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Software Rental as a New Option for Small Businesses and Startups - multi-tiered structure of rental program gives users access to Solid Edge for $130/month, software is installed, run locally, but controlled by license-validation mechanism, Kenneth Wong, Virtual Desktop, Dec 19, 2013

Imported Parts and Drawings - 'create 3D' feature in Solid Edge to create or add to 3D model by selecting 2D draft geometry, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Dec 13, 2013

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Does It Really Matter 'How' You Do It? - edited leg part in context of assembly, use assembly-based Boolean functions to subtract stringers from initial occurrence of leg while designing piano bench in Solid Edge, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Dec 20, 2013

Building Something - creating piano bench in Solid Edge, Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software Community, Dec 18, 2013

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FEA with Solid Edge Simulation - intuitive graphical interface, incorporated NASTRAN solver provides access to advanced features, has ability to change units display on fly, report generator echoes all user input in convenient format, Attilio Colangelo, CADdigest.com, Nov 19, 2013

Solid Edge ST6 First Look: Sheet Metal Enhancements - improved flatten command, support for deforming features across bends, impressive drawn cutout command, Jeffrey Opel, CADdigest.com, Nov 18, 2013

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