnews.com, July 13, 2006

ConnectPress 2006 Overview of 3D Viewers - Adobe Acrobat 3D and Google SketchUp make design analysis easier; Ingo Wulf of 3D-Tool talks about 3D Viewers trends, John Myers, CATIA Community, June 29, 2006 (requires free registration)

Digital Multimedia and Presentation Trends - AEC market grows as companies like Autodesk, Adobe and Google acquire important AEC software; other products include Wacom's new Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display, Informatix Piranesi 4, and Xara Xtreme, H. Edward Goldberg of AIA, Cadalyst, June 1, 2006 (more Autodesk Combustion reviews, Adobe features, more SketchUp reviews, Piranesi reviews)

You are Now Free to Sketch - free SketchUp version has limited capabilities as compared to SketchUp Pro version so professional market is not affected, Kenneth Wong, Cadalyst, June 27, 2006

Light Sources in Piranesi: Setting a Vertical Cone - using radial fade of type 3D line source in SketchUp to create vertical cone light, Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, May 24, 2006

Populating Google Earth - Google-SketchUp integration will allow users to create 3D building designs and visualize them in their surroundings, Martyn Day, AEC Magazine, April 21, 2006

Catching Up on SketchUp - SketchUp is expected to be there and grow well in spite of the acquisition, Kenneth Wong, Cadalyst AEC, March 27, 2006

Google: New Perspectives in Mapping - possibilities abound as Google buys @Last, Tom Taulli, Motley Fool, March 16

Bentley Ports to Google Earth; Google Buys SketchUp - analysis of MicroStation/Google connection; major announcements by Bentley and @Last make Google Earth the standard platform for architectural models, Martyn Day, martynday.com, March 14, 2006

Shrewd Move: Google Acquires SketchUp - Google is in position to allow SketchUp users to add the built world to the Earth model, Randall Newton, CADwire.net, March 15, 2006

Hiding Edges During Intersection in SketchUp - hide the edges of the object while intersecting it with model again, Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, March 8, 2006

Cadalyst All Stars - Top Products in 2005 - included are a Dell mobile workstation, HP Designjet, NVIDIA graphics card, 3Dconnexion Space Pilot, Autodesk DWF Composer, SolidWorks and SketchUp, Sara Ferris, Cadalyst Management, December 1, 2005

Follow Me with Components/Groups in SketchUp - using Follow Me tool to create sticky molding along the top of a room, Bonnie Roskes, AECbytes, December 14, 2005

SketchUp 5 - SketchUp by @Last Software offers 3D modeling package with impressive renderings to designs, thus earning an A plus, but does not import and export Parasolid or IGES, Mike Hudspeth, Cadalyst Management, November 1, 2005

Multimedia Presentation Trends - presentation software like SketchUp 5, Adobe Photoshop, Informatix Piranesi 4, Autodesk 3ds max, and Autodesk VIZ 6, are putting AEC and engineering companies on the cutting edge, H. Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst AEC, October 1, 2005

3D Base Camp: the First SketchUp User Conference - inaugural user conference focused on the technology, including upcoming features in next release, placing SketchUp models in Google Earth, and users' wish list, Lachmi Khemlani,  AECbytes, October 12, 2005

3D Base Camp Opens: a Packed House and a Sold Out Event - first SketchUp users conference attracts over 300 attendees, Randall Newton, AECnews.com, October 5, 2005

SketchUp 5 - new release of SketchUp, a popular application for conceptual 3D design exploration, introduces Sandbox tools for terrain modeling tools and new enhancements like Extensions Manager, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, August 18, 2005

AEC From the Ground Up - Top Tools for Preliminary DesignTools for Preliminary Design - various tools that can help the architect with preliminary design include Wacom Cintiq, Alias Sketch Book Pro, Photoshop, Plan Tracer, SketchUp, form Z 5.0, Autodesk VIZ, 3ds max, Alias Maya and Studio, ArchiCAD, Architectural Desktop and Revit, for preliminary design, H.Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst AEC, April 1, 2005

Macworld 2005 - a report from the recent gathering on what's new and noteworthy in the Macintosh AEC- and CAD-related industry, including the release of the new low-priced Mac Mini, and updates on form*Z, VectorWorks and SketchUp and Microspot, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes Newsletter, January 12, 2005

From Mark-up to Practice Management - reviews of SoftPlan reView, SketchUp 4.0, Green Matrix and Digital Project (Gehry Technologies), Lee Anne Smith, Architectural Record, September 2004

AEC From the Ground Up: Multimedia Presentation Tools - reviews of SketchUp 4.0, Autodesk VIZ 5, form*Z 4.0, SketchBook Pro 1.1, Toshiba Tablet PC, Wacom Cintiq, QuadriSpace Presenter and Presenter Pro and ArchVision's RPC, H. Edward Goldberg, Cadalyst, August 16, 2004

Review of SketchUp 4.0 - this 3D design exploration tool has been specifically developed to be easy, intuitive and fun to use, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, July 15, 2004

SketchUp 3.x - highly recommend for any architect who needs to do quick and fluid 3D design work and a must-have for urban designers, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Architosh, June 22, 2004

Green Building Studio and SketchUp! Add-In and Plug-Ins for BIM Tools - Green Building Studio is a free Web service that assists in the energy analysis of buildings in the design stages and with selecting energy-efficient green building products and materials; new free tools from @Last Software allow a SketchUp! model to be imported into Architectural Desktop and ArchiCAD, Michael Dakan, AEC Tech Trends #115, March 4, 2004

The SketchUp Plug-in for Architectural Desktop - an easy, intuitive and fun to use application for 3D design exploration that saves the time and tedium involved in developing an ADT model from scratch, Lachmi Khemlani, AECbytes, January 15, 2004

Cadalyst Salutes 15 Hot New Products - editors' semi-annual awards for the best CAD-related software and hardware, Cadalyst, December 2003

SketchUp 3.0 - excellent, user-friendly program enables you to explore and develop design concepts by pushing, pulling and stretching sketched 2D planes into 3D models, Greg Corke, CADserver, November 10, 2003

SketchUp 3 - a must-have conceptual design tool for anyone working in architecture, urban studies or interior design, MacUser, October 2003

SketchUp 3D - this powerful program offers familiar tools that render with colors, textures, and shadows that are architecturally and artistically appropriate, Bill Machrone, PC Magazine, August 27, 2003

SketchUp 3.0 - easy to learn and fun to use but continues to have limitations. However at $495, it is a good deal. Lachmi Khemlani, CADENCE AEC Tech News, July 24, 2003

Editors' Choice Awards - editors pick their favorite CAD-related hardware and software of the past six months: ArchiCAD 8.0, AutoCAD 2004, Autodesk Revit 5, Autodesk Vault, Bentley Architecture, ENCAD T-200, Iced*CAD, Inspector 2D/3D Device, PANTONE Color Cue TX, Pro/CONCEPT, SketchUp 3.0, Solid Edge V14, Sony Artisan Color Reference System, STAAD.Pro 2003 and VectorWorks 10, CADENCE, July 2003

SketchUp 2.2 - this tool for making sketches of any kind is fun and easy to use, putting 3D modeling into the hands of the masses, Greg Miller, Macworld, June 2003

Picture This: SketchUp 2.1 and Piranesi 3 - SketchUp offers an easy-to-use and powerful conceptual design tool and an ideal complement to the special 3D painting qualities of Piranesi - and both belong in every designer's toolkit, Jerry Laiserin, The LaiserinLetter, September 2002

SketchUp 2.0 - the latest version of this conceptual design tool gets a rave review for its ease of use and powerful features, Greg Corke, CADserver, October 23, 2002 

Conceptual 3D Modeling with SketchUp - a tool to enhance the conceptual phase of design, SketchUp is easy to learn, intuitive, fun to use and affordable, Lachmi Khemlani,  CADENCE AEC Tech News #80 (August 9, 2002)

A Design Revolution? - every once in a while, a product comes along that makes a huge impact on the market - US architects rave about SketchUp, Greg Corke, Cadserver, March 21, 2002

Easy 3D Model Building - SketchUp's simple tools enable you to quickly create architectural 3D models, David Cohn, CGW, Nov 2001

SketchUp 1.2 Review - despite some minor quibbles, this program is highly recommended - it's easy and fun to use, offers great live shadow and material modes and outstanding snapping and face alignment tools, ARCHIdigm, August 2001

SketchUp - a delightful tool for 3D modeling, says Jerry Laiserin, CADENCE, April 2001

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