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Autodesk Vasari Articles

What is a Vector in Dynamo? It's Not a Point - vectors are not points even though they define same number; vectors define direction using 'right hand rule,' Marcello Sgambelluri, Simply Dynamo, June 28, 2014

Where Does My Dynamo Live? - Dynamo installs to program files directory, data specific to user is stored in AppData folder, consider option to install addin for Revit version when Dynamo installer runs, Colin McCrone, Dynamo, July 10, 2014

Dynamo - Placing Adaptive Components Along 2 Lines - select 2 lines to be processed by custom node, deleting nodes in Dynamo affects project but 'undo' restores adaptive components back on, Paolo Emilio Serra, Punto Revit, July 2, 2014

Cleanup Node Layout - Dynamo's algorithm is fast, enforces left-to-right data flow, organizes input nodes on left, output nodes on right, has 4 steps: cycle removal, layering, node ordering, coordinate assignment, Colin McCrone, Dynamo, July 3, 2014

Intersecting Rails - Dynamo 0.7 helps directly create solid/surface geometry of final components with its own modeling tools, Eduardo Roca, Dynamo, July 1, 2014

Math Transit - pros, cons of traditional nodes, formula node, Python, Code Blocks in Dynamo, Colin McCrone, Dynamo, June 23, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Code Blocks - code blocks can hold numbers, strings, formulas, user can call any regular node in library through code block in Dynamo, Colin McCrone, Dynamo, June 19, 2014

Dynamo - Sheet Counter - describing dynamo definition that counts total number of sheets in submission set, keeps appropriate parameters in sheet, Jason Andersen, Serial_NonStandard, May 11, 2014

Q&A About Dynamo - Autodesk investing time into dynamo, competition with Grasshopper, early water-cooler conversations about Dynamo, future, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, May 3, 2014

Floral Street Bridge in Dynamo - creating adaptive Revit families representing both frame, infill material between each frame, Nuri Miller, Autodesk Vasari, Feb 28, 2014

Higher Order Functions, or Using Our Custom Node Over Multiple Lists, Pt 2 - add custom package from package manager into custom node, call node with series of different inputs in Dynamo, Michael Kirschner, Autodesk Vasari, Jan 20, 2014

Dynamo Stadium - laying out stadium seating with Python node, placing families in Revit, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Jan 20, 2014

Steel & Glass - creating window handle in Revit, Andy Milburn, Shades of Grey, Jan 22, 2014

A Crane Serious Game with Revit and Dynamo - set reset nodes for elements outside range, evaluate distance on XY plane between beams, crane before calculating beam weights, Julien Benoit, AEC, You and Me, Jan 17, 2014

Changing a Family Instance and Saving an Image, Pt 1 - determine state of model before changing it, select family instance node to grab cylinder, obtain 'radius' family parameter before updating, taking image in Revit, Michael Kirschner, Autodesk Vasari, Jan 17, 2014

Rendering as a Service and Daylighting Optimization with Dynamo - change parameter on family instance, iterate parameter, take image of updated model each time it is changed, learn RaaS dynamo connection, parse daylighting information from finished cloud render, Michael Kirschner, Autodesk Vasari, Jan 16, 2014

Dynamo: Writing Data to Text Files - XYZ's are containers, need to be decomposed to something consumable by text file, format data for consuming file format, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Jan 13, 2014

NCalc and Dynamo's Formula Node - formula nodes is more legible, can handle lists of numbers much more easily, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Jan 5, 2014

Dynamo and Revit Adaptive Components - define xyz coordinates for every adaptive point segments, amplitude, shift of formula controls bulge, width of bridge respectively, utilize sweep to model bands as in place component, Daniel Gijsbers, Daniel on Autodesk AEC Software, Oct 7, 2013

Surface Remixing with Dynamo - recreating TurdMaker without use of smart adaptive components, Andreas Dieckmann, BUILDZ, Sep 19, 2013

Navigating Revit and Vasari Energy Analysis 'Results & Compare'  - understanding basic layout of 'results & compare' dialog box, apply energy analysis results to improve building design, Mohammad Rahmani Asl, Building Performance Analysis, Sep 19, 2013

Sequences and Ranges in Dynamo - syntax to insert ranges, sequences directly into certain nodes, insert variables within ranges, sequences, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Sep 14, 2013

Dynamo Glare Study - create hand-build geometry with mass forms, turn on sun path, set particular sun setting to bounce bunch of rays from sun point down onto surface, Zach Kron, Buildz, Aug 10, 2013

Fun with Dynamo for BPA - Automatic Shading Design - set up simple parametric window family with 2 shading devices, type parameters for main window form variable in Revit, David Scheer, Building Performance Analysis, Aug 12, 2013

New Additions to Revit and Vasari's Energy Analysis 'Results & Compare,' Pt 1 - potential energy savings chart, ability to open Green Building Studio directly, project/run sorting feature, Ian Molloy, Building Performance Analysis, June 23, 2013

Conceptualissimo: Vasari Beta 3 and Dynamo 0.5.0 - better background contrast with node wires, improved handling of lists, preview background controls, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, June 20, 2013

Vasari and Dynamo Updates - improved collaboration, easy installation with proper Autodesk installer, enabled cloud rendering, energy model settings, displace elements inherited from Revit 2014, Sean Burke, Paradigm Shift, June 19, 2013

Vasari Tips and Tricks - add, edit mass profiles, insert edges to manipulate mass form, use X-ray mode to create any shape, include levels in Vasari, Ben Malone, BIMopedia, Apr 2, 2013

Autodesk Vasari - For Building Performance Analysis - using ‘conceptual energy analysis’ to create energy model, ‘sun path & wind rose’ to visualize shadows, solar radiation, wind tunnel, Emile Kfouri, Building Performance Analysis, Mar 27, 2013

Programming Programming - using MakeSpaceTypes.py script in family Space.rfa in Vasari, Lilli Smith, BUILDZ, Apr 24, 2012

Project Vasari 2.5 - perspective view, extrude face tool, improvements to auto-zoning, Ecotect solar radiation, David Light, Revit, Mar 13, 2012

Why Vasari Makes Me Happy - Vasari 2.5 has improved automatic zoning, Ecotect solar radiation tool, ability to work in perspective view, Ken Flannigan, BIM in Progress, Mar 19, 2012

Vasari 2.5 Released With Converging Line Bug - infinitely extend parallel lines running along element edges converge on horizontal or vertical plane, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Mar 15, 2012

Automatically Update Export for Solar Radiation - add check box to Ecotect solar radiation tool to allow automatic update of exported .csv file in Project Vasari 2.1, Autodesk WikiHelp, Jan 24, 2012

Dynamo for Vasari - placing, modifying array of cubes, finding optimal orientation relative to sun, Autodesk WikiHelp, Jan 24, 2012

Elephants and Donuts: Boolean Operations in Revit and Vasari - making basic layout of parametric toroidal section, panelizing it to demonstrate certain structural efficiencies, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Jan 17, 2012

Parametric Patterns XII: Reporter, Fabrication  - Vasari/Revit tutorial, Zach Kron, YouTube, Dec 15, 2011

Get Flat: Scale Translation Surface in Vasari - Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Dec 3, 2011

Parametric Patterns XI: GoalSeeker - demonstrating Vasari/Python GoalSeeker, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Sep 27, 2011

Python Scripting in Vasari 2.1 and Revit 2012 - script live in Vasari session using Python, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Sep 25, 2011

What's New in Project Vasari 2.1 - Ecotect wind tunnel, improved automatic zoning for energy models, improved performance, Scott Sheppard, Autodesk Labs, Sep 15, 2011

Vasari 2.1 Wind Tunnel: 3D Analysis - tutorial for analyzing wind around a building so as not to 'suck pedestrians off the sidewalk,' Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Sep 8, 2011

Daren Thomas's RevitPythonShell in Vasari - installing, running RevitPythonShell using IronPython in Vasari, Zach Kron & Nathan Miller, YouTube, July 15, 2011

Digital Workflows - Vasari to 123D - creating form in Vasari, exporting this as SAT file into 123D, David Light, Revit, May 27, 2011

Project Vasari 2 Released - ability to import image to 3D views, import scaled satellite image into 3D view, location control on View Cube, David Light, Revit, May 23, 2011

Instant Arch: Self-Supporting Masonry with Vasari and Z Corp 3D Printing - form finding tool, nucleus in Vasari, simulating compression masonry structure, Zachary Kron of Autodesk, 3D Printing in AEC, Apr 27, 2011

That Ain't Normal - Diagnosing Point Behavior - understanding behaviors on points, nodes, surfaces, edges, solids, workplanes in Vasari, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Mar 11, 2011

Hackalicious: Windform Buildings in Vasari 1.1   - don’t overwrite base wind rose, buildingHeight sets maximum height building will reach, hostScale controls radius, Zach Kron, BUILDZ, Mar 2, 2011

Project Vasari - Voids - carving a void in Revit or Vasari, David Light, Autodesk Revit, Dec 11, 2010

Autodesk Project Vasari - Adaptive Component Massing, Pt 1  - create a spline framework to  host an adaptive component, David Fano, design reform, Dec 14, 2010

Autodesk Project Vasari - Adaptive Component Massing, Pt 2  - create adaptive component to load into framework of Pt 1,David Fano, design reform, Dec 14, 2010

Project Vasari - Hosted Nested Profiles - using mass family as profile, load into another mass family, hosting profile to create a swept form or simple extrusion using nested profile, David Light, Revit blog, Dec 7, 2010

Once Upon a Time - Autodesk's Vasari a streamlined way to get into both parametric design and building energy analysis,' Zach Kron of Autodesk, BUILDZ, Nov 15, 2010

Autodesk Project Vasari - Technology Preview - overview of Autodesk's architectural conceptual modeler based on Revit technology, David Light, Revit blog, Nov 12, 2010

Vasari Tutorials - The Essentials - basic tutorials for Autodesk's Vasari, The Revit Kid, Nov 17, 2010



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